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  1. Howdy, How'd they do that? Mark
  2. marka

    The Sweet Spot

    Howdy, That's great! Good luck! Mark
  3. marka

    The Venting Spot

    Howdy, Are softball teams really that hard to come by out there? Because if not... Other teams beckon. Mark (had something sorta like that happen twice on a hockey team I was playing on. The 2nd time was my last game with them. Good guys on the team in general and I liked playing with them, but life is too short for me to be pissed off when I'm playing hockey for fun).
  4. marka

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Howdy, I think for every throwback jersey, they should be required to have a throw ahead one. Like Buck Rogers styling cues or whatever. Mark
  5. Howdy, When I was in the same situation, I was leaning towards the Wissota but ended up going with the Sparx. The primary driver for this was comparing profiles on new blades vs. ones that had been sharpened for a while. There were drastic differences, and they'd been sharpened by folks that did them every day of the week (local Pure, known for decent sharpening). I figured if decent pros couldn't keep the profile within reason, then there was no way someone like me who would sharpen once or twice a week ever would. Other than that, the lack of dust everywhere and the "press go and do something else" are also big wins, but they weren't my decision point. The only real downside is that the Sparx is a significantly more complicated machine than a basic manual sharpener, so there's more opportunites to fail and its less likely that you can fix it yourself if the company goes away. Mark
  6. Howdy, Its been quite a long time since I moved from 5/8 to 5/8 Fire... My recollection is that I felt more "stuck to the ice" in a straight linewith the 5/8 ROH cut, but its been so long I wouldn't put much weight into that impression. Mark
  7. marka

    Homemade Skate Sharpeners

    Howdy, Ideal RPM is going to depend on grinding wheel diameter, isn't it? I would assume what you really care about is the SFPM, though would also assume that there's a reasonable operating range. Mark
  8. Howdy, So, got a 3/4 Fire and tried it out last night. My impressions are coming from long-ish time use of 5/8 Fire... I didn't find it a big change at all. In fact, it was close enough to the 5/8" Fire that I'm not sure I'd be able to tell them apart in a blind test. Other factors like ice hardness, how recently they were sharpened, etc. etc. I think would have a bigger impact on the feel. Strangely enough, if anything I thought I could feel my edges more with the 3/4 Fire than with the 5/8 Fire. I'm assuming that this is just because I was paying more attention to that, since I'd made a radius change and I use the CXN holder so back to back tests are a bit harder to do than with the quick change holders. We'll see how it goes over the next few hours of ice time, but at least so far I'm liking the 3/4 Fire fine. I should note that I'm an old-ish guy that just started playing 4 years ago. So maybe my skating just isn't good enough to pickup the differences and someone else would find them more significant! Mark
  9. Howdy, All things are not equal. The grinding rings change and I've proven to myself that the center of my current 5/8" ROH ring is about four clicks off the center of my current 5/8" Fire ring. I also think that if you want actual even edges you need an edge checker. The difference you see between a few clicks on the adjuster is extremely minor in the optical tool... Enough so that you could easily be off. The edge checker makes it clear. You can make the argument that the edges may not be off enough to be noticeable and I won't disagree, but in my experience if you want even edges on an edge checker, you will need to make adjustments you can't see via the optical tool. YMMV. Mark
  10. Howdy, So the machine references the existing bottom of the runner (where it contacts the ice) when clamping the running into position? That seems like an odd way to do it. Mark
  11. marka

    Officiating 101

    Howdy, Ah... I'd seen 612, which wasn't all that helpful, but appendix II looks to be better. I'll need to check that out more. Thanks! Mark
  12. marka

    Officiating 101

    Howdy, So, for faceoff locations... I'm trying to put together a list of exceptions to the "nearest dot to where puck was last played, without advancing the puck for the offending team" face off location... What I have so far: Intentional offsides -- faceoff in their defending zone. playing the puck with a highstick -- faceoff in the defending zone. Offensive team shoots the puck out of play in the offensive zone -- Face off in neutral zone (this may just be "closest without advancing" in reality... Just that it almost never happens below the dots?) After the whistle, if any offensive player comes from above the circles into a scrum at the net, faceoff in the neutral zone Any others? Mark
  13. Howdy, Are you willing to share more details on this? Particularly with exact products and procedures you're using? I think I've mentioned in this thread before that I use a Wissota Speed Skate after a Sparx sharpening, but I wouldn't describe the resulting finish as a true "mirror", as there are still subtle longitudinal lines. Mark
  14. marka

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Howdy, Skates are expensive enough and enough of a PITA to fit / make work that I'm pretty much only going to have one pair. And given that, black is going to be the best bet for me even if I cared a ton about looks. And to be fair, I have a pair of white gloves (along with others), so I must care some... Mark
  15. Howdy, Thanks. I use a 5/8 Fire now and have no issues with grip / finding my edges or anything like that. So I was thinking of trying out the 3/4 Fire. I realize this is all mostly personal preference, just wanting to see if folks thought there were a large change between the two. I haven't ever skated on either 3/4 or 1" ROH. Mark