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  1. clarkiestooth

    Is this a real CCM PMT trigger 2

    A lot of Trigger pro stock sticks come without the concave shaft.
  2. clarkiestooth

    Reebok/CCM Pro glove codes

    HG= hockey glove HG12 model is the most commonly used NHL model, even though it's been dc'd for years.
  3. I teach at a skills camp and have never worn any protective gear, just skates/gloves/stick and, depending on where the camp is, helmet. As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I'm looking for some minimal but effective padding for hip/tailbone/elbows/knees. What are you guys wearing? I'm thinking about some non-hockey specific gear.
  4. clarkiestooth

    Unknown jaw protector / combo shield

    …..and time to cue up the old soviet classic, "The Coward does not Play Hockey":
  5. clarkiestooth

    When Did You Get Bored With Acquiring New Hockey Gear?

    Aren't those things for figure skates?
  6. clarkiestooth

    When Did You Get Bored With Acquiring New Hockey Gear?

    Stuff is just stuff. It's up to you to find joy in the game. Perhaps you're becoming all millennial, and it's now all about the experiences. Do you find happiness in scoring a goal, making a nice sauce pass, or drilling the goaltender in the nuts with a clapper? (sorry, IPv6Freely)
  7. clarkiestooth

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    ………. …..and what were those All Star unis? The white jerseys paired with the dark socks and miss matched pants stripe were low level beer league at best. Compared to what Notre Dame and Michigan had on display for the outdoor game. Not even close.
  8. clarkiestooth

    QUAD 1 -Clarkie's Tooth

    This is round 2 of the prosharp experiment for me. My first taste was with the Zuperior S. It was a tremendous eye opener for me (you can find it on the Triple Radius page). After reading the benefits of the Quad1 on the prosharp page, I was super excited to see if the Quad1 could be even better than the Zuperior. The Zuperior was a clear upgrade over my non-profiled blades in all areas, and especially in terms of glide. To be honest, however, the Quad1 was a let down. The great glide I felt with the Zup was gone. It felt as though my skates were sunk in mud by comparison. Acceleration was better than non profiled, almost on par with the Zup. Stability was good on the Quad1. Mobility was not great, and seemed not as quick to react versus the Zuperior. In general, the skate felt heavier, and I caught myself over emphasizing strides and crossovers. This was quite evident when I was doing a drill where I did a tight figure 8 pattern consisting only of small quick crossovers (foot speed edge drill). As for sharpening, the same 3/4ROH was used on the Quad1. For me, the Quad1 lacked the speed upgrade of the Zuperior S. Acceleration: 3 Mobility: 3 Speed: 2 Stability: 4
  9. clarkiestooth

    Made in Canada Pucks

    Me too. Never thought much about it. I just shoot 'em and pass 'em.
  10. clarkiestooth

    2019 Gear Releases

    Posting stuff about future releases is also not fair to the folks trying to make a living selling the inventory they already purchased , as it would be "obsoleted" by the "next best thing".
  11. clarkiestooth

    Tydan blades

    Please reread my post. Focus on the word "small".
  12. clarkiestooth

    Tydan blades

    No. Between sharpenings, your edges wear differently. For most, inside edge will wear quicker. If you invert the steel, that puts the duller edge on the outside edge. As I said, small negative, but can easily be rectified by stamping a logo on. My Tydans have size stamp in same spot on both blades, so you can't tell right/left.
  13. clarkiestooth

    Tydan blades

    I bought a pair of Tydan steel from JR as part of the ProSharp project. They are noticeably better than Bauer factory steel in every way. I would estimate the Tydan blades hold an edge about 4x as long compared to the Bauer. If you're still using Bauer factory steel, I would consider the alternative for economics alone. The performance benefits are a bonus. The only small change I'd make in the Tydan would be to put a logo on at least one of the blades to make it easy to identify left/right blade if you switch out a lot.
  14. clarkiestooth

    CCM vector bucket

    This, exactly. 310 better in every way.
  15. clarkiestooth

    Santa bring you any sweet presents?

    Went to Philly for Christmas. My brother got me a Gritty bottle opener. Can't beat that.