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    CCM JetSpeed
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    CCM HG41
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    CCM Fitlite
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    Easton Stealth CX
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    Easton S13
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    Bauer x100
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    Warrior wheeled

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  1. caveman27

    Knee pop injury

    Wow, people are selling donjoy braces online? Not sure if there's going to be a crackdown, that's a prescription-only medical device unless laws have changed. I have a Breg, but not for hockey use. I got it decades ago. Still good as new as I hardly used it. It's too wide for the pants and shin pads.
  2. Interesting. Maybe no pitch adjustment is needed, but I can see why you are having issues with sprint-like acceleration and deep turns. Does it feel like the skates are forcing your chest upright when you are bending deep into a cross over acceleration and you lose balance from it?
  3. Yes, pitch would affect your skating at all times.
  4. It would nice if OP posted pictures of his old blades and new blades. Those who are sharpeners might get a better idea of what would work without having to bring your blades to a shop multiple times.
  5. If you reprofiled from a 10' to a 9' radius and you didn't notice a difference and you are experiencing tripping while accelerating, you might try an 8 foot radius with aggressive pitch. Another option is to do a combination radius, and get a 7 or 8 foot radius on the front half and a 9 or 10 radius on the back half also with aggressive pitch. You could also stick with a 9 foot radius and just try altering it to have an aggressive pitch. Also, what is your height and weight, skate size?
  6. I thought you said you had Supreme 2S pros, which have the TUUK Lightspeed 5, a removable blade holder.
  7. Single color CCMs are nice and cheap. The fabric is not cutting edge technology, but it holds together.
  8. caveman27

    ice skates for inline player

    Well, you can either try bauer 7.5 R, or CCM 7.5 EE. Also, another thing to try is Bauer 7.0 EE. Your mileage may vary when it comes to going down in size for a tighter fit.
  9. caveman27

    Vapor 2x Pro Baking Instructions

    The person who baked them went way over 200 degrees.
  10. caveman27

    Vapor 2x Pro Baking Instructions

    I baked my CCM JetSpeed's myself. I laid them down on a baking pan. It wasn't hot enough to melt through the outer layer of the skates. I only did it once. Not sure how much of a difference it made. It took awhile to break them in, but I didn't want to rebake them.
  11. Odd you should say that. I compared an old all-wood stick I have and it's shorter than my current sticks, I can't even imagine cutting my current sticks down an extra 2+ inches.
  12. caveman27

    Ccm pro stock 4 roll gloves HG97/98 etc

    Oh. Well, My HG41 having pretty good padding plus plastic inserts down the side of the hand on the pinky side. Not sure if that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. The Bauer 1N 4-roll gloves look like they have beefy padding along the pinky side. Not sure if beefy padding would help if your pinky and ring fingers are still healing.
  13. Wow. That's double what I thought it would be.
  14. caveman27

    Ccm pro stock 4 roll gloves HG97/98 etc

    Well, they will be for direct shots to the back of the hand. NHLers wear them for that reason. Did you injure your hand from a slap shot, fall, or slash?
  15. caveman27

    Ccm pro stock 4 roll gloves HG97/98 etc

    I would suggest looking at all the ones you are interested in. Sometimes, the second picture with a view of the back shows them with shot blockers on them, but the code isn't different.