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  1. shoot_the_goalie

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Gosh. I used to have these in high school and thought these were the greatest gloves ever made. But compared to today's gloves, these things are like wearing bricks on your hands.
  2. shoot_the_goalie

    Shoulder Pads...Help?

    Take the caps off your Bauers and see how that goes, if otherwise you're going to abandon them. If that doesn't work, Iceman's suggestions are good. Or you can go even less protective, and get a lacrosse shirt of a padded hockey shirt.
  3. shoot_the_goalie

    CCM still selling V08 at retail???

    Lots of current NHLers grew up playing with this helmet, although probably more from the previous generation of NHLers (think players who are now in their 40s-50s). A lot of it is probably players wearing what they're used to. I still have one in use. It's not particularly light (average I would say), but the foams are incredibly comfortable, and it's a good looking, low-profile helmet. Wasn't very expensive if I recall too. I only use it now when coaching or stick & puck sessions, cause my V08 is a touch big, so I wear a better fitting helmet for league play.
  4. shoot_the_goalie

    Clean or dirty?

    Pulling from my past refereeing experience, here's my scenarios: From the hit in the video, 2 mins for interference or checking. Doesn't look like an intent to injure, but definitely intent to use the body on you in a no check game. Since the puck was in the same vicinity to the play; interference or checking. If this happened completely away from the puck (say you were just driving to the net for position), I would give the opposing player 2 mins for checking and maybe a 10 min misconduct if he was previously running around, using the body, getting penalties, generally being reckless. 1st infraction, just 2 mins and a warning to ease up on physical contact. Assuming he used his butt end and speared you like you said.... 5 min major and a game misconduct and a recommendation to the league for an additional game suspension; more games if player has a history. With that said, spearing is really hard to catch from a refs viewpoint though, especially sneaky butt end spears. If this was a full contact game, I would honestly have to say, the play looks fine and I would have allowed it, assuming I didn't see him spear you. But then again, you probably would have prepared for contact if this was a contact game.
  5. I prefer to not use spacers, but the spacers will solve your problem like Sniper9 said.
  6. shoot_the_goalie

    Clean or dirty?

    Definitely a penalty in no-check league. The opposing player definitely had intent to take you out with the body. Probably worse, cause you weren't expecting to get taken out like that.
  7. shoot_the_goalie

    Anybody try the BladeTape grip pads?

    That's looks very interesting...
  8. https://www.icewarehouse.com/BladeTape_PLAYER_Blade_Grip_Pads/descpage-BLTAPE.html
  9. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Pretty surprised on the customer service note. Every time I've contacted True, they have either e-mailed or called me directly pretty quickly. Usually, they call, since it's easier for them to understand/explain situations. And yes, what your LHS does is vital to this process. My fitter at my LHS did the 3d scans, took pictures, took down my info for my previous pair of skates (what I liked, didn't like about them, any mods, etc), and noted a bunch more information about my feet and my fit preferences. My skates were pretty much spot on when they arrived (except for a toe insert in one of my skates which made my toes a little too close to the cap, but was easily taken out). Like most things, it's pretty important that the fitter knows what they're doing and is very thorough.
  10. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Yes. You can contact True directly (via phone or e-mail) and request to purchase different tongues. I think they're around $80 USD for a pair?
  11. shoot_the_goalie

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    What OTG28 said... you'd be surprised how many holders on skates have slight deformities.
  12. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    You don't need to necessarily take out the red insole. You can cut out the part where you are having arch pain. There's a video of SVH doing this.
  13. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I didn't like the feel of pushing the tongue forward into the toe cap more, thus why I use Powerfeet. The fit was good before Powerfeet, but I like to feel compression on top of my toes... prevents me from curling my toes in my skate (which used to be a bad habit)
  14. shoot_the_goalie

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I use wax laces with no problem on my Trues. If you have minor heel slippage, contact True for some of the toe cap inserts that they sometimes use. Also, using Powerfeet can help. You may want to mess around with insole combo too - using red and blue, etc.
  15. When I practice off ice stick handling, I almost exclusively use a puck (i.e. green biscuit). However, I've noticed that almost all the pros, when practicing off ice, use a ball. Is this more cause a ball is more versatile for use on different surfaces, or is a ball just better for off ice training?