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  1. stock07

    OEM and Hockeytron

    `I have to agree with Junkyard above ^....Either buy from them or don't, but everyone here does not need to know your decision here. "Actions speak louder than Words".
  2. stock07

    Alkali Hockey

    The first time you put the skates on and skate around you will feel a noticeable forward lean almost where you feel a bit unbalanced, but after you get going and really skating in them you will not notice the lean at all. Like Justin said the boot puts you in a natural skating position which well, becomes natural feeling lol. You can really tell alot of inline specific thought goes into the design of the skates.
  3. stock07

    OEM and Hockeytron

    Good its an affordable quality stick, I hope they are able to stick around for awhile. Thanks
  4. stock07

    OEM and Hockeytron

    Cool, could you answer my question about having any 405xs in stock? Thanks
  5. stock07

    OEM and Hockeytron

    Does anyone that lives near or been in HockeyTron lately know if they still have the 405xs sticks in stock?
  6. stock07

    Alkali Hockey

    My size 6 RPDs had 80mm wheels and a small frame.....My CA7 size 6 had 76mm and Xsmall frame.
  7. stock07

    Show It Off

    Great eye, Yes they are!
  8. stock07

    Show It Off

    Friend of mine got a haul from U. Minn. and Minn. St.....I snagged these beauties from him!
  9. stock07

    Show It Off

    Big Thanks to Marc at Junkyard Athletics for the Bag. Its unreal! Thanks..... Junkyard can make a bag that matches any jersey or graphic design you throw their way. It is a solid built bag with plenty of space for all your gear. Look up Junkyard Athletics for any of your uniform needs, their customer service and line of products can not be beat! Thanks again for the great service.
  10. stock07

    Jagr curve

    I still have a couple brand new, crazy toe to it.
  11. stock07

    Reebok AI9 Pro Stock Curves

    I am interested in a certain flex so that narrows it some(but still about 25 different curves) also p92ish curves. Just a lot to ask without knowing what I want to look at. The person I chatted with seemed annoyed with me even asking about something other than a price/size etc. anyway so I'm sure pics or further info would have been way to much for them to handle. If anyone lives near a HM store and can help me with some info let me know I'll make it worth the trip for you. Thanks
  12. stock07

    Reebok AI9 Pro Stock Curves

    Anyone have anymore info on these sticks/curves. I was told by someone at HM they would have them all up "soon", that was a month ago. Anyone seen them in person in store?
  13. stock07

    Reebok AI9 Pro Stock Curves

    Anyone have any more info on the curves?
  14. stock07

    Alkali Hockey

    Congrats to Alkali RPD...Narch West Coast Winters PRO Champs...Those guys are killing it!