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    Bauer One95
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    Bauer One95/X:60
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    Bauer X:60 Pro
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    Bauer 4500
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    RBK 6k

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  1. I still laugh at his creation of the word “toemosexuals”......
  2. He had the best twig collection too. Especially those Hull MM-ZBubbles
  3. Howdy. It’s nice to be missed ;) Currently, the closest rink is in New Orleans (~2hr drive), so I haven’t laced them up since July. Hope you’re doing well Neo! I’ll try to stop by more often.
  4. kovalchuk71

    New Era of Adidas Jerseys Begins

    They jazzed up Carolinas jerseys a bit, which I like a lot. The other ones were so freakin' plain.
  5. kovalchuk71

    Flexing the Stick

    I always suggest that customers start with a flex that is ~50% of their body weight and adjust from there. It's a good starting point that allows them to tailor to their needs once they start getting a hang of things. FWIW, I weigh 165 lbs. and use between a 60 and 65 flex (depending on brand and kick point).
  6. kovalchuk71

    Does anyone else Feel The same Way?

    I couldn't agree more. I remember the days of the Easton Havoc and the TPS Intrigue. $149 sticks are fantastic these days and will suit most beer leaguers. I was referring more to the high end sticks when talking about the lack of innovation.
  7. kovalchuk71

    Does anyone else Feel The same Way?

    I think it depends on the type of equipment. Protective? No freaking way. Everything now is so much lighter and dries so much faster than the protective of the past. Sticks? One could argue that huge strides haven't been made in almost a decade.
  8. kovalchuk71

    Does anyone else Feel The same Way?

    double post
  9. kovalchuk71

    Vegas Golden Knights

    100% Disagree. This screams "West Point knockoff" to me.
  10. kovalchuk71

    Vegas Golden Knights

    I'm a huge fan of the logo and color scheme, but I have to agree with JR here. "Vegas" alone just doesn't seem right.
  11. kovalchuk71

    CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY

    I've found that it feels stiffer than the Reckoner did.
  12. kovalchuk71

    2016-2017 Gear Sightings

    No ProGlo?!? Lame.
  13. kovalchuk71

    Revision Flex vs Labeda Addiction wheels?

    I'd go with neither. Addictions haven't been good since the first generation, and RV Wheels last me ~5 games. I'd take a serious look at Konixx. I've been running them and they are fantastic.
  14. kovalchuk71

    Fizix Hockey

    Any updates? It's been almost two months.
  15. By the way, we had a conversation on here about the CNT Stealth a while back. I HIGHLY doubt the Stealth actually had Carbon Nanotubes in it. The cost of them would have been outrageous in 2006.