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  1. Oilers97

    Help with vision in a cage.

    Update: I played last night with the profile II i2. And oh wow what a difference. I could see the puck I was getting passes and it felt so much more comfortable than the warrior. I don’t feel useless anymore!!!! Thanks everyone for your feedback and ideas. I feel safe and can see.
  2. Okay. Will go buy epoxy. I did try super glue and alas the same issue happened. One screw is completely stuck. I freed the one. It has the original hardware and I’m thinking pliers is my solution. Just gotta go get a smaller needle nose.
  3. One has the slit (I just replaced it) the other is the stock screw and it doesn’t have the same slit (it’s very very small. I’ll try pliers). How do I prevent this in the future?
  4. Hi! I’m having some issues with my vector 8 helmet. Basically on one side the screws keep getting stuck. I all ready had one screw removed today at the LHS and they just recommended putting a new washer part (I have a few) in and it should be fine. Nope. Now the other screw on that side is spinning and I need to get a cage on this helmet. Does anyone know what to do and more importantly stop it from happening? My other v08 doesn’t have this issue.
  5. Oilers97

    Help with vision in a cage.

    Hey guys. I decided and got the Bauer profile II i2 (black outside white inside) hell of a time getting it on but it feels amazing. Wayyyyyy better than the warrior. It feels like it fits and sits right. Chin is in the right spot. Will use it Friday so we will see how it goes! Thanks for your help. I’ll keep the rest in mind too if I don’t end up liking this.
  6. Oilers97

    Help with vision in a cage.

    Thanks again everyone. Going to go to the LHS with my helmet and try things out. I don’t remember having such severe issues in minor hockey. But now I can barley see (didn’t wear glasses back then). But I went into a harder shooting, faster league and I’m definitely wearing a cage. Taken 2 pucks to the helmet and cage so no way. Going to see all they have and go from there. I’m not going to paint my own I don’t think. I thought about it but then the chipping issue could be bad. Also I am worried about a fishbowl fogging up badly. What i I truly want is a way to use my tinted visor and a cage attachment but I don’t think it exists. Even a clear visor (not top mounting) and a cage bottom. It’s because of severe fogging I had in the past.
  7. Oilers97

    Help with vision in a cage.

    I wore a cage in minor (24 now) and really only started up again 2 years ago. I just was getting too afraid. But I’m going to see if I can find a white bar cage here in town or I’ll order it online.
  8. Oilers97

    Help with vision in a cage.

    Thank you. I had no idea cages could be different sizes from the helmet. I was using a medium warrior on a medium v08 and it was too big. Thanks everyone.
  9. Oilers97

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    All credits go to u/UnderwaterPiano of this photo. Thought you guys would find it interesting. I’m kn mobile and having issues unfortunately bjr is you click the blue box it opens imgur here’s the Reddit post: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/cbO6O0p
  10. Hi. I currently have a vector 08 with a warrior cage off my PX+ (grey) as I didn’t like how huge it was. But even when I had it on the proper helmet, I can’t see a damn thing out of it. I always lose and miss the puck on passes and I’m missing easy one timers. I’m usually very good at this but it’s affected my game badly. I also wear glasses so it gets really bad at times. Contacts are t an option due to my all ready very sensitive eyes. I am too too much of a chicken to go back to a visor. In that, I had zero issues with puck reception and one timers. I have a Bauer HDO pro clip. It is also tinted which helped with my eye issues. But I was always so afraid of getting hit in the Face id never go into the corners, stand by the net etc. And I did take a pass off the jaw. So lucky it wasn’t worse. I am looking at the Bauer profile II i2. I’m not sure if it fits well on a CCM helmet. I don’t think I want the full shield as when I reffed years ago the top mount visor (Bauer X100 I think?) fogged so bad I couldn’t see. I just need something so I can see what I’m doing. I’ve become useless and I always lose it in my feet and in front of me in ways I never used to. Any other suggestions or feedback on this cage? Thanks guys.
  11. Oilers97

    Your current equipment

    Helmets: black CCM V08, white CCM V08 pro stock, Warrior PX+, Bauer IMS 9.0. I only really use the CCMs though. Probably going to sell the others. Shoulders: CCM Quicklite elbows: CCM Super Tacks AS1. Huge upgrade from my crappy warriors. No shortage of protection agtee I broke my elbow. Gloves: warrior franchise (main), CCM ultra Tacks pants: CCM Super tacks shins: CCM Super Tacks skates: Bauer 1N sticks: in use: CCM Ultra Tacks P46, CCM Super Tacks P40, CCM ribcore reckoner P29, Bauer 1X 2016 P92 others: Warrior AK27SL, Warrior dolomite, Warrior Bentley, Warrior Alpha QX Pro
  12. Oilers97

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    https://instagram.com/ccmhockey?igshid=3isw286gg514 Check out CCM story. Here’s a better photo of the helmet. I have. Screenshot but don’t know how to upload images
  13. Oilers97

    New True Lid

    Exactly my thoughts. Prob get a 0 like the alpha and the Tacks
  14. Oilers97

    New True Lid

    Yeah... it looks so weird. I know chara was the model but it seems so low profile. Hard to say how the pro reception would be. The reakt 200 never got time at the NHL level same goes for the Fitlite 500. They really are appealing to the consumer market as a “concussion proof” or ultra safe helmet. That being said the Warrior Alpha Pro was very popular this year. I think I’ll stick with my V08s lol.
  15. Oilers97

    Skate punching out for width

    I wear 7.5 EE nexus. I have literal duck feet. Narrow heels massive forefoot. I had them stretched3 times and punched 3 times. It’s helped somewhat. Definitely didn’t hurt I have no other choice outside of customs and really don’t know if it’s worth it.