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  1. asgoodasdead

    Thickest laces

    i didn't know they made different kinds. i guess i'm anal enough to notice the elite are thinner, but not quite as anal as you
  2. asgoodasdead

    Thickest laces

    yeah elite laces suck. i like the howies and a&r
  3. asgoodasdead

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    my current skates don't have the comfort edge, my last pair did. i've never felt a difference, really. my hockey socks end up being under the top of the skate anyway so even though i skate barefoot, that part of the skate never touches my skin
  4. asgoodasdead

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    I've been playing with a completely dead stick for like 2-3 months waiting for it to break while I have a brand new one sitting at home. still scoring with it, so
  5. asgoodasdead

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    100% psychology. and usually the guys spending top dollar on equipment thinking it'll make them better that I play with are ankle benders that need to spend that money on skating lessons instead lol
  6. asgoodasdead

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    i try not to spend over $100 on a stick and i always score more goals and get more assists than the guys playing with $300 sticks lol but its beer league so
  7. asgoodasdead

    Hand placement with flex profile

    get a whippy stick with a mid-kick point
  8. asgoodasdead

    Blackstone Flat-Bottom V Thread

    really? I was told X7 was the closest equivalent and I dont really notice a difference please educate me
  9. asgoodasdead

    Blackstone Flat-Bottom V Thread

    yeah, i went from 5/8" to 100/50 or X7 and the difference was insane. almost fell on my face and had to skate really carefully for my first few shifts til i got used to it and been flying ever since. no way i could go back to a regular hollow
  10. asgoodasdead

    Blackstone Flat-Bottom V Thread

    i hope my local Pure Hockey doesn't do the same. but thankfully, i have 2 other places i can get FBV done around here.
  11. always been a Graf guy. previously worn 703s and 704. currently wearing F60 which is the predecessor to 703/704 and they're definitely my favorite since its the same skate but they weigh half as much
  12. asgoodasdead

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    i have these and think they look much better after 6+ months of wear than they did brand new
  13. asgoodasdead

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    i sprayed the cage portion of my Tron combo white which i think helps with looking down at your feet. never been a fan of black cages
  14. asgoodasdead

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    i have the Tron and love it. been using it for 3+ years and it barely ever fogs
  15. asgoodasdead

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    its funny cause i don't think i own anything bauer. when it comes to sticks i just buy whatever is on sale in the curve and flex that i like and the brand doesn't matter. so sometimes its bauer, but its a coincidence. lately i've just been buying allblackhockeysticks cause i can get the curve, flex, and matte finish i like hassle-free for cheap and the sticks perform and last as well as most other sticks i have to hunt the clearance racks and websites for