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  1. balfrob

    Compound fracture of the forearm

    Oh right, good point. I just turned 28 in March. I will try to look into this soft cast thing (Thanks for the tip!).
  2. balfrob

    Compound fracture of the forearm

    Thanks for the replies! I had a feeling he was kind of avoiding telling any definite answer. What he said was, that that on the Xrays it looks fine that we have a full union and nice hard callus. He said I can start excersise at first with max 12 pounds for biceps curls and I should still avoid doing pushups and bench press (max up to 40-60lbs) and slowly increase the weights adjusting to my pain level. He said the bone will still solidify and he said that 1 year post fracture is the time when he could say for sure that it is the same strenght as before the injury. So for sure I would not go back to full contact game yet, as I am sure a bad hit / crash in the boards could go wrong, but I would really like to just skate around do some excersises on ice passing, shooting, puck handling etc. Only thing I am unsure what would happen if I fell in a way I hit my arm and the surgeon couldn't really give me an answer on that either - that was the part where he said sure you can do that if you want, in case it breaks I am happy to fix you again
  3. Hi Everyone! As you may have guessed from the title I suffered an open fracture of my left forearm, with both bones broken during one of our games early in the season (1st November 2017). Of course my whole season was shot as it required a surgery, fixing plates, etc... I had my last X-Rays done 2 weeks ago and the results were good, showing the bones finally healed (In March there was still visible fracture), however the surgeon said it can take up to 1-1.5 year from the fracture for the bones to fully solidify. He could not give me a definitive answer on whether I can back to hockey now (I would do only no-conctact trainings to at least be back on ice), he kind of was like sure I can return, but on my own risk and if it breaks again he is happy to do the surgery again :D Of course I am still a bit limited in what I can do, as I need to increase the load only gradually so being it my left arm I still struggle with shots as I am not able to put so much power to flex the stick. So, I know every fracture is different and a question on a forum does not substitute proper medical examination, but I would be more or less just interested in your opinions in case you had a similar injury. How long after did you return to ice? Thanks! Rob
  4. Hey everyone! It is time for me to buy a new stick and I was thinking of trying something new. I would like to buy something from the Bauer Vapor series. (I was using Reebok ribcor until now) I am deciding between the x800 (2015) and x900 (2016, as it is almost the same price at my LHS as the 2015). The price difference between them is 55 bucks. Is the x900 worth to spend this much more or should I just settle with the x800? Thanks!
  5. balfrob

    Bauer Supreme Totalone NXG

    I always take out the footbed as it gets incredibly wet, but why is it good to hang them upside down?
  6. balfrob

    Bauer Supreme Totalone NXG

    I always make sure i don't put any pressure on the tendon guards when taking them off. I have also read some other people reporting issues, like the skates wore out in a surprisingly short time. One guy was reporting some parts having durability problems after 4 months. What is your experience on that if we disregard the tendon guard problem?
  7. balfrob

    Bauer Supreme Totalone NXG

    Thanks for reassurement GloriousLeader. Had them on the training for the first time yesterday and of course they need breaking in but god are they amazing skates :D
  8. balfrob

    Bauer Supreme Totalone NXG

    Thank you for your answer Vet88. I am sure they were not baked, they generally don't do that in that store also they give two years warranty on it, which is valid only until it is baked for the first time. I think I am getting it later this week. Thanks again!
  9. Hi everybody! I need new skates and I really like the totalone nxg from bauer. They have it for good price in our local store. My only question is, which might be somewhat stupid, I know they have these exact skates in the store for at least two years. Do you think there might be any decrease in the quality of the material if it is just standing around unused for years? Thank you.
  10. I thought I would give you guys a little update, maybe somebody finds this useful in the future. I was just about to take out the extension to remove a layer of tape, but i was like well let's see one more time if it still makes the sound, aaand it's gone. It doesn't do it anymore. So summed up after a week and three games it doesn't crackle anymore, so I guess I'm leaving it this way for now and see what happens next. If I break it within the next two weeks becaue of this I will update the topic :D
  11. yeah, I think this is what I will do. Thanks a lot!
  12. Thanks for all the replies! @dkmiller3356 - i didn't use any glue after all, but one of my guesses was also the tape inside making the sound. i think that some of the sticky side got revealed by forcing the extension in and it might be the tape sticking and unsticking from the side of the shaft making the sound - even tho that is my least probable guess @Hockeylifestyle - i was asking about this at the store. they said it should be fine with the wooden extension as well, even tho i would be happier with a composite, but they didn't have any...
  13. Hey Guys! I've recently bought a new stick, but as I'm 6' 7'' I needed to extend it. I've got a wooden extension which had this glue on it, that you heat up and put it in. The problem is that the extension was too thin or the shaft was too wide, it doesn't matter, so it couldn't be used this way. I taped the extension aroudn twice and then heated up the shaft and kinda forced the extension inside. It needed some pounding and repeated heating to get it in, but I managed and this way it seemed to be holding tightly even without glue. And now my concern: The next day I have noticed that whenever I hold the stick by the extension and put some kind of stress on that part, trying to pull it to the sides or sometimes when flexing the stick it makes this crackling sound around the part where the extension is filling the shaft and I am affraid that the shaft would crack. I'm also not sure that the extension doesn't move a bit. I cannot feel any movement when playing with it or holding it, but if I look very closely and try to move it, then it seems like it is moving but only extremely little and also it seems that this is when it makes this sound. So basically the question is. Do you think there is a high risk of breaking or cracking the shaft this way? Should I take it out, use less tape and rather put it back with some glue? Thanks a lot in advance. Rob