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  1. BenBreeg

    The Venting Spot

    Yeah, the muscles atrophy. I remember getting a full leg cast off as a kid and my knee maybe had 15-20 degrees ROM. The wrist has a lot going on inside. Keep at it and hope to see you back on the ice ASAP!
  2. BenBreeg

    Gear & Pickup hockey in Pittsburgh

    There is plenty of pick-up around, stick time is generally reserved for 18 and under though. I don’t know of any place that rents gear. There is a Pure Hockey in north Pittsburgh and a Ko Sports in the south. Pure is probably like any other Pure, Ko is bigger. It is a Source for Sports franchise somit will have SMU stuff but dont think pro stock. There is also a Peranis but I havent been there for years. if you know where you are staying that would help.
  3. BenBreeg

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    The post does nothing to explain how this would help. The lace in inside out lacing and the lace in outside in lacing both cross the tongue with half the lace crossing from the top (or outside) of the facing and the other end exiting from the bottom (or inside) of the facing. Changing how you lace it is just reversing the order it enters and exits, not the amount of pressure on the tongue.
  4. BenBreeg

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    Gotta be placebo because it will be alternating “high-low” and “low-high” as it crisscrosses so really no difference.
  5. BenBreeg

    Tendinitis help?

    Sorry to hear that, at least you got a positive diagnosis though.
  6. BenBreeg

    Mandatory Helmet for Young Children?

    Considering all the lawsuits, I ask myself the same thing. Surprised insurance doesn't mandate it. My son was skating with a kid he met at public skate a couple years ago and that kid went down and smacked his temple. My son has been in full gear all along at public skate. One, it helped him develop because when he fell he just got back up and wasn't afraid to try things. Two, it protects him from other people flying around. Kid on his team last year was clobbered by an older kid flying around not looking where he was going. He had gear on but still was shaken up pretty badly. The other day was the first time without full gear for my son, but he has to wear helmet, elbow pads, and gloves and will for quite a while.
  7. For the feet, literally go buy a lacrosse ball (they also make sets of various sizes just for this, but the lacrosse ball is cheaper). For everything else, you can purchase a foam roller. You roll your muscle over the ball or roller until you feel it encounter a tight spot or knot, then you stop and keep the pressure there. It can be painful but it is effective on its own or as part of your warm-up before working out or skating. I do it before I leave the house for the rink or at the gym. Pretty straightforward. The only mistake really is people who just roll back and forth. You need to stop and work on the tight spots when you get to them.
  8. BenBreeg

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    The lace enters the boot outside in, exits the eyelet on the inside, crosses the tongue, and enters the other side on the outside. The lace is still crossing the tongue travelling from an outside to an inside eyelet, it is the same pattern just instead of inside-outside it is outside-inside. The only difference is how you perceive you are lacing it, the order you traverse the pattern. If you wanted to change the pressure, you would have to lace so that the lace never exited the inside before crossing.
  9. This is something the minimalist runners used to do as well. They would take a rag or towel on the floor and pull it in with their toes, repeat, etc.
  10. BenBreeg

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    Still not sure how this alleviates lace bite, the pressure is still the same on the foot, it is basically just upside down lacing, what am I missing? The lace goes through the same pattern as inside out, just in opposite order.
  11. Hard to draw the conclusion that the other kid plateaued because of the skate. Foster a love of the game and of being active in general, all the rest will sort itself out.
  12. I can see how someone that is so analytical can get caught up in overthinking and second guessing but you made the right choice. My son just turned 8 and is in a similar level skate. I see kids in all levels of skates at this age and there is no correlation to skating ability. For my son, i would rather stay in a mid-tier boot for all the reasons that have been outlined before, buy on sale and keep him in a skate that fits well rather than think he needs top of the line and try to buy so he has room to grow and keep him in it too long because it is so expensive to get new ones. I can’t see the tongue being a mod that is worth it, steel, maybe, I will let others chime in.
  13. BenBreeg

    Tendinitis help?

    I don’t think so either. The slightest change in movement pattern can have an effect on how the tendon is moving and the forces being applied to it.
  14. Not a fitting expert but if something as fundamental as size is off as much as you say it is, profiling isn’t going to help much. Bad profiling may compound the problem but you have layers of variables to sort out. And now it is in your head every time something may feel weird you are going to question your skates.
  15. BenBreeg

    ccm custom skates

    Which tongue design is that?
  16. BenBreeg

    ccm custom skates

    Good to know, I had questions about that as well. I had to have the shoemaker who used to work on everybody’s skates put extra felt in mine because of my boniness
  17. BenBreeg

    New True Lid

    Looks like some similarities to the lines of the new holder.
  18. BenBreeg

    New Curves

    Dunno if the Coffey curve was even a curve. Just about every 5030 on the rack was marked Coffey back then. Mine didn’t have a 3/4 curve, definitely much smaller. Some had “SC” and “BC” as well which we always thought was small curve and big curve but who knows?
  19. BenBreeg

    affordable sticks?

    I think there’s a difference equating some of these small off brand sticks as people who just love the game with the equivalent of ma and pa shops just struggling against the big Walmarts or something like that. A lot of these companies are just putting out junk and trying to hide it with graphics and marketing. And I would be curious, given where they are produced, how serious they take others’ IP. I guess the best way to put it is, it isn’t Rocky training with a log on his back in Chucks while Ivan Drago has the benefit of the latest technology and the little guy triumphs.
  20. BenBreeg

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Sounds like it isn’t so much the solution but the process of determining the parameters of the solution. You can shim and profile to your heart’s content but it pretty much completely trial and error at this point.
  21. BenBreeg

    Diet plan suggestions?

    What is your situation and goals? I don’t get caught up in the latest diets. I basically eat about 2700 calories a day, plenty of carbs, protein, and moderate fats, mostly from nuts and other good sources. I essentially eat a bulking diet because i have a fast metabolism, skate 2-3 times a week, and lift on non-hockey days. Pretty much everything I eat I cook from scratch, I don’t eat a lot of non-carb sugar and my sodium intake is low because I don’t eat much packaged food. I am not obsessive and if I eat some crap here and there I don’t care, although over time your desire to binge on junk kind of goes away. I will go to town on ice cream but that is about it. As for hockey, I am just as bad as with any diet!
  22. BenBreeg

    Alternative to True skates?

    Kind of declarative statements about the custom skate making process without any firsthand knowledge of how they do things...
  23. BenBreeg

    Kessel to Arizona

    It was one of those circumstances that his time was over. The last two years he put up lots of points but was a massive minus. When Pens won the cup he put up fewer points but was actually a plus player. You don't get him for his defense but there is a line. Add to that Malkin's performance lately, the exit of other players who were key players in the Cup runs, his alleged friction with Sullivan, and it was just time. You can't just keep the exact same team forever and expect to keep winning. I think it was just the end of this cycle and they have to set themselves up for this last act in the Crosby/Malkin era.
  24. BenBreeg

    Tendinitis help?

    Mark, Wondered where you have been! I have had tendinitis and tendinosis in various places throughout my life. Running, hockey, bass playing, computer work, etc. it can be frustrating as hell. You go to PT, do all the work, rest, etc. and it feels good. Then you restart the activity and instantly you are back to square one. The jury is still out on a lot of the bands and KT tape but when dealing with frustrating injuries, some things that are low risk are worth trying. I have the most success with ART, which is a type of soft tissue therapy. Lots of chiros are certified. good luck!
  25. BenBreeg

    Kessel to Arizona

    Nice just to have the whole thing settled and move on.