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  1. kmfdm86

    Christmas Loot

    Post the hockey related loot you got or got for someone else! Edit: Technical difficulties with the images. I've wanted a Lindros jersey since I was 6. Probably the nicest jersey I own now. Been wanting to try a visor, but I like my teeth. Fishbowl it is!
  2. kmfdm86

    Smooth stick taping

    Keep the tape taught and lay down one side at a time while you're wrapping it. If one pass wrinkles, I pull that side up and lay it down again.
  3. kmfdm86

    any bauer hybrid sheild users?

    Better to be chirped and chirp back than to use an inferior product. Just saying. Lol.
  4. kmfdm86

    any bauer hybrid sheild users?

    Haven't used it, but I have been using an avision ahead elite lately. I like it a lot. It's a little warm but it doesn't fog or anything. Vision is awesome.
  5. kmfdm86

    Supplemental Hip Protection

    http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/CCM_RBZ_Roller_Hockey_Girdle_Sr/descpage-CZRG.html I think CCM is phasing out this product. But the tailbone protection is great. High density foam on the inside, reinforced with very durable place on the outside. Just an FYI if anyone is still looking for something.
  6. kmfdm86

    Konixx wheels

    I'm about 185 and the +1s have been great for me so far.
  7. kmfdm86

    The Venting Spot

    I had that exact problem. I was disorganized and would legitimately forget I had homework. Maybe it's an opportunity to learn what type of personal organization and reminders work for you. It's an important skill that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.
  8. kmfdm86

    Super Tacks Compared to Jetspeed

    Have you thought about just having the eyelet replaced? I can't imagine it's very expensive.
  9. kmfdm86

    The Venting Spot

    Just because some people face horrible tragedies doesn't negate what you feel and go through. Also, don't listen to those people TALKING About 3.5 being awful. 3.4 is good. I had a horrible GPA in high school because I never did my homework. Not to advocate taking such a course, but I've done just fine for myself. Hang in there and don't let the bastards grind you down. Edit: Sorry, long day. Just realized you may have meant you're at 2.5, which is about what I skated by at. Either way, same advice applies. Don't give up, and don't pay the jerks any mind.
  10. kmfdm86

    The Venting Spot

    So in my inline league everyone has one bye week. This is the third time in a row they've given us the first week bye. But this season they gave us another bye on the last week of the season and scheduled us for two games on one Wednesday at 8:50pm and 10:40pm. Wtf.
  11. kmfdm86

    The Sweet Spot

    I finally did it. After all the horrible timings and misses that led to turnovers during a game. I finally scored a goal from behind the goal line. Haha. That's what you get for leaning out too far from the post. Bounced it right off the guys shoulder. Lol.
  12. kmfdm86

    CCM Resistance Line

    Most likely differences in materials, adjustability, durability, comfort, etc. Sorry if I'm just pointing out the obvious. Lol
  13. kmfdm86

    Supplemental Hip Protection

    Not sure how well it'd fit under ice pants, but this has been great for inline (I'm not a very good skater so there's usually a couple falls and one collision per game. Haha) http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Mission_Pro_Compression_Roller_Hockey_Girdle_Sr_2016/descpage-MPCG5.html
  14. Haven't tried it, but maybe give this a shot? Almost twice as heavy as inline pucks. http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Smart_Hockey_Off-Ice_Training_Pucks/descpage-SHPK.html
  15. Yeah. It was pretty impressive until he started talking. The facial animation just didn't look quite right.
  16. kmfdm86

    Christmas Loot

    I hate the rubber grip on the QR1s. Started peeling off after a month.
  17. kmfdm86

    Skate Help Needed

    If the vapors aren't absolutely crushing your foot, it might be worth checking out some CCM Jetspeeds. They're a similar fit in the heel but they fit better around the rest of my foot than the vapors did.
  18. kmfdm86

    Warrior Blades- Lupul vs. Granlund

    Cursory search turned up this. Data was copied from www.inlinewarehouse.com Granlund curve is W05 Curve:Heel 9/16 Face:open Toe:round Length:long Lie:5 Player:Granlund, Kovalev Similar Curves:bauerP106, ccmP36A, trueHCS, trueHCR, eastonE6, bauerP02, ccmP15, reebokP36A, alkaliA47 Playability:The open face design helps elevate the puck. This curve is also great for slap shots and one-timers. Also is a solid choice for making deflections in front of the net. Lupul is W01 Curve:Mid Heel 3/8 Face:slightly open Toe:round Length:medium Lie:4 Player:Lupul, Burrows, Savard, Fedorov Similar Curves:warriorW12, sherwoodPP9, bauerP91A, ccmP17 Playability:This curve is great for passing and puck handling. Offers a large sweet spot for slap shots and one-timers.
  19. kmfdm86

    Christmas Loot

    Took your advice. Got the QRL Pro glove in black and red en route. Can't believe how snug and comfortable they are while still retaining a high level of wrist mobility.
  20. kmfdm86

    Inline Pants for a Big Guy

    I'm about your height and my L RBZ inline pants have enough room for another half of a person. I'm a little scrawnier though, waist is 34. Not sure about other brands, but it looks like CCM's XL is recommended for 38-42. http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/CCM_RBZ_150_Roller_Hockey_Pants_Sr_/descpage-C15RP.html
  21. kmfdm86

    Inline Pants for a Big Guy

    Most of the higher end roller pants are highly adjustable. How tall are you? Length is probably the decider.
  22. kmfdm86

    Rockered vs straight wheel setup

    I'm a terrible ice skater so I can't tell you what the right wheel setup is to emulate the radius of steel. But Labeda Asphalt are some awesome outdoor wheels.
  23. kmfdm86

    Christmas Loot

    That's awesome!
  24. kmfdm86

    Christmas Loot

    Currently trying to talk myself out of buying Warrior QRL gloves. Ive been using the QR1s for about a year and love them, but the palms are trashed.
  25. kmfdm86

    Christmas Loot

    Lame! Hopefully it's all returnable. If it makes you feel any better I snapped one of those plastic hinges on the top of that avision elite after I screwed it in thinking it was supposed to move farther than its meant. Haha. Ordered the new hardware already but man do I feel like an idiot.