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  1. BenBreeg

    2018 Third Jerseys

    Literally at a loss for words...
  2. ART could be an option. Got me through shin splints for a 1/2 marathon. Foam rolling, stretching as Leif suggested.
  3. BenBreeg

    Custom skates

    The 3D mold is going to mirror the shape of your foot, but not the combination of hard and softer structures, nor can it account for the sensitivities of various parts of your foot in respect to the pressure the skate is applying. And I echo the question, what is the point? A lot of conclusions or suggestions being thrown about based on questionable observations...
  4. BenBreeg

    Changing the lie of a skate

    Gotcha, I saw that once I clicked over to the site, sorry. But there is no price or option to purchase the basic setup. It shows it above the custom on the page but no price, no link to add to cart or anything.
  5. BenBreeg

    Changing the lie of a skate

    How accessible is RDH testing? Looks like you can order the physical shims but I thought the value was the process, getting it right. What is their business model? It says it comes with instructions but from what I have heard you talking about it seems like there is more to it (treadmill and stuff).
  6. BenBreeg

    Homemade Skate Sharpeners

    One point is that in the knife world, there those that are into sharpening to keep their knives functioning and there are those for whom I think sharpening is in and of itself the hobby. Both actually represent a small percentage of people who actually use knives. Most buy cheap knives and use them even when they dull, lose them, or just constantly buy replacement knives. I would assume there are far more people using knives than skates so it does follow that there is more written about knives.
  7. BenBreeg

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Don’t get the equation that more equals better. Classic patterns will always trump stuff that is too busy to me. Some say lazy, I say restrained.
  8. BenBreeg

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Agree, those Grafs are for me the best looking skates ever. The all white with the white toe cap eventually look like someone did a bad spray paint job and it is coming off.
  9. BenBreeg

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Didn’t Custom Tacks have a titanium coating in the early 90s?
  10. BenBreeg

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    How does that matter? If they are making the same product I am not sure how scope has anything to do with it. This isn’t some complex system where there are a million angles.
  11. BenBreeg

    Gel STX

    Is it just a heavy stick?
  12. BenBreeg

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    It isn’t. If the interface that locks the blade in is patented, Bauer has the right to control that. If a car part attaches via a standard interface, it is not controlled by the OEM. A business can use its IP however it wants, that’s the point. It can keep it for itself, license it, sell it, etc. Without IP you lessen the incentive for innovation in many cases.
  13. BenBreeg

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Brand loyalty is pretty powerful. Brands themselves, regardless of the product or service portfolio, have dollar figures attached to them. Apple built their brand because they made superior products for many years and led the way in design innovation. They may not be on that level now but it takes a while for that to dissipate. So good on Bauer.
  14. Might not be a material related to cf. new materials are being developed all the time. Just a matter of when it migrates from one industry to others.
  15. BenBreeg

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    I am the opposite. I think skates have gotten too gaudy. Love the basic black. We had silver and grey Vapors and Nike’s, they look dated.
  16. The material may have been invented and not applied in this context. You could have stick blanks and then pattern templates like you have radius templates. Select template, insert blank, close machine and done.
  17. For your own personal use as pointed out in their terms of service, I am sure posting it on message boards wasn’t what they had in mind.
  18. That isn’t what he said.
  19. You are publishing someone's content in violation of their business model....
  20. When I was a kid the rinks were about 25-35 minutes away. Those were the two closest to me. Now with the post-Mario hockey boom there are a lot of rinks. One is 10 mins away but is old and the org is small so we don't do anything except camps there and four others are about 20 minutes away.
  21. BenBreeg

    The Venting Spot

    We have a work from home arrangement, nice to not have to use PTO when you are sick. Plus it does keep things from spreading. Of course with my wife working in a school and two kids in school that is cancelled out by all the plagues they bring home...
  22. BenBreeg

    Knee pop injury

    Mri’s are expensive and docs have been moving away from just ordering tests in every situation. If it persists go see an orthopod.
  23. BenBreeg

    The Venting Spot

    Good luck! We just got one three months ago. He whimpered in the crate the first night but after that nights have been good. Jumping and being mouthy, not so much....
  24. BenBreeg

    Best skate sock?

    I have been trying the Pearsox Ultralite and Thinees. The Thinees are soft like cotton but still synthetic. The do pill a bit but doesn’t affect performance The Pearsox are standard nylon like cheap dress socks. They can feel a little rough but seem to be softening a bit. Their sizing is out of whack though. I am 6’3” with an 11 1/2 foot. The adult size comes halfway up my thigh. I can wear the intermediate but the youth also fits fine. The mite is too big for my son, too much material in the foot for his size 2 1/2 foot so he wears the Thinees.
  25. BenBreeg

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Oh, so pros can get an older style constructed boot made to look like a modern model?