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  • Skates
    Mako M8
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    True XCore
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    QRL Pro
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    Bauer Re-Akt 200
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    Easton Pro 15
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    Reebok 11k
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. marka

    The Venting Spot

    Howdy, Cranberry, PA? I've had good luck getting them to do rivets for me, but its nearly always a weekday. Last time was maybe a couple months ago? They usually don't charge me either, so I end up buying something while I'm there out of guilt. I fairly often have a couple rivets loose on my Makos. They did them once for me on a weekend when I only had a couple loose, but the impression I got was that they really don't like doing them on weekends. Whether that's because they seem to only have one or maybe two guys that are comfortable with boot repairs vs. just basic sharpening or due to being busy... I dunno. Mark
  2. marka


    Howdy, Yep, hat showed up here as well, a couple days ago. Mark
  3. marka

    True A5.2SBP 2018, LH, 85, MC - New

    Howdy, $140 shipped, obo. Mark
  4. marka

    Keeping Jersey Out of Pants?

    Howdy, If a fight strap worked before, why not just sew one onto his new jerseys? https://classicmnhockey.com/products/knit-polyester-fight-strap-modern-era-velcro-snap https://www.ebay.com/itm/FIGHT-STRAP-FIGHTERS-STRAP-HOCKEY-JERSEY-FIGHT-STRAP-NEW-white-twill/401016634546?hash=item5d5e743cb2:g:BGIAAOSwWxNYpJnn:sc:USPSFirstClass!44514!US!-1 Mark
  5. marka

    Modifying A Composite Blade

    Howdy, Composite repair is a thing, but its not a thing I know anything about. Isn't there a guy here that did composite stuff for real? I'd pick his brain a bit. I'd also experiment with some broken sticks first. Mark
  6. marka

    14th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Howdy, Agree with Mr. Mojo... If you've never been to one of these and are on the fence, just go. My first one was 2016 and it was clear that I was a newb, but everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcome and I had a great time. Enough so that I've tried to make all of the Fest/Jam events since! Mark
  7. marka

    CCM P30 Curve

    Howdy, Sounds perfect, but I'm a lefty. Mark
  8. marka

    CCM P30 Curve

    Howdy, Anyone know if there are any prostock curves that are really similar to the P30? I've been using one for a while and like it. Coming from a P88 it feels like I have a little more control when stick handling like the P28, but don't have the issues I had with the P28's open toe. My only issue so far is finding deals on sticks with that curve. Mark
  9. marka

    MSH Merchandise

    Howdy, Ordered a t-shirt and a polo. Hopefully MSH gets a good cut of the price! Mark
  10. Howdy, I have a new 2018 model True A5.2SBP stick. Left Handed, 85 Flex, MC Curve (like P88) I got it as a warranty replacement for a stick I got caught in a door opening in a fluke thing, but I changed curves to CCM's P30 in the meantime. Never used, taped, or cut. Still in the wrapper. Asking $140 (usd) shipped to ConUS Mark
  11. marka

    The Venting Spot

    Howdy, How much are you getting paid to be there? If going to the rink is a chore, tell the team and have them / you find you a sub for the season. Full stop. Gutting out a game when you're sick or something is one thing, but we do this for fun. If you're consistently not having fun... Stop it. Mark
  12. marka

    The Prosharp Project

    Howdy, Yeah, I'd like to be on the list of "when you're ready to do this, let me know!" Mark
  13. marka

    The Prosharp Project

    Howdy, Super cool. I couldn't wait and ended up getting a Zuperior profile on my skates which has been working out decently, but would still be up to try this out to see if stuff could be even better. Mark
  14. marka

    Random Q About NHL Coaches' Equipment

    Howdy, Interesting! So the pens pay ccm for the gear Crosby uses? I never knew that. Figured ccm provided it as a marketing expense. Mark
  15. marka

    7 Star Sports/Prostar Hockey Helmets

    Howdy, Maybe the HECC/CSA stickers are too. Wouldn't be the first time someone used counterfeit approval stickers. Mark