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  • Skates
    True Customs
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    Warrior Alpha QX pro stock
  • Gloves
    Bauer Supreme S150
  • Helmet
    Reebok 11K VN pro stock
  • Pants
    Tackla Pro 9000
  • Shoulder Pads
    Reebok Jofa 7K pro stock
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM Tacks 7092
  • Shin Pads
    Reebok 20K pro stock
  • Hockey Bag
    Grit Airbox

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    Alabama via Michigan
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  1. CigarScott

    Let's Talk Elbow Pads

    I would second this. I believe that the CCM Tacks are the descendants of the Jofa pads with the "JDP technology" built into them. I have a set of Tacks 7092 along with Jofa elbow pads (forget which model) and they're very similar in design and protection.
  2. CigarScott

    Easton Mako Skates

    Start calling around or emailing shops to see if they have a pair in his size. There is probably some mom & pop shop somewhere that is sitting on a pair. Otherwise set up alerts on Ebay and Sideline Swap so you're notified once a pair pops up.
  3. A pair of size 58 Tackla's just popped up on Ebay for anyone looking for a pair: https://www.ebay.com/itm/142974038027?ul_noapp=true
  4. CigarScott

    Tackla Pants Fitting

    You may want a 50. Their have a more tapered fit than a lot of other brands so you don't want to go too small in them.
  5. CigarScott

    Easton Mako Skates

    That is also true but if they're getting calls and emails from throughout North America with people inquiring about what stock they have in these, they don't have to be business geniuses to know that they're sitting on some coveted and rare products.
  6. CigarScott

    Easton Mako Skates

    Supply and demand. They probably know that they're sitting on some of the last Mako's for sale and they're a coveted item. If people like them badly enough, they'll pay the $600...
  7. CigarScott

    Feedback on custom skates

    They feel thicker than the Super Feet that I had in my old skates. I don't know what it is but my left pinky toe was digging into the skate with the SP2 in them which I've never had this issue prior. I took them out and put the stock beds in and the pain was gone. My only theory that I can come up with is that the side of the SP2 that sticks up on the arch side of the foot is forcing my foot to the left which is causing my pinky toe to dig into the skate.
  8. CigarScott

    Feedback on custom skates

    SP 2 are supposedly far more durable than the original. I just tried them out last week but they took up too much volume in my True skates so I had to go back to the stock footbeds.
  9. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

  10. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I got my replacement pair on Tuesday, baked them while doing the "tissue technique" and skated on them for the first time last night. It looks like they moved my holders towards my inside edges a few mm to help with my pronation. My left foot seems fine and I think will be good once I remove the toe cap padding since the end of my big toe is digging a bit into the toe cap. My right foot I'm still having issues with my bunion and big toe with lack of volume after notating these problems to True and sending pics, etc. Does anyone know if the toe cap material can be punched out to give me more room in the area? Here is my right foot after an hour of taking it easy during a learn to play class even with wearing my bunion sleeve and gel toe cap thing: https://imgur.com/a/C6EIRSc I don't want to have to bother True again and I think my right skate can be fixed to work for me but I need to figure out a way to get more room in that area. My Speed Plate 2's showed up yesterday so I plan to rebake them tonight or tomorrow with the Speed Plates. Anyone have any other tips for my rebake?
  11. @WildBillKickoff If you need some big shoulder pads, the guy that I bought mine from just listed another pair of XXL Reebok/Jofa pro stocks which are becoming harder and harder to find: https://www.ebay.com/itm/153203951417?ul_noapp=true
  12. CigarScott

    The Athletic -- Worth it?

  13. CigarScott

    Getting up after falling on ice

    I am getting better at it and can do it on my left leg without much problem. My right ankle is too messed up to use my right foot to get up on that foot which contributes to my pronation issues. I also was able to do it better when wearing my True skates since they were much stiffer and offered better ankle support than my N7000's. Leg strength is an issue as I can do it on solid ground with both legs like it's nothing and I can leg press 600+ pounds but don't anymore due to my janky knees. Yes, it would be easier if I weighed less but I can only lose weight so fast. I think switching to Step steel helped me dig into the ice a little better and I figured out how to distribute my weight more evenly on my foot which helped with stability.
  14. CigarScott

    Profiling to aid in backwards skating?

    I have finally started figuring out the mechanics in how to do it. I'm not fast by any means but a hell of a lot better than a few months ago. The learn to skate teachers seemed clueless when trying to teach some things to people not wearing figure skates. I learned more about backwards skating in one learn to play class than four months of learn to skate.
  15. CigarScott

    Extreme Foot Pain on Outsides of Feet

    Have you ever been seen by a podiatrist or orthotist? You may perhaps have supination issues which may need to be corrected with orthotics. I would get checked by a specialist to see if you have foot issues that only appear when wearing skates. I supinate in shoes and pronate in skates due to jacked up ankles where I have pain on the insides of my feet.