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  1. caveman27

    The Venting Spot

    I have a game this Tuesday. Looking forward to it... after a 3 week break since our last game. Scheduling in our league isn't perfect and ice time is sort of jammed up with only two rinks in the area. But, we have about a game a week from here on out which is good.
  2. It's not that bulky. I wear this on my left knee. I wear this on my right knee.
  3. caveman27

    Best floor covering for glide

    There's no permanent hockey surface that I know of. But synthetic tiles can last for years if you want it down for a very long time and just replace the ones that need repair. https://www.hockeyshot.com/Revolution-Synthetic-Ice-Tiles-p/revolution-tiles.htm
  4. caveman27

    P46 vs P30 vs W71

    You could try a blade with a heel curve like P02, or a mid-heel curve like P91.
  5. caveman27

    Show It Off

    I had to pick a number that wasn't my personal favorite, 27, because it wasn't available, so I chose 71 for one of my fav players Evgeni Malkin.
  6. caveman27

    Knee pop injury

    Could be a number of things, ACL, LCL, meniscus. So, I've had ACL reconstruction. During the injury, I felt a sharp pop and limited mobility. After the injury, maybe an hour later, the knee started swelling up, like a grapefruit size and I could hardly bend it. After the swelling went down, the pain went away, but every once in a while, when I turned, I could feel a sharp pain inside the knee. So, my doctor told me to come back in a week after the swelling goes down, because the swelling could also be affecting the pain and would not provide an accurate X-ray. So, I waited. The swelling did go away. The pain was still there so I went in. I got an x-ray and physical examination. Then, he said I would need an MRI to get a better view of the insides. So, you do need to take some time for the swelling to go away to see if the pain persists afterwards. You said you got injured in a game one night ago. Once the swelling goes away, your pain symptoms may change or go away or stay the same. Ice it. Take it easy. After a week, the swelling should go away and pain level should decrease, you can probably resume your usual activities. See how your knee feels. If pain persists, see your doctor again. Note when pain occurs, going up steps, going down steps, running, standing, kneeling, turning, jumping, kicking, bending, certain angles, leg fully extended, etc. and tell that to the doctor.
  7. Changing ROH is easy. You can always ask the sharpener for a deeper ROH. You could ask for 7/16 or 3/8" and see how that works for a week. Changing profile is a big alteration, more time to do it and costs more money. Changing profile may or may not be good as it pertains to his skating style. If he's going deep into turns, and making hard stops and doing aggressive direction changes, going with a longer profile may not be beneficial as it pertains to agility. Other questions which may help others provide you better suggestions, how tall is he and what is his weight, what's his skate size?
  8. caveman27

    This season has started out terrible.....

    Interesting question. I've never heard of anyone getting "traded" mid-season. But, if someone is above or below their skill level, they might change division/level in the following season, and the player would need to find a new team in that new level/division.
  9. caveman27

    Sharpening CCM Black Steel correctly

    I have the polished Speedblade 4.0 blades, mirror-like polish. I got them sharpened at the rink LHS that uses the Sparx machine. The person used a leather thing to debur them, which was nice, but I found that didn't debur all burrs. I could feel them. Anyway, I took a stone to them. That scratched the mirror polish, but I didn't see any difference in performance. If I polish them back to a mirror-like shine with my dremel tool, I think it will only help appearance-wise.
  10. caveman27

    Sharpening CCM Black Steel correctly

    I don't see how an external coating on a blade can make you faster or slower without it. Most of the time, it's the area inside the hollow that is making contact with the ice. This is, I believe, why FBV and shallower ROH is beneficial for better glide.
  11. Well, unless you've dealt with them in the past, they why are you speculating what they will do?
  12. So, I sent my skate blades to them because there's no one local to re-profile. There's a questionnaire you fill out and send to them if you are interested in a combination radius, and they give you a recommendation based on your answers. The recommendation includes pitch, ROH, what radius' to use in the front and back part of the blade (and middle if you are going for triple radius or quad radius job.) It's kind of costly to get a combination radius done, but its reversible. Or, maybe you want a single radius but you want to make it shorter or longer than stock. They do that too. Or maybe you just want a different pitch, same profile and ROH, they do that too. Everything is explained on their website. You don't even have to ask them for advice if you know what you want. Just order a profiling service and enter in the values for profile, pitch, ROH that you know you want. That's what I do. I wasn't happy with the combination radius and went to a single 8' radius. It cost me to change the radius, but it worked out.
  13. Call up the people at no icing sports https://www.noicingsports.com/ Changing profile and/or pitch may help as it pertains to getting rid of the feeling of being on your heels. OEM blades may have a negative pitch out of the box. It won't fix your footbed/low arch issues. That is to say, re-profiling may help you get better balance and agility, but you'll still have arch pain while skating.
  14. caveman27

    Ccm custom skates

    Width of a skate (any skate brand) has to do with the distance from where the big toe's phalange meets the metatarsal to where the pinky toe's phalange meets the metatarsal.
  15. caveman27

    Best skate sock?

    I just wear Adidas ankle socks.