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  1. Yeah, i have seen it recommended in places, i just dont see how it makes a difference. It is the same lacing pattern as inside out, just “upside down”. The pressure on the tongue is the same. Some type of pattern where it only exited the top would change the pressue but I can’t think of a pattern that wouldn’t end up “skipping” every third eyelet.
  2. How does inside out reduce tongue pressure? It is the same as outside in, just essentially upside down unless i am missing what you are saying. But i have seen proposed lacing patterns like this and it is the same thing. i remember someone on my team that just had two sets of laces in each skate,one for the bottom and one for the top.
  3. BenBreeg

    2018 Third Jerseys

    The thing about lots of details and subtlty to designs is at th actual viewing distance all that is lost and it can look worse. To me that is why plain patterns work best. I don’t like the gradient, it can become dated too quickly.
  4. I actually just found my 9000s when i was cleaning out a closet yesterday. When I bought them they were the only thing i could find in a tall. Probably going to switch from my Tackla girdle back to pants.
  5. The old stuff is great design-wise. Nexus gloves and other 4 roll styles havent chamged a whole lot from the old Cooper BDP Pro style.
  6. BenBreeg

    Sideline Swap

    Isn’t that some auto generated default? I don’t remember choosing a name and only realized a couple days ago My name on there is some variation of that.
  7. BenBreeg

    Show It Off

    Wow, that was the old design when I was a kid! Nice! There some new BDP Pros I am tempted to grab right now, love the old stuff.
  8. I just got back into playing this past year so I am getting back into the gear side a bit just because my stuff is old and kind of nasty. I still like browsing gear but not like when i was a kid where i always knew where the Great Skate, Ocean, and Kemps catalogs were in my house 24/7. Now it seems like a gear race with manufacturers constantly releasing new models with probably very minimal benefits. That actually gets boring to me compared when a new skate model was kind of a big deal.
  9. BenBreeg

    2018-19 Supplemental Discipline

    I can’t see them doing anything about it. No doubt he launches upwards and he is a piece of garbage but too close to call. Patience, it is only a metter of time before he screws up again.
  10. BenBreeg

    2018 Third Jerseys

    Stadium jerseys are hideous. But I am apparently the only person who likes the Jets thirds. In fact, i am getting a t-shirt with the logo. Simple design with a script to me is always classy.
  11. BenBreeg

    Which Shooting Tiles?

    Yeah, basically want to keep the same height and feel, use the same length stick, etc. Will probably get some skating ones and then add a few at a time here and there.
  12. BenBreeg

    The Venting Spot

    The trm “negative space” refering to skates. So many rip on marketing jargon then use this term to sound knowledgeable. So, is negative space actually a pressure point? If not, then it is just excess space...
  13. BenBreeg

    Which Shooting Tiles?

    I am planning on buying some HockeyShot tiles for the driveway. I was leaning toward the Synthetic Ice tiles vs the regular Dryland All-star tiles not so much to work on skating but just to be able to wear skates when we shoot and mess around. A couple of questions: 1) if i am not worried about skating could i just wear skates on the regular tiles? 2) if i need the synthetic ice tiles, are the thicker ones more stable (by that i mean heavier, flatter regardless of the surface underneath)? (Doesnt look like it as they only seem to be 1/32” thicker than the regular ones)
  14. BenBreeg

    Puck and Player Tracking

    Yeah the sensor is in the puck. IPv6, i think people told me they do that with auto racing where you can go to the website and pick a car and have all the data on your screen.
  15. BenBreeg

    Puck and Player Tracking

    They did the bar under the score graphic as well at times and yeah, it worked well.