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  1. Yeah, I have watched that before, just wondering if anyone had some long term personal use. I will watch it again, it has been a while, even though I tend to take official review channels with a grain of salt. The weight to me is interesting. In woodworking, things like table saws, jointers, and planers are heavy. The higher end ones are even heavier. The weight gives stability as it reduces vibration and increases accuracy. So the weight of the Sparx to me is a plus.
  2. OK, back on topic. I am following this thread because I will very likely be buying a machine before next season. I wanted to make sure my son was going to keep playing but now he is and we have 5 cousins and some neighbors that will probably make use of it so beyond the convenience which is the primary driver, the economics look ok too. My question is, at this point, has anybody spent significant time with both the Sparx AND the ProSharp Home? One strike against the PS was that you only got a single pass per button press. That may not be a dealbreaker but now their website says programmable up to 5 passes. The price difference is another thing, but it looks like you also get three rings with the PS now, although that still doesn’t even out. So just looking for actual head to head experiences.
  3. BenBreeg

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Cool Cylon helmets though.
  4. I am pretty sure you can try one more way, two more ways, draw it out in crayon, show a mathematical proof, write a rap song explaining it, have the entire cast of The Muppets demonstrate it in a skit, or hire a plane to tow a banner with “320 Cycles!” written in 10 foot letters over his house for days on end and it wouldn’t sink in. Some people just get joy out of beating dead horses with broken records....
  5. Then sell it and buy a ProSharp Home!!!!!! Have you ever managed a product? Do you know what goes into it? There are myriad explanations why you are seeing this discrepancy.
  6. BenBreeg

    CCM custom support vs Bauer speed plate

    I think he means bake the skate with the insole out, then insert it prior to putting it on his foot.
  7. BenBreeg

    Clean or dirty?

    Oh, I agree, but for me it just isn't as enjoyable with even just the random douchebags around.
  8. BenBreeg

    Clean or dirty?

    Exhibit #23 why I don't play men's league!
  9. BenBreeg

    Baking Bauers Vapor 2.7 at home?

    How long do you guys put them in? 8-10 mins? I have had my Ribcores a few weeks and while I baked them at the store I think a second bake would help soon on e the cushioning has compressed. The box says two minutes I think but that doesn't seem like it would do much.
  10. BenBreeg

    Suggestions for low profile short elbow pads?

    Those are the ones I recently replaced with the STX. They were old and just wouldn’t stay in place anymore. Super light and soft though.
  11. My brother had a Dan Quinn Titan pro stock years ago. It had the handle shaved down. I can’t imagine the prep time for each stick.
  12. I have large hands, I at least need a little build up at the end or else I would probably lose my stick occasionally.
  13. BenBreeg

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    It will be interesting as you would think that for short duration things like starts and quick changes of direction you would want no absorption of energy because you are looking to maximize the force curve. But there could be circumstances such as other skating scenarios where you could leverage that springlike effect. Kind of like how powerlifting bars are stiff and weightlifting bars have a bit of spring in them.
  14. BenBreeg

    Hockey Code of Conduct Discussion

    There is a distinct difference between giving negative feedback, even in a negative manner, and abuse. Yelling at someone and being hard on them isn’t usually abuse. i remember coaching ACHA during one of our meetings we had with the captains. One of them made the comment that he responded better when he was yelled at and ridden hard. That wasn’t really my style and I had some players that would have wilted if they were always screamed at. But it was a learning moment for me. A major part of coaching is knowing exactly how to push each player’s buttons and how far you can go. Herb Brooks was brought up earlier. That was probably a master class. He picked specific types of players and from everything we have learned he was very deliberate. He let them channel negativity toward him which helped them gel as a team. I think he went right to the line at times but it wasn’t abuse because he lost control which I think a lot of coaches do.