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    True + CCM FT2 + Bauer Vapor 2X Pro
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    True A6.0HT + CCB Jet Speed + Bauer Nexus 2N Pro
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    True XC9 + CCM JetSpeed FT1
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    Warrior Alpha Pro + CCM Tacks 710
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    Warrior QRE Girdle
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    STX Surgeon RX3
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    CCM FT1
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    Warrior Alpha DX
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    Conway and Banks

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  1. SkateWorksPNW


    So I had a chance to use one tonight since I was a sub on a team and one of the players is a Bauer rep. He uses a slightly stiffer flex than myself, 87, but we use the same curve pattern and he allowed me to retape the stick since he and I use an entirely different tape job. In fact, he uses black tape and I prefer white. He doesn't tape the toe and I do. Anyway... The stick is overall very light but you can feel the weight in the blade due to the reinforcement they must have had to add. The stick shot well, but no better than other sticks I own. It was a nice stick, but again, no nicer than anything else I own either. Honestly, I think the stick would have been better with the new ADV design and the Nexus 2N Pro blade with the advanced carbon layering to lighten the blade composition but still keeping the dampening layer. Overall, the stick is good. Not great. I would rate it the same as nearly any other lightweight top of the line stick. I think there is some promise to the idea of a stiffer top portion of the blade, more torsional rigidity, but they added the hole to as more of a marketing thing. They could easily have accomplished the same thing without making a hole in the stick blade.
  2. SkateWorksPNW


    And more info here https://puckstop.com/blog/bauer-nexus-adv-stick-technology
  3. SkateWorksPNW

    Has anyone heard of or used a Coho stick?

    I heard the Bower Vapour Flylight is quite a nice stick
  4. SkateWorksPNW


    I actually had one of Kanes pro stock sticks and surprisingly it's quite light at 447 grams with the buttendz and tape. He uses a very stiff blade and the blade pattern lends itself to being very lightweight as opposed to something like a max height blade for example. He is also a professional athlete compared to us mere mortals so I would imagine he won't notice 20-30 grams of weight. One benefit of a heavier stick is winning stick battles and not having someone easy knock your stick away doing a stick check or stick lift. I think centermen typically use a heavier stick than wingers, same with players who play defense.
  5. SkateWorksPNW

    BHL CUP?!

    The BHL Cup is huge and amazing! I try and go every year but since its happening in my own backyard since I moved to AZ I am even more excited for it this year. They posted the jerseys for this year and they are sickkkkkkk!
  6. Seems they are out of the Pacific Northwest. Has anyone used one of their sticks? Is it just another Chinese "No Name" "All Black" stick? https://coastalhockey.co/
  7. SkateWorksPNW


    Rekker EK15 came out in 2014 and I used that, then the EK60. Then other brands finally caught up.
  8. SkateWorksPNW

    Are TRUE shafts and blades being discontinued?

    They are still making them. https://www.hockeymonkey.com/true-hockey-shaft-ax9-rbs-sr.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAgqDxBRBTEiwA59eEN0v_srlGlUL3QVQ_3wWmN4PgCFOpVfvNkleghtBFM0WLehe5kb2lYBoCNf4QAvD_BwE
  9. SkateWorksPNW


    I think 390 is the sweet spot for me personally. Anything less starts to feel unbalanced and usually requires me to add some type of counterweight to balance it all out properly.
  10. SkateWorksPNW


    I agree. In fact, I cut off a large section of the end of my sticks and add a wood plug because the weight balance on many of them is off.
  11. SkateWorksPNW

    BHL CUP?!

    No argument there. LOL
  12. SkateWorksPNW


    I know of one person who used to work as an engineer for Bauer & CCM who has started his own company selling high-quality one-piece sticks. He has a relationship with factories which has helped but overall it's still an uphill struggle for him to offer a high performance, low weight (370 grams) , product while keeping prices low since he doesn't produce thousands of sticks at a time as the big companies do. For example, he can only offer 5 patterns currently and a mid-kick option because the cost for fabrication per blade pattern template is insanely expensive for a one-piece mold.
  13. SkateWorksPNW

    BHL CUP?!

    Really? It's pretty awesome. Kane Van Gate did some videos on it. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kane+van+gate+bhl+cup
  14. SkateWorksPNW

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    I bought a bunch of the Trigger 4 Pro and they all had the retial taper design.
  15. SkateWorksPNW

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I used to be guilty of doing a single pass after every ice session. It became second nature when I would be unpacking my gear after skating to dry it out to just toss the skates in the sharpener for a single pass.