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    True + CCM FT2 + Bauer Vapor 2X Pro
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    True A6.0HT + CCB Jet Speed + Bauer Nexus 2N Pro
  • Gloves
    True XC9 + CCM JetSpeed FT1
  • Helmet
    Warrior Alpha Pro + CCM Tacks 710
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    Warrior QRE Girdle
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    STX Surgeon RX3
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    CCM FT1
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Alpha DX
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    Conway and Banks

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    Seattle, WA + Scottsdale, AZ
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    Ice Hockey and technology
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  1. SkateWorksPNW

    My Bauer sticks

    MAP prevents the use of discount codes for online purchases on price protected products.
  2. SkateWorksPNW

    SK-8T fuel

    What ever happened to this stuff?
  3. SkateWorksPNW

    Supreme adv

    Yeah, they have been out in the wild for a while now. Just a lighter weight Suprme without that silly renew gel core blade which made that sticks stupid blade heavy.
  4. SkateWorksPNW

    2019 CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro

    I personally love the pro stocks adv sticks, usually dressed as a 1x lite. The Flylite I have seen a lot of them break recently so I am not sure how durable they are. I also hate the Warrior Fantom as the blade feels dead to me.
  5. SkateWorksPNW

    Ccm custom skates

    You can get scanned for free.
  6. SkateWorksPNW

    Is my steel ruined?

    I would ask them for a replacement set. I also always ask the shops to not hone the steel when I am in the road and can't sharpen my steel myself. I carry my own set of hones and such with me.
  7. SkateWorksPNW

    Fix it by Mail?

    I have never known anyone to use them but I would have gone with https://hockeymenders.com/ as they are amazing. They also post pics of most of their work online too so you can see various options and such. https://www.instagram.com/hockeymenders/?hl=en
  8. SkateWorksPNW

    Blackstone Flat-Bottom V Thread

    I think the entire time I have been shaprening skates I have only had to adjust the pitch knob when someone else screwed with it and messed up the pitch. Otherwise I nvever needed to touch it.
  9. SkateWorksPNW

    Jock pants with padding

    What size are you? I have a pair of these you can have if you pay for shipping. They are a size large. I bought them and never used them. https://photos.app.goo.gl/aWDwJK5jVT2SsmEZ6
  10. I have a customer who wants to bascially add a lift between the midsole and the insole of the skate. He doesnt want to modify his steel or the holder at all. Ive never tried this, but, in theory if we added a shim under the insole it will in fact add pitch I am jsut not sure if the outcome would be the same as adding a heel lift, for example. Has anyone ever tried this? I would assume its just the same as how using SuperFeet insoles technically add a small amonut of pitch. Right?
  11. I play on 3 teams of varying levels. Mondays is an elite league, lots of ex-professional players; NHL, Europe and such, guys just out of college; D1/D2 and some younger guys who just finished juniors. Thursday is a B level league, some guys should be playing A and Elite but like to skate with their buddies and tone it down a bit. Fridays is a 30+ league and is a pretty solid mix of older guys who skate Monday and some other high-end players that skate in the A league. Here is my dilemma. Since I moved I was "assigned" to these teams, excluding Thursday which I skate with buddies for fun. The problem is all of these teams are new and were kind of clobbered together so there is a pretty disparate degree of talent. Suffice to say, the season has started out terrible. Every team I am playing on have all been getting slaughtered. I really dislike losing, I think most people do, but when you are losing by 7+ goals its just not any fun. I also find that I cannot develop a flow with any of the players on these teams and none of us skate together outside of games so it's really hard to get to know one another. I hear based on these facts we are doomed to a disappointing season which will be riddled with losses leaving me with nothing but regret. I dont want to abandon any of the guys, they are all really nice, but playing with them makes me want to rip out my hair and slam my head into the pavement. It's honestly that frustrating. I feel like if I go to the league director and ask for a trade it's going to lead to come bad blood but I just dont know how many more embarrassing losses I can tolerate before my sanity becomes fractured. Thoughts?
  12. SkateWorksPNW

    Custom Skates: CCM vs. Bauer vs. True

    Trust me, this would start a debate and nothing good will come from it. The best skate is the one that fits you personally best and will provide you the greatest performance for your skating style.
  13. SkateWorksPNW

    Kucherov Pro Stock Curve

    If you want actual photos I can take some tomorrow when I am home and not at the rink.
  14. SkateWorksPNW

    Kucherov Pro Stock Curve

    I have some custom Bauer sticks with his curve. It's basically a P28 with a little less toe and the lie on the toe is slightly more aggressive compared to a P28.
  15. SkateWorksPNW

    2019 CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro

    Grabbed a few of these today from a buddy. They are P29 max height blade and 75 flex. Uncut they weighed in at 409 grams each. First thoughts: Lighter than the previous generation and better balanced More pop compared to the Trigger 3D Blade feels like they reinforced the toe and softened the heel a bit, also feels lighter than the previous generation Like how one side of the shaft is convex and the other is concave, fits nicely in the hand Graphics are awesome