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    CCM JetSpeed
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    CCM HG41
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    CCM Fitlite
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    Easton Stealth CX
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    Easton S13
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  1. caveman27

    Curve Frustration - Need Recommendations

    I buy whatever is on clearance with the correct lie. LOL.
  2. caveman27

    Curve Frustration - Need Recommendations

    What kind of lie on your blade do you prefer? A wrong lie can ruin all your passes and shots (and receiving of passes too). It kind of sounds like this stick with the P19 blade puts the blade on the ice properly to make sauce passes and backhands easy.
  3. caveman27

    How Much is Too Much (Warm Up)

    Hi. I used to goal tend. Now, I just play out the last couple of years. The warm up is as much for you as it is for the players. If you feel adequately warmed out, just skate out of the net and hang out at the bench or something. Let players get in more shots on an empty net if they want. Or if you aren't warmed up enough, just take on as many shots as you want.
  4. caveman27

    David Perron

    Wow, 13 years later, he's on a Cup winning team. Awesome.
  5. caveman27

    Rubber butt end plug

    oh, well in the case. I don't know of any custom stick butt end manufacturers. Have you thought about custom stickers to put on helmets?
  6. caveman27

    Curve Frustration - Need Recommendations

    Also, you may want to try a lower flex shaft. If you cannot dig into it enough to flex, you are going to get a pass that is flubbed. If you want to sauce or just elevate the puck up more easily, a big toe curve might help, a.k.a. something without a heel or mid curve. But depending on how much you put into it, you might find yourself saucing a pass over the defender, over the intended winger and eventually over the glass.
  7. caveman27

    Curve Frustration - Need Recommendations

    There's a chart that recommends Easton E28 or Warrior W28.
  8. caveman27

    Is the ccm fl80 helmet being discontinued?

    You could horde the clearance rack. I have the FitLite, and the replacement FitLite 3DS looks gross.
  9. caveman27

    Rubber butt end plug

    This is probably going to sound odd, but what "look" are you going for? I've been playing hockey since 1986. I never use a rubber butt end. Are you looking to get Butt Endz type of product?
  10. caveman27

    Where can I get J-Clips?

    Plastic ones. https://www.hockeymonkey.com/accessories/helmetaccessories/helmet-hardware-kits/ar-hockey-jclips-2pack.html Metal ones. https://www.hockeyworld.com/Helmet-J-Clips
  11. caveman27

    Rubber butt end plug

    You know you can just cover the end with hockey tape?
  12. caveman27

    spinal fusion and ice hockey

    It's a bit past mid-June. I've been working on losing weight too. Yesterday, I ran a mile in 8 minutes 28 seconds. It was pretty stressful on my lungs. Lower back felt fine. Still need to bring my endurance up. I haven't been on the ice yet to play pick-up. I might over July 4th weekend.
  13. Well, he's good, but not sure if he's worth that much. He just had groin surgery so hopefully, injuries don't plague him next season.
  14. I thought this was a good video for those who are confused as to what is going on with profiling.