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    CCM HG41
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    CCM Fitlite
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    Easton Stealth CX
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  1. So, I went ice skating over a week ago and felt my left knee wanting to give out when I was doing cross overs to the left at high speed. That is, a lot of pressure on the left skate outside edge. Anyway, it would have been bad if my knee gave out and I crashed. This was not hockey, it was just be at public skating. I bought a patellar tendon knee strap, it goes below the knee cap. Anyone else play while wearing one? I've got a game coming up and haven't had a chance to go to open hockey while wearing one.
  2. caveman27

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    I use the Bauer one. I'm always spraying anti-fog before a game. If I'm playing in the summer, or it's hot outside in fall or spring, then, I'll bring a towel and anti-fog spray with me to the bench. I'll re-apply between periods. I don't like playing with cage masks.
  3. caveman27

    Big/Wide Head Helmet help!!

    CCM and Easton make wide fitting helmets. Not sure why you stuck with the same helmet for years if it wasn't fitting properly.
  4. About 180 now. i have size (old) 5.5 CCM skates with 8' profile radius. I can skate with either 1/2 or 5/8 ROH. 1" is too shallow. I can get a lot of glide with awful ability to dig into the ice.
  5. Everyone learns from their mistakes, hopefully. Better now, than later. What skill level are you playing at? If it's lower level, 1. the other guys may not be able to skate back quickly, or 2. don't know they need to transition to defensive positioning when they lose control of the puck, or 3. plain lazy and hope someone is playing D.
  6. 1" would be a total joke and quite awful. I'm about that weight. Some guy sharpened my skates to 1" ROH. Coming from 1/2" it was basically like skating on rental skates that haven't been sharpened in 5 years plus renters walking on bleachers and concrete during those 5 years.
  7. caveman27

    spinal fusion and ice hockey

    I took diclofenac after a shoulder surgery. But aside from that, my back pain is gone after the surgery and from the MRIs and x-rays, I have degenerated discs not herniated discs for the other lumbar discs in my back. I've already gone out and played twice. I wear a weight-lifting belt (non-leather) for extra back support just in case.
  8. caveman27

    Life changes

    Hope your mom is doing well.
  9. caveman27

    Fine tuning my skate profile

    Well, I have short feet, I wear Bauer size 6.0 but I like a short radius 8'. You could try a dual-radius profile with a neutral pitch, where the back side of the blade gets a 15' radius and the front side of the blade gets a 13' radius. But, what's your skating style and position? Are you playing forward and making deep/sharp turns? Or you play forward and are a weaker/slower skater so you play in a more upright skating stance? Are you playing defense and are upright more often than sprinting forward? Or maybe you play defense but are making deep C-cuts as an expert-level skater going backward and skate hard on transitions as an offensive defenseman?
  10. caveman27

    The return of Christian sticks?

    That URL is interesting. I go from christianhockey.com to supremebrands.com to christianhockey.com
  11. caveman27

    Gloves with the best finger protection?

    Oh, I paid $15 for shipping to an address in the US. Regular fedex.
  12. caveman27

    Gloves with the best finger protection?

    Have you checked out www.prostockhockey.com ? Not sure about fit for you, but I have a pair of 14" CCM HG41 pro stock gloves from them, and they have a lot of padding everywhere. Every piece of foam has a polyethelene plate on it. It's quite solid, non-flex thumb guard, and stiff in the cuff so i get a bit of less hand mobility. They have some CCM models with shot blockers on them.
  13. caveman27

    New Vapor sticks.

    some dude was looking at bauer 1x pro stock sticks from someone off of kijiji . He got 4 for $400 each. $270 for one stick is crazy for me.... period.
  14. caveman27

    spinal fusion and ice hockey

    Well, it's been about nine months since I had surgery. Today, I ran 1 mile on the treadmill in 7 minutes 42 seconds. So, if you have had spinal fusion surgery and are reading this thread sometime in the future, this is my progress.