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  1. BenBreeg

    The Venting Spot

    There was a time when Pure/Total hardly had anything in Cranberry, I remember my brother complaining about it, but it could have been during that transition period. They have good stock now. Several of the employees seem knowledgable but they definitely have a few kids working there that i wouldn’t trust helping me with skates, but that is usually true everywhere.
  2. BenBreeg

    Getting credit for Assists

    Having been away from actually playing for a while, i was surprised to see adult league individual stats on league web sites. Count me in as someone who doesn’t care.
  3. One thing to check and undersrand first is your own leg strength and mechanics. As is often the case, we tend to be stronger on one side or the other which may lead to mechanical differences. For me, my left leg is stronger than my right from a stability standpoint. So i am better at one legged squats on my left, i can hold one legged balance longer and more stable on my left, etc. Once i started paying attention i realized that anytime i am just standing around and i shift my weight to one leg, it tends to be the left. This also lent to knee valgus, where my right knee tracks inward if i do a one legged squat. Translated to skating that put me on my right inside edge more easily and made my right outside more difficult. This can be due to weaker hip muscles. When i do a single right outside edge drill i can feel my hips working harder to maintain stability. It is something that can be addressed through exercise and practice. so that was long winded but understand your movement patterns first.
  4. BenBreeg

    Does taping the toe really protect the blade?

    Funny how taping can be seen from a style perspective. I never liked how it looked, probably because I grew up seeing guys tape just part of the blade. I remember seeing pics of Bobby Orr (that was a little before my time but still) with like an inch or two of his blade taped. Now I tape the whole thing because once I tried it with a P28 pattern I liked it from a performance perspective.
  5. BenBreeg

    2018-19 Supplemental Discipline

    DOPS came through.
  6. BenBreeg

    Heads Up! (Or down...)

    Equally likely to be a mental institution! Last week I had 4 out of 7 have to go to the bathroom during our game, mouthguard issues, the water bottle squirted so hard one kid was knocked off his feet when I gave him a drink, etc. Total fun!
  7. BenBreeg

    Random Q About NHL Coaches' Equipment

    Didn't know that. I assumed there were "levels" of endorsement like I have seen in other things I am involved in, like some guys get paid to use a brand and get free stuff, some just get like maybe a year's worth of free stuff, some get a discount, etc. Cool insight.
  8. So for you guys familiar with how NHL teams operate: Who provides skates/gloves/sticks to the coaches? Does the org have a contract and all coaches wear CCM or Bauer? Would they make them custom skates or would they just get stock skates? Same with staff. Does being like an assistant equipment guy mean you get some perks like first dibs at lightly used equipment or anything like that? Just a random question that popped into my head.
  9. Googled and don't see it as well. Used to use it on my skates as well. I can't imagine it is anything more than a black tinted existing product. It's not like Bauer had a staff of chemical engineers develop the product. Tinted polyurathane?
  10. BenBreeg

    Heads Up! (Or down...)

    Coached my first ADM practice last night after having spent years in high school and college club. I had occasionally been hit with a puck or took a spill before but nothing serious. I was manning the passing station and i was bent down trying to show this tiny kid something and he out of the blue lost his balance. Before i could react his stick comes up and hits me right above the eye. Hard. Didnt bleed at first so I try to play it off and go back to coaching him. The kid cant even focus on the puck now, all i see are these wide eyes through his cage staring at me. Now i am bleeding and trying to wipe it off and eventually we switched groups. Got the bleeding to stop and finished. But literally anouther 1/8” or 1/4” and it would have been my eye. Just a reminder to be careful!
  11. BenBreeg

    No Squirt Left Behind

    I don't know that at the squirt level I would put meeting other parents and kids (not even sure how that would work) as a benefit to travelling. We meet lots of people through school and local baseball, hockey, scouting, etc. Different levels of the game? It is squirts, it isn't like when you compare western conf and eastern conf NHL styles or different types of hockey in different high-level leagues. I don't feel it is monotonous to play baseball which is basically in-house, seeing the same people occasionally. In youth sports people feel pressured into travel, tournament teams, year round participation, and as I said, it should be up to those people to show why it is beneficial, especially at younger ages. I know of no research that advocates for accelerating this and lots against it. I saw an 8 year old at the rink in the fitness place getting 1-1 private coaching, basically bodyweight plyos and stuff. Can't imagine what it costs and how it was any better than him running around playing. The oddity of seeing young kids at the rink showing up with ties on is another head-scratcher. To me it all goes into the same lack of perspective bucket.
  12. BenBreeg

    No Squirt Left Behind

    I would probably flip it around and ask what benefit travelling has for the squirt level. Given the same ratio of practice to games, i can only see in-house as helping. Just my opinion though. We try not to go crazy with sports but when a winter sport like hockey starts the same week as fall soccer, it is hard to not have some months where you cant avoid a lot of chaos. Being anchored at a single rink would help and be attractive over travel, even if the travel is only within the area.
  13. BenBreeg

    Feedback on custom skates

    Well, unless i am missing something, it is because the explanation is bunk. Whether you go outside in or inside out, the lac pattern is the same, the lace as it crosses your foot has half running to the inside or underside of the eyelet, and on the other side running to the outside, or top of the eyelet. You are just reversing how you actually do the lacing, kind of inverrting the pattern but the pressure is exerting in a very similar manner.
  14. BenBreeg

    The new STX Surgeon RX3 gear is out.

    How can you know that?