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  1. kclark87

    The Venting Spot

    When your teammate scores into your own goal causing the game to end in a tie.
  2. kclark87

    Blocking shots and chirping

    This is literally the only chirping I do. Its more fun to make fun of my teammates than try to get under the other teams skin. Laughing at the other team who is legit trying to chirp is fun too.
  3. kclark87

    Hockey Podcasts

    Puck Podcast has been my Go-To for a long time now. A really fun and great podcast that recaps all the games/news from every week. Spittin Chiclets is hilarious and they have some great guests. And of course Bobcast, not much needed to say there. I tried Puck Soup and PDOcast and just couldn't do it.
  4. Anyone try any of these out? Im looking for new shinpads but my LHS doesnt stock any Warrior stuff.
  5. kclark87

    The Sweet Spot

    Story of my teams summer season. We have lost the last 3 games by a score of 2-1. Been a little frustrating but having more competitive games is nice. Damn posts get in the way!
  6. kclark87

    The Sweet Spot

    Pretty much died after the first period.
  7. kclark87

    The Sweet Spot

    Summer season starts tonight. That month off felt like forever!
  8. kclark87

    The Sweet Spot

    Scored my first hatty last night en route to my teams first ever playoff win
  9. kclark87

    Alpha QX Glove

    Wish my LHS's carried this stuff :(
  10. kclark87

    Talking with Goalie between periods

    This is what my goalie does too. He doesnt even stop by the bench unless he has a suggestion for us. I leave him alone and just say we need to step up playing better defense in front of him.
  11. I have the Pacific Rink bag and love it. Havent seen the Mammoth so I cant compare.
  12. kclark87


    Im kind of in the same boat as the original post. Ive been using 7/16 for a long time and just switched to 1/2 to get more speed. While I noticed a big difference in speed, I now lose my balance a lot easier. Especially when on a break away. Not sure what it is.
  13. kclark87

    The Sweet Spot

    Was having a bad game last night and kept missing plays. But finally got a goal on my last shift of the game!
  14. kclark87

    The Venting Spot

    Bought a new stick with a new curve that I really wanted to try. But its just not clicking. At least the stick was on sale..
  15. kclark87

    Christmas Loot

    I got a Pacific Rink Bag (which is awesome) and I picked up a QR1 with a W05 curve. Been wanting to try that curve out but so far its not clicking as much as I wanted.