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    True XCore
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    QRL Pro
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    Bauer Re-Akt 200
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    Easton Pro 15
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    Reebok 11k
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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  1. marka

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Howdy, Let's review. * A customer gets his skates. The skate for _his shorter foot_ isn't long enough. * Skates are sent back to be remade. * True contacts customer to say "Hey, we're going to have to increase the holder length". * Customer (understandably) responds with "what? how come?", because nothing he's asked for would seem to indicate that the holder size would need to be increased. None of that is "expects long detailed messages". At this point what I know about custom True skates is that of the two local guys I know that have bought them, one seems in love and the other is on his 3rd go-around of shipping them back to be fixed. In terms of online experiences, the issues people are raising don't seem to be in the category of "fine tune the fit, like you'd expect" and are more in the category of "The skate was so jacked up that it needed to be completely remade". If I were True, I would be concerned with my image. There is absolutely no question that I would explore options other than True at this point, whereas a year or so ago that wasn't the case. YMMV. Mark
  2. Howdy, FWIW, I think an edge checker is perhaps not _required_ but for sure an "If you're serious, you'll want one" purchase for one of these. If I had to pick between the two, I wouldn't spend money on the optical alignment tool, I'd just get it somewhere near and then dial in with the edge checker (since, in my experience, you have to do that anyway). Mark
  3. marka

    LS Edge Holders Rattle inside?

    Howdy, The "local" Pure around here is now $2 per rivet or eyelet as well. Used to be free if you were just getting a couple done. Progress! Mark
  4. marka

    Officiating 101

    Howdy, Did my first games for pay last night... Three games. Went basically ok. I need to be more decisive on penalty calls I think. I think that will come with some experience and self confidence... Looking forward to taking a seminar next spring, as right now there doesn't seem to be much scheduled around here. Question... I've been wearing black mechanics gloves since my hands get quite cold. I'd like to get away from that since I seem to be the only one doing it and Dr. Google suggests its a little unaccepted. The same Google says that either that I skate more / faster or I wear some thermal base layers to try and get my core temp up. I'm doing pretty slow games at this point and don't feel like I'm really out of position in terms of keeping up with the play, so I'm looking at base layers to retain warmth. Any recommendations? I'm worried about elbow pad slippage, since the elbows I use for reffing already aren't great about staying in place. I know there's hockey specific long sleeve base layers, but I'm assuming they're not designed to retain warmth. I'll probably just try a long sleeve t-shirt next time out, but figured I can't be the first person to run into this... Mark
  5. marka

    Tips for cleaning gloves (inside)

    Howdy, I've washed a couple pair of gloves by just soaking them in a tub of hot water / oxy clean, then running them through a washer (Prefer a front loader, but I'm pretty sure I've used a top loader w/agitator too). Air dry. No issues. As much as our hands sweat, I don't worry at all about soaking gloves in terms of damage or whatever. YMMV. Mark
  6. marka

    2018 Third Jerseys

    Howdy, I think the Lightning jersey looks cool. In general, I think sublimated jerseys open up some neat options. And I like the effect on the sleeves there. Mark
  7. marka

    How to access Bauer 3d scan?

    Howdy, If anyone is interested, I did it twice. First scan is at https://my.volumental.com/en/bauer_custom/e5dbca3d-b4b0-40dd-9008-485ad56890c0/?utm_medium=myvemail Second one is at https://my.volumental.com/en/bauer_custom/c7fd1cce-5407-4807-9ebf-6a17c681127d/?utm_medium=myvemail Interesting that I got reasonably different results on my left foot between those two. Both were done barefoot with a slight knee bend. I'd have said that my weight was centered and I was in the same position, but perhaps not? I currently am using 7.5D Mako M8's. They're in the "well used, but not destroyed" stage at this point I'd say. I've had them for something like 2 years now, skating on average probably 4 to 5 times a week. I'd recently been noticing that my heel seemed to occasionally lift in the skate. To me, looking at these scans nothing is jumping out at me in terms of "need customs", but ?? I'd have guessed that I had fairly narrow ankles with a wide forefoot, but not exactly sure what that is on the scans... Ankle Wrap maybe? I'm a little nervous that an EE width Supreme wouldn't give me a good heel lock. Mark
  8. marka

    How to access Bauer 3d scan?

    Howdy, And literally just now I get them emailed to me. Grn. Sorry for the wasted topic! Mark
  9. Howdy, Got scanned w/Bauer again while I was waiting for yet more rivets to be replaced on my makos... My understanding was that I'd be able to access the scan results via an emailed link, but the only thing I see in email is something where I can activate my profile... When I do that, I don't get anything else that indicates how to actually look at the scan results... Anyone know how to do that? I'd have sworn that others here have shared links to volumental's site to share their scan results... Mark
  10. Howdy, Thanks. That looks like the same design as the one I have... Do you push the straw in to close the bottle and pull it out to open it? Mark
  11. Howdy, I see Matt Murray using what looks like a regular Gatorade bottle, except that it has a long straw on the top. I can't find that anywhere for sale... Anyone know where to get one of those? I have something similar now, but the top is a pull to open type of thing and it frequently leaks at that joint, while the one I see on TV looks to be all one piece, without the push/pull setup. Mark
  12. Howdy, Put something 4" or so long that's flat across the blade and eyeball it. Worst case, use a quarter. My experience is that edges have to be out a decent bit (visible by eye like the above) before it makes a difference. But having said that, I don't have as much experience as most here. Mark
  13. marka

    2018 Third Jerseys

    Howdy, Yeah. I kinda wonder if they'll look better in person / in motion, but the pictures I've seen have all been "Blech!" in terms of my reaction. Its like someone washed them and the colors ran or something. Mark
  14. marka

    Help with my U10

    Howdy, Recourse in what way? Season's basically done at this point, right? I don't think anyone would disagree that the situation you both describe sounds like a total sh*t show, but I don't see how you can expect money back at this point. Instead, my focus would be on rehabilitating my kid. And for that, I would say to let him take the lead on it mostly. Give him a break from you talking about hockey for a while to decompress. Go to movies, do whatever. Then after a while see if he just wants to go to a stick & puck or something and see if he has fun. Let him drive how serious he wants to be from there. Mark
  15. marka

    The Venting Spot

    Howdy, Yeah. Our school system went from "watch the news / check online" to "call, email, and text both parents". And apparently there's no way to say "Hey, uh... We'd like to keep just the texting part?" Mark