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  1. caveman27

    Kenesky in the NHL

    Yeah. I live in an area where goalies pay league fees and pay for pick-up hockey. It's an upside-down universe.
  2. caveman27


    I usually slash the lower portion of the shaft so the blade is safe if you are playing against me.
  3. caveman27

    Kenesky in the NHL

    I guess that's $700 CDN. Pro C/A are between $530 and $600 USD. Elbow pieces look more heavy duty than JDP elbow caps.
  4. caveman27

    Kenesky in the NHL

    $700. That's a lot.
  5. caveman27

    CCM Pro Stock Pant Models

    Bunch of HPG 12A in XL on sidelineswap. Front hip padding design looks different though.
  6. caveman27


    It will be only a matter of time before we see some broken stick pictures. Really, I wonder if these will break at the shaft instead of the blade. That's my 51% guess.
  7. caveman27

    BHL CUP?!

    Wow. They are that big? I've seen some Kane Van Gate videos. He's an okay goalie. Somewhat entertaining videos if you don't take him totally seriously. He knows he's not NHL level stuff, wishes he were, and pokes fun at himself while at it.
  8. My ortho (who specializes in shoulder and knee) suspected pain going below the elbow is from pinched nerve at C5. The pain that I get is usually along the outside of the forearm and along the triceps, and along the shoulder blade in the back. That pain level is like a 5 to 8. The hand tingling pain level is usually 1 to 2, but can go up to 4 or 5, and sometimes I get the effect of losing hand strength, like pressing on top of a soap dispenser or reaching into my right side jeans pocket, but I can still open up and close my fingers.
  9. caveman27


    Well, they had to dial back the blade stiffness without changing the materials used is my guess.
  10. I have pretty good insurance. I've already had a variety of surgeries in the last couple years. Last one was a spinal fusion, L4 and L5. A couple months before that was a hip arthoscopy. A couple years before that was shoulder labrum repair. The cortisone shot helped the shoulder pain a bit. It's been two days since I got that shot. The numbness/tingling is still happening in my pinky and ring finger. Pain in fingers, hand and arm are sporadic. MRIs are pretty expensive, especially if you need the dye. Does neck MRI require a dye? I know for my lumbar, it didn't. Surprised you can play after three cervical vertibrae are fused.
  11. caveman27

    Pain at the a ankle(above it)

    Well, some people don't know how loose or tight to lace up skates. I tighten mine as tight as possible with my hands. I want my ankle locked back in the boot.
  12. caveman27

    Pain at the a ankle(above it)

    Or maybe what I meant to say was, that they aren't tightened up loosely like a pair of hiking boots worn for fashion purposes, and not for hiking.
  13. caveman27


    That should be fun to see it break on a slap shot. $400 down the drain.
  14. As for the tingling, it's in the last 3. Now, it's always tingling, instead of on and off. Pain still comes and goes along the shoulder blade and tricep area in a sporadic manner.
  15. Well, my right shoulder started bother me, pain-wise, but I started getting pain and numbness radiating down the arm, hand and fingers. Thumb is good to go. I went to the doctor, he worked on my shoulder previously for a torn labrum repair. I have a huge bone spur growing at the the humerus at the top near the ball of the bone. It showed up in the x-ray. It could be nerve pinched at the neck. Could be nerve pinched at the shoulder. Anyway, the tingling isn't bad, and doesn't happen while playing, but the numbness is affecting my grip strength. I can see my slapshots aren't as strong. I need to be more deliberate with passes so I'm not dishing out weak passes. Anyone else had/have a similar issue? I'm planning on getting a cortisone shot this week.