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  • Skates
    CCM Jetspeed
  • Stick
    CCM SuperTacks 2.0, STX Surgeon RX3
  • Gloves
    CCM Ultra Tacks
  • Helmet
    Warrior PX2 with FL80 cage
  • Pants
    Bauer Supreme MX3
  • Shoulder Pads
    Reebok KFS Hybrid
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer Nexus N9000
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Dynasty HD Pro
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Pro

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  1. nutters

    Ribcor 4 line.

    Weird move as it seems the top priced point sticks are not the most purchased. I know a few stores in Canada who don't even carry the top sticks.
  2. nutters

    Ribcor 4 line.

    This appears to be the first time they're doing it.
  3. nutters

    Ribcor 4 line.

    Seeing the promotion for the upcoming trigger 4 pro it looks like only the top of the line stick is being advertised. Normally, the whole line gets teased, but in this case it is only the one stick. Are they only releasing one stick, or will the rest will be announced later?
  4. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    I don't know if the fantom qre was limited, but there are still a lot in many stores. And I saw some Vapor ADVs as late as this January. As mentioned, there is a limit people will pay.
  5. nutters

    True Hockey stick codes

    The only I know (or pretend I know) is the last number is the flex rating. I can't remember if 1 is 70 or 75, but each number is 5 flex points higher than the previous.
  6. nutters

    True Hockey stick codes

    Unless they are True athletes then ya, what you see is what you get. Every xcore stick for True guys like Marner don't have the gimmicked blade, but all the sample ones they made for players do.
  7. nutters

    STX Surgeon RX3 Flex question

    I normally play with 75 flex sticks, but STX send me an 85 flex RX3 and even after cutting the stick it is quite close
  8. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Well it's dead for skates. Going to be odd if they go with blue supreme skates, yellow supreme sticks and blue nexus sticks
  9. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Nice lid Jake, good to see Reebok back in hockey...
  10. nutters

    CCM AS2 vs AS1 vs AS2Pro sticks

    Ya that makes the most sense, but Warrior has been doing it for consistently longer with calling the number 2 stick "pro." Even Bauer has messed up as the Pro in the Vapor line is the second from the top.
  11. nutters

    Thoughts on the Sherwood EK15

    I don't know what your specs are, but with the clearance code on the home page you can get this cheap as a righty https://www.hockeymonkey.ca/clearance/hockey-equipment/sticks/senior/sherwood-hockey-stick-ek15-grip-sr.html
  12. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Couldn't find any replacement padding on ebay or sls
  13. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    New True AX9 stick. I guess they are rebranding their A series or making a clear division between the sbp and ht lines
  14. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Bigger story: McDavid using a mysterious, blacked out Jetspeed or McDavid not using a SuperTacks?
  15. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Got something you'd like to share with the rest of us William?