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  1. shoot_the_goalie

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Well, mine is a X01, but regardless, I agree with you. Most people would never be able to tell the quality difference from which machine you sharpen (if sharpens are done properly). And for me, the speed, ease, & convenience of the Sparx outweighs the negligible improved sharpening quality on the Blackstone.
  2. shoot_the_goalie

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I still find that I produce better sharpens with my Blackstone, but I'm almost fully converted to my Sparx now for just the sheer convenience factor (sharpening multiple skates in the house).
  3. I have a similar condition playing tennis where I feel one of my knees are going to give out (feels unstable). I do wear a patella strap (pretty tightly) to help with this. I use the McDavid brand. However, for hockey, I don't get the same feeling in my knee since there's less torquing of the knee joint (unlike in tennis), so when playing hockey I just wear a tight compression knee sleeve to help. I would imagine a patella strap would be a little bulky under the shinguard.
  4. shoot_the_goalie

    Step steel blades brittle/chipping every skate!

    Can you post a pic?
  5. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Actually, from what I've seen and heard, VH skates had many more issues with the tracing method, cause there was much more room for error. I know a few guys who's VH skates were too big cause they screwed up the trace. Some of those guys, then got Trues and are so much more happier with fit.
  6. shoot_the_goalie

    Sharpening CCM Black Steel correctly

    You can get rubberized stones, which really help de-burring coated steel. Leather just gets the fine grit off, but has a tougher time with larger burrs. I use Step Blacksteel, (which does burr a little on the Sparx, but not with the Blackstone X01). I used the rubber stone, then finish with a rough piece of leather, then a smooth piece of leather.
  7. shoot_the_goalie

    Blackstone Flat-Bottom V Thread

    I do not adjust the pitch knob very often. Pretty rare actually. However, I do remember needing to do it on a skate which I suspected either the blade or the holder was misaligned.
  8. shoot_the_goalie

    Blackstone Flat-Bottom V Thread

    I’ve spoken directly to Blackstone about the pitch knob and they themselves say there are times where it is inevitable that you have to move the pitch knob, even when the machine is operating properly. They do suggest you adjust it as infrequently as possible though. In my personal experience I have had to adjust the pitch knob in the past depending on skate and holder alignment.
  9. shoot_the_goalie

    CCM AS2 vs AS1 vs AS2Pro sticks

    That's like every company ever...lol. However, from what I understand, marketing research shows that this is actually an effective thing in selling new product. Psychologically, makes the consumer feel like they're getting a fresh new product with more bells & whistles, vs the next-gen product that, usually, it actually is.
  10. shoot_the_goalie

    Superfeet, Stock insoles / Lie,Pitch, Balance Point

    There's so many different things that could be coming into play with what you're asking. I'll leave comments on profiling, adjusting holder pitch, etc. to other people on the boards who know much more than me about those things. In regards to Superfeet, I've been a big believer in them, as I've used them in both skates and shoes/sneakers. (I no longer used them in skates now having Trues though). The important thing to note is that Superfeet are not arch support insoles; rather they are heel stabilizers, that align your heel and adjust accordingly. This could be why you're having issues with them. Depending on your anatomy, Superfeet can actually have a negative effect (though in most instances positive effects are achieved). You might be better served with an insole specifically for arch support like Speeplates or the new CCM Orthomoves.
  11. shoot_the_goalie

    Best skate sock?

    I use Fox River liners, but they might be too thin for your liking.
  12. shoot_the_goalie

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    It's a moisture resistant, stiff fabric...kinda looks like tightly woven nylon. Not nearly as stiff as the composite materials you see today. Last time I saw it in a retail skate was with the Bauer Nexus 1000.
  13. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Are you using the standard tongue or the new pro tongue? I would imagine that if you aren't using the new pro tongue, you could switch to those to get better control on your volume issues. BTW, I too feel like the tongue on Trues compress the top of your foot more than my old retail skates did, but it doesn't bother me at all. I do tie my laces relatively loose though.
  14. Just thinking out loud. I assume maybe the carbon composites are enough for side impact protection on skates, but I was thinking that Poron or D30 would be incredibly useful in skate tongue construction? You could have a very thin tongue (which would be helpful in of itself) that's lined with one of these foams. They would stay flexible when skating but stiffen with puck impact, as per the materials characteristics. I imagine manufacturers have looked into this and nixed the idea, since it seems all protective is being marketed with these types of foams now. Any one know why?
  15. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    With an electric coil oven, you probably won't damage the skate in any way if you follow the instructions. However, you're bound to get an uneven heat (it's just the way those ovens work). Will probably be fine for the most part, but you might find that some parts of the skate aren't molding in a similar fashion to other parts of the skate due to the unevenness.