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  1. krisdrum

    Knee pop injury

    OP - could have been a dislocation of your knee cap. I did it a few summers ago doing family stick time with my son. Went to avoid another kid, caught an edge and pop. Got back up, managed to skate to bench. Was in pain, but it subsided. Skated a bit more, but it didn't feel right, so I jumped off. Was still bothering me, so later that day went to urgent care and they thought I dislocated the knee cap and then it popped back in. Gave me a brace to immobilize it, which I wore for a few weeks.
  2. krisdrum

    Easton Mako Skate Questions

    Currently, Graf 535 wide. But I just picked up a pair of used G75 lites that have been my dream skate for awhile. The heel lock isn't quite as good as the 535, but I haven't baked them yet, so I'm sure I can get it better. I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel. Anything with a medium heel cup just doesn't lock my foot in. I tried the EE Makos first, then tried the D width figuring the upper is moldable enough to accommodate my forefoot width, hoping the heel would be a bit narrower. It was, but still not enough.
  3. krisdrum

    Easton Mako Skate Questions

    Similarly, I really liked the way they fit me as well, but my heel wasn't as locked as I wanted. I tried everything, but ultimately had to give up on them, as I found the carbon portion of the heel to not be moldable. The upper is very moldable, but if your heel lock issues are lower down in the boot, I'm not sure there is a solution for that without a pad or something else to fill the gap between your heel and the boot.
  4. krisdrum

    Full Gear Selection Help

    I've kinda muddle through this and in hindsight, should have just gone to a shop and did it in person with someone with some knowledge of fitting. Most on my equipment was either hand-me-down from other family members or picked up used at swap meets, auction sites, etc. Definitely DON'T feel like you need to go top of the line. Frankly in most cases (and I believe there are old threads on here that will back me up), the basic models in most line-ups are going to be more than sufficient. As you go higher in price you might get a bit more protection coverage, but it is mostly about weight savings and creature comforts related to fit (nicer materials, better knee donut in your shins, more comfortable strapping, etc.) I went from a pair of APX2 (top model) shins that were 1 size too small (hand me down) to Supreme 150s (basic entry model) and there are definitely some things I miss from the APX, but for the most part they are minor. I don't feel any less protected in the 150s.
  5. krisdrum

    Heel Punch

    Thanks. I use Superfeet and tried them on with them in. Still too much room for my liking. I'm just going to stick with what I have for the moment and re-evaluate down the road.
  6. krisdrum

    Heel Punch

    Experiment FAILED! Just tried my 535s and the 4400s on back to back and there is no comparison on fit. The 535 win hands down. Granted, they are baked, but the way they grab my heel and back of my foot is far superior to the 4400s. I don't think, even with a bake the 4400s will provide that level of fit and are going back to the seller. The search continues. Or maybe it doesn't. I did a bit of messing with how I laced the 535s and snug bottom but pretty cranked on the top 3-4 eyelets to pull the sides in probably gives me what I thought I was going to gain with a more modern boot.
  7. krisdrum

    Heel Punch

    Interesting, thanks guys. The volume of the instep is fine and I probably could add something to the back of the tongue to see if that reduces the ability for me to lift my heel without significantly increasing lacebite.
  8. krisdrum

    Heel Punch

    Yeah, been there, done that, got the t shirt. I don't think narrower is the answer here, as my heel doesn't move side to side. Only up and down a few mm. Think I may bring them to my local shop to get their opinion as well.
  9. krisdrum

    Heel Punch

    Hesitant to bake and hope for the best as that would likely remove the opportunity to return them. Was hoping for a bit more confidence before taking the plunge.
  10. krisdrum

    Heel Punch

    I'm currently in some Graf 535 and looking for something with a similar foot shape (narrow heel, medium/wide toe box) with a bit more of a modern approach. Found a pair of Graf PK4400 that seemed like a good bet. And I think they are... however, my heels are moving when laced up. Not side to side, but up and down when I flex my ankle. Not much, but enough I feel it and think it could become a problem. I get no movement in my 535. Looking at the boots side by side, my 535 have a pocket that hooks my heel from on top and holds it down. The 4400 don't, they have a much flatter profile in the heel. Would it be possible to punch/mold a similar pocket into the 4400 to help hold my heel down? Or is it a lost cause and I should just return them? I haven't baked them or done anything to them. Just tried on straight out of the box. I have narrow heels that also bump out from my achilles and rest of my foot. So they don't provide a lot of surface area for a skate to hold onto. And most skates don't have a pocket that overhangs the heel, so heel lock has been an issue in nearly all skates I've tried. I did see some info about doing the VH "tissue" mold, but also know heels in most skates are the least moldable/most reinforced making a traditional punch or tissue approach tough. Thoughts?
  11. krisdrum

    Dr. Smushkin Camps

    It has been forever since I've been on the forum, but I have some input. I realize this is from last summer, but hopefully it helps others looking for this summer. My son and niece and nephew have been working with a Smushkin trained instructor for the last 2+ years. This person used to be one of his best apprentices from what I understand. The changes in all of their skating and skills have been pretty dramatic! The approach builds slowly as skills progress and what may seem like insignificant drills do add up to a greater whole. But I think you only get the full benefit from that with consistency. if you are thinking of just a week long camp, you likely can get similar instruction elsewhere. If you have the opportunity to work with him more regularly. that is where I think you'd see the most upside.
  12. krisdrum

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    Thanks gents. So my LHS wasn't off the deep end. Something is afoot for the lower end skates. So will it be 2S and nothing else in the Supreme line? Everything else will be relegated to this new line? Or will there still be some step-downs in the Supreme line, just not as many?
  13. krisdrum

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    Not sure the shop really cares one way or the other. I've always found them to be a "fit first" place. But yes, Bauer letting stock dwindle without another option seems silly. I'm already thinking of having him try the entire CCM line to see how they feel.
  14. krisdrum

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    Maybe. Believe my son is in the S160, so that could be it.
  15. krisdrum

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    Thanks. I thought that seemed pretty crazy. So is it simply updates down the line with 2S being released? Any re-naming of the line? This guy must be reacting to something.