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  1. marka

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Howdy, I think its different. A ref up in the press box with a microphone talking to the ear of the refs on the ice, who you see in person before the game and between periods is a much different thing than someone you see twice a year phoning in a call from Toronto. That's a way different vibe for when the four on ice refs gather together for a conference and in that conference there's another ref on-site watching from above. Challenges should still go through Toronto / whatever. This is just a mechanism for the on ice refs to ask for help whenever they want it plus a way for the on-site press box guy to say "Hey Harry... I think we ought to talk about that one" real time, just like he/she was on the ice with them. Mark
  2. marka

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Howdy, I don't see how you "get rid of video review" in this day and age. Right now we have the situation where there's video review on everything, its just that the refs (vs. the fans) are only allowed to watch it in very specific situations. Of all the stuff I've heard talked about, I like the idea of having a ref in the press box / whatever watching from on high with video screens available to him/her and communication to the officials on the ice. I'm also not opposed to allowing a coach to challenge anything, with a 2 minute minor assessed if they're wrong. Mark
  3. marka

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Howdy, I think they care, but I also think that you can miss a call and with 900 cameras everywhere, any time a mistake is made, its going to be caught. I do think there's a pretty big disconnect between "this guy was 5 inches offsides 30 seconds before the goal, so NO GOAL!!!!" and "The 2nd assist was a hand pass and we all know that 15 seconds after the goal was scored, but we can't change it, so... Sharks win?" Mark (edit: as a sometimes ref, this makes me feel a LOT better about stuff I miss.
  4. Howdy, You may not like it, and that's totally understandable, but to the average guy that wants to get his damn skates sharpened, most shops _DO_ suck. And there's no way, as a regular consumer, to reliably find the ones that don't. Particularly when its the standard thing like "Joey is the guy at Pure, but Billy sucks and Jill isn't bad but can't deal with weird stuff either. Good luck! May the odds ever be in your favor". Oh, and then Joey leaves anyway because, surprise, working retail isn't a destination career for most folks. Meanwhile, despite your obvious dislike of these machines, lots and lots of people are happily using them very successfully. Because they do a pretty good job and do it consistently. You sound _EXACTLY_ like the typical machinist from 20 or 30 or 40 years ago when CNC machines were taking over. Manually sharpening a skate is an admirably skill. And, done well, you can get an extremely good result. But that takes lots of training/practice/feel and at the end of the day, there's not enough folks around that do it well vs. a hack job that destroys profiles, has edges so uneven you can see it with the naked eye, that nods their head when someone requests a roh and uses "the standard" anyway, etc. etc. etc. This is a process that begs for automation. The stuff about consistent travel speed, consistent pressure, etc. that it takes a while to get the right feel for is exactly what automation is good at. edit: And in the beginning, where was the money for Sparx to build those free sample machines for the shops? I would imagine they weren't doing a kickstarter project because they decided to turn down big money investors. They saw a need, had an idea for a product that filled that need, and were able to successfully market it to the people that wanted to fill that need. And guess what... Those people were mostly consumers, not pro shops. Or at least they were, until pro shops realized "hey... Wait a minute. You mean I can teach someone to sharpen skates in 30 minutes? And the results will be good?" Mark
  5. marka

    Glove fit advice

    Howdy, FWIW, I like tighter gloves and I've been really happy with the Warrior QRL and QRL Pro. I wear a 14" in those. I also found a deal on some Warrior QRE Pros (the next generation) and got them in a 14". Same feel around my hand, but the fingers were a little too short for me and a 15" fit better. But maybe that's just right for you? Mark
  6. Howdy, That sorta logic must be why all the teams in the NHL set their ticket prices every year in order of how the teams finished the previous season. That way nobody ever pays more to watch worse hockey. Look, pro sports is an entertainment business. My take is that to me, its worth a similar amount to go watch 2nd tier men's hockey (AHL) as it would be to watch the top tier of women's hockey. Others are going to have different value systems. I really hope the nhl or someone else with big pockets gets behind women's hockey though, so that we can find out whether or not folks actually want to watch women's hockey if its marketed decently. My guess is that enough would to make an AHL / ECHL level budget work. Mark
  7. Howdy, Well, the obvious answer is that one group is the best women that play hockey (with many probably the best women players ever) and the other group is a bunch of teenage boys? So if you're a 12 year old girl who loves hockey, which group are you bugging your parents to go see? I don't see any reason that the top level women's professional hockey organization shouldn't be able to price their games, draw fans, have player salaries, etc. etc. like AHL teams, at least if we're looking past the startup years. Mark
  8. marka

    Improper steel size

    Howdy, If the blade is centered in the holder and you've been skating on 272 already, I'd give it a go. Doesn't sound like any more of a risk of something bad happening than it would be changing from 272 runners to 280 runners. Mark
  9. Howdy, I really hope there's some backdoor deals being made between the NHL, the players, and maybe the NWHL. I don't see any reason this couldn't be like women's tennis, women's golf, etc. The NHL has big enough pockets to get it through the "there's no audience because there's not an accessible product and there isn't an accessible product because there's no audience" phase. They also have motivation to grow hockey in general, as long as they're taking the long view. Mark
  10. Howdy, It would be really interesting to see how VT's results changed as a function of fit. Seems like it would be fairly easy for them to test as well, since helmets are adjustable. I don't know what would happen. I can convince myself either way. I'm not convinced that fit is as important as some here think it is (in terms of protection... Obviously its important in terms of comfort and distraction). But I'm not convinced its not either. Mark
  11. Howdy, You missed a step or two. I.e.: "but if we hit this other helmet exactly the same way, significantly less force is associated" "does that mean that helmet is better?" "Maybe? It means that for that type of impact, less force gets transmitted to the head which is likely a good thing, but there are other factors to consider as well." "But what if that helmet is uncomfortable and looks ugly?" "Sounds like some of those other factors bud. Good luck. Be sure to rant and rave on the internet either way though!" Mark
  12. Howdy, I agree that there's no new information here, on either side. However: What they actually say is "Helmets with more stars provide a reduction in concussion risk compared to helmets with less stars." Along with the lawyer words: "Any player in any sport can sustain a head injury with even the very best head protection. This analysis is based on data trends and probabilities, and therefore a specific person’s risk may vary. This variation is likely dominated by genetic differences, health history, and impact factors such as muscle activation." Mark
  13. marka

    Supreme S29 vs Totalone NXG

    Howdy, I would get the one that fit my feet the best. A "good deal" is only a good deal if its for something that works for your feet. Mark
  14. Howdy, Assuming the guy isn't the rink owner, a better approach might be to share it with the rinks in question. I wouldn't expect much though. I'd do it as more of a "just so you know, this guy is hurting the community and I thought you might care." kinda thing. You're unlikely to change an asshole. But the people that control ice time have a little more leverage. I also wouldn't throw an entire region under the bus because of a few assholes that are in the exact wrong position. FWIW. Mark
  15. Howdy, If you're ditching the holders anyway, perhaps some judicious cutting / grinding would help? Where you go from there will depend on how well the adhesive is bonded to the boot. If its really on there, I'd probably just sand it down until it was just a very, very thin layer. Seems like it will be tedious / time consuming. May not be worth it if time is turning into money in some manner. Mark