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  1. six501

    Custom CCM skates vs. Custom True Skates

    Are you sure? It was available when I asked for any of the total custom skates.
  2. Anyone use the 5/8 fire ring and can provide a review of some sort?
  3. six501

    Anyone here planning on getting a 2N Stick?

    That is what I am curious about, how the 2N plays in comparison. Second hand / pro stock market isn't flush with the 2N pro yet but the 70 flex seems the perfect match for me.
  4. six501

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    No chance at a market share loss. Real deal or not, I doubt it catches on.
  5. six501

    Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    I feel the same way, I worry about too wide of a heel. That is an issue I am trying to go custom so I can no longer deal with.
  6. six501

    Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    I was scanned today and it recommended a size 7D in Jetspeeds. I can easily fit into a size 6 and 6.5 in that skate so that was a little odd. I'm on the cusp of ordering the custom AS1 but the size that the scanner gave me makes me feel a little off from it. Also torn between going full custom vs just the $100 3D boot upgrade. I'm coming from Vapors. My fear is getting a skate that doesn't fit correctly.
  7. six501

    Does every AHL player use a Ribcor stick?

    CCM AHL contract.
  8. six501

    Pavel Barber Curve

    Following just to see if maybe True comes out with this curve retail now
  9. six501

    Anyone here have to go UP in stick flex?

    Just out of curiosity, what is the length you use? I play D and use a longer stick but keep circling back thinking I should go shorter.
  10. six501

    Bauer Supreme 190 Shells

    Did you find yourself using the M shell with the S girdle they come with? Thats what I may end up doing
  11. six501

    Bauer Supreme 190 Shells

    Been wondering this too. Have them in S but want to try a medium shell with them
  12. Alpha QX was the only stick from Warrior I had this experience with. Was cut 2 inches and just way stiffer than anything else from them I've used or handled.
  13. Had the Alpha QX in a 75 flex and it played way stiffer than any other Warrior I've used.
  14. Random but I bought a Ribcore Trigger ASY pro stock not long ago that says V02 on it, would that technically be this one or no chance?
  15. six501

    Step Steel | Lightspeed Edge

    Found mine on Sideline Swap. Shipped from Edmonton area to NY.