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  1. crutesie

    What kind of golf clubs do you use?

    they sound sweet mack.
  2. crutesie

    What kind of golf clubs do you use?

    Sorry to bring back from the grave.... Background 11st 2 lbs, 15 y.o Drives Around 230-260yds plays 3-5 times a week Driver Cleveland Hi-Bore 10.5 fujikura reg shaft Fairway Woods Callaway Fusion 3wood Reg Graph Shaft Irons Mizuno MX23 3-pw Dynamic Gold shafts Wedges Mizuno Black Nickle 53 Mizuno Raw Haze 60 Putter Odyssey Rossie Bag Taylormade r7 Shoes Adidas tour360Z Red Waterproofs Galvin Greens Course Bonnyton Golf Club Handicap 19 but should be MUCH lower.
  3. crutesie

    All i can say is....i am lucky

    not fair :( EDIT : you are from the uk arent you?
  4. crutesie

    What kind of golf clubs do you use?

    Driver - Jack Nicklaus Q4 Irons - Mizuno Mx23 Wedges - Mizuno Oil Can Finish 60Degree Lob Wedge, Putter - Dunlop 34"
  5. crutesie

    Your current equipment

    Roller Skates: Nike Roller Daddys Ice Skates: Easton Synergy 800C + Vapor XX Gloves: Easton Synergy Elbow pads: Jofa Shoulder pads: Bauer Vapor Shin Guards: Sherwood Ice Pants: Sherwood Inline Pants: These Metallic purple ones :S Helmet: Nike 4000 with bauer true vision cage Ops Stick 1: Bauer Endure P92 Naslund Ops Stick 2: Rbk 5K Pronger Ops Stick 3 : Rbk 4K Pronger
  6. crutesie

    Photos of yourself

    Kid in Celtic top? Where? Ooft, good dekes. Goalie needs work on his glove hand but good moves playa. i think you mighta thought i was canadian... anyways just this place in East Kilbride, Glasgow. P.S Check You Pm Box :) thanks.. i had to show a little imagination in that video :lol:
  7. crutesie

    Favorite TV show

    lost family guy simpsons prison break My Name Is Earl
  8. crutesie

    Photos of yourself

    heres a vid of me playing streethockey. its over a year old so i am quite small there. Goalie isnt spectacular but hey.
  9. crutesie

    Show It Off

    My sis has got the digicam in the US so i wont be able to take pics of my equipment til October or November :(
  10. crutesie

    Show It Off

    not feelin' the black holders
  11. crutesie

    Show It Off

    JR i think you should show us all the gear you have, might need a few disposable cameras though ;)
  12. crutesie

    Photos of yourself

    Nah I had this one back in 'Nam Squirt ;)
  13. crutesie

    Photos of yourself

    That Sounds Good. need to be somewhere in the middle for everyone really. Would be interesting :)
  14. crutesie

    Photos of yourself

    Its In London England You Have Few Players :o
  15. crutesie

    Photos of yourself

    Theo Sweet Hands.. Must Be That TF1 ;) Kubs.. why where you playing a russian team? a tourney?