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    CCM Fitlite
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    Easton Stealth CX
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  1. caveman27

    Helmet screws stuck and just spin in place?

    doesn't have a slit? Did you buy a used helmet? Sounds like someone may have used lacrosse helmet nuts. I would recommend buying a helmet repair kit, like "Howies Hockey Helmet Repair Kit" and replace all the nuts that aren't regular helmet nuts.
  2. caveman27

    Helmet screws stuck and just spin in place?

    You need to lift up the padding inside the helmet. Usually, the nut side has a slot in it to use a screwdriver.
  3. caveman27

    The Venting Spot

    Did your doctor tell you when you would be able to play after the cast is removed?
  4. caveman27

    Two Different Size Skates

    Interesting. Since 4.5 is Junior size, it's probably cheaper than the senior S27.
  5. caveman27

    SB 4.0 Holder

    I use blue Loctite thread locker on the threads. I tighten as much as I can, but I just feel when it is tightened enough.
  6. caveman27

    Flare Steel + Sparx Fire

    That's believable. I had Step Steel with my previous skates and the quality of the steel was better than OEM blades so I didn't have to sharpen as often.
  7. caveman27

    The Venting Spot

    Venting? The two ice rinks in the city do not have open ice hockey times. There were some last month, and I only got to go to one of them. I want to get some practice before October when the fall men's league season starts. Unlike any other place I've lived in the US, they only have open ice hockey during holidays and between beer league seasons.
  8. caveman27

    Flare Steel + Sparx Fire

    I just looked up their website. Never heard of these blades until now. https://flareskateblade.com/ I get the concept, since the bottom edge is wider, the hollow of the blade provides more glide similar to FBV. It would seem to me that you would start to lose that same edge angle after every sharpening (even though it's a little angle each time) until you can go with a narrow hollow, e.g. 1" to 7/8". So, you would be sacrificing edge feel during that "middle" time until you could grind it at 7/8", Or, sacrifice feel and go with an even sharper 7/8" earlier than later. I would rather have consistent feel after multiple sharpenings. They don't really talk about it in the FAQs. Maybe they don't have long term testing where someone has ground down the blades a lot.
  9. caveman27

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    That's nice. Any reason you don't shoot?
  10. caveman27

    LHS owners/workers

    If it's sporadic, it might not be the ice rink penalty box. You may be passing by a strong magnetic field elsewhere.
  11. caveman27

    LHS owners/workers

    Interesting. What if you put a battery-powered watch in the same bag with your high-end mechanical watch just to see what would happen. As far as I know, the penalty box, team benches, and timekeeping box are just raised wooden platforms on top of concrete.
  12. caveman27

    LHS owners/workers

    No. Is someone going into your bag and resetting the time while you are on the ice?
  13. Since we're talking about goalies and huge contract money, I thought this was a quick and fun read. https://cashflowsports.com/2018/10/04/highest-paid-goaltenders-in-the-nhl/
  14. caveman27

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    Okay. Have you checked out www.sidelineswap.com?