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    Reebok 11K VN pro stock
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    CCM Tacks 7092
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  1. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    @strosedefence34 I've gone way further than that and do the tissue technique and crank it to 11 every time I bake my skates. I first take several paper towels and fold them down to stuff between my big toes so the big toes can't be pushed in away from the boot. Then I fold up several more paper towels and tape them from my bunions to the top of my big toes. In all, after the paper towels being compressed between my foot and boot, there has to be at least 3-4mm worth of materials. I've heard of guys at my rink cut up old cloth washcloths and towels to tape to their hot spots prior to baking instead of paper towels and toilet paper so perhaps I'll try that if I have to bake them yet again.
  2. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I haven't tried the butt of a screwdriver yet but that may be my next step if the LHS in Atlanta can't fix it when I go there next week. I've been wearing those silicone toe sleeves but am trying to not have to any longer. I figured that I shouldn't have to any long after dropping a grand on customs skates. The LHS notated in my scans those areas and after my first set of boots were way off, I sent pics of my feet directly to True after wearing the skates just during baking that how red and irritated those spots were. I sent back the first pair with tape on them to mark the spots so that they could see were they needed to give me more room in the second pair. When I shipped back this pair to have them adjust them, I marked the areas up again and my bunions seemed to have been adjust enough where I don't have to wear bunion sleeves anymore, I still need toe sleeves, especially on my right toe which is on my pronating foot. I'm going to the only "real" LHS that I'm aware of in the South next Thursday to see if they can do a better job punching the spots out better than I could. I tried punching with a borrowed boot punch and my Harbor Freight heat gun and would alleviate the pain in the area but it would push in another area and create a new hot spot so I finally gave up and shipped them back to True. I don't want to use a Dremel and I'm at this point just thinking out loud as it being a last resort. The toe box horizontally and vertically is tight as it is so there is no way to fit Powerfeet in them. My better half has a pair in her skates and loves them, though.
  3. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I shipped my skates back to Winnipeg for adjustments the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (US version) and True had them back to me the following Monday; awesome turnaround time. The bunion issue seems to have been fixed but I'm still having some discomfort (not nearly as bad as before) in the toe box of each skate in the corner of each big toe. To me, True wants there to be zero negative space in your skates so they seem to be overly cautious and conservative in treating volume issues. If you need an area expanded by 2mm, they seem to only want to expand it by 1mm, for example. The past few weeks, I would at times have pain in my arches. I did the insole technique but also added a red insole to give me more padding as I weigh a lot and need it. I cut out the arches on the bottom red insole in each skate, then put in a new red insole and then the blue one. That seems to have alleviated the pressure on my arches. I'm tempted to Dremel out some excess material around the big toe in each skate; anyone else ever done this? I saw that Blademaster actually sold a tool to do such a thing so perhaps my idea isn't so crazy?
  4. CigarScott

    Anyone score any sweet Black Friday deals?

    I picked up some Easton Stealth gloves the last time they had one of their Easton blowout sales, love them so far.
  5. CigarScott

    Anyone score any sweet Black Friday deals?

    I forgot that I took the plunge bought NHL.tv for like $99.
  6. CigarScott

    Anyone score any sweet Black Friday deals?

    I'm bought a couple twigs from there not on closeout yet; once the ones I like finally go on clearance then I'll got nuts and buy the rest.
  7. CigarScott

    Attention ex Drury users!

    Apparently these are the equivalents to the Drury curve with other brands: You can get them made by Base to whatever specs you want and I see a fair amount of Warrior W05 curves around. BASE SR Curves Lie Options Bauer Easton CCM SherWood TRUE Warrior BH23 4, 4.75, 5.5, 6(LH) P91A - Staal E6 - Drury P15 - Jones PP20 HCR W05 - Granlund
  8. CigarScott

    Rivet issues with composite skates?

    I'm glad that the GM at the PH in Texas seemed to know what he was doing. He put my LS Edge holders on my boot-only True skates and they've been rock solid.
  9. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    If you don't have one already, get yourself a shoe horn to help get the skates on and off. I picked up one for like $2 at IKEA that I keep in my bag.
  10. CigarScott

    Anyone score any sweet Black Friday deals?

    I just saw that Base Hockey has their twigs 25% off right now; may have to finally try one out.
  11. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    As state before, True's customer service is outstanding, once you talk to the right people (i.e. Rob). After they made my second pair, which were way better than the first, especially with them move the holders inwards to correct my pronation but still I had some pain and discomfort around my bunions and big toes. I let Rob know and asked if all parts of the skate are safe to spot heat with a heat gun and punch out and he offered to provide a return shipping label to have them do it at the factory. I declined at the time due to not wanting to go without my skates for any extended period time as my league just started play so I went into Macgyver mode and started punching my skates out in the various areas by borrowing a boot punch from a buddy from the league. After fixing a spot and in turn making another spot worse and it became a never ending game of whack a mole, I finally cried uncle and and decided to take Rob up on his offer. I timed it over the US Thanksgiving holiday since there would be about two week window where I didn't have a game or training session. Long story short: they emailed my a return shipping label for international priority shipping. I think most people would assume that they would provide a ground return label and send them back via ground ship and I think most people would find that reasonable and acceptable which would take 5-6 business days each way from Alabama to Manitoba. I shipped them to them this past Tuesday, they arrived in Winnipeg the next day on Wednesday and on Thursday, they shipped them back out and they're now sitting at the terminal in Memphis; they are scheduled for delivery on Monday. That turnaround time is hard to beat. I'll let you all know how they turned out.
  12. CigarScott

    Outside edges question

    Are you noticing if you are pronating in the skates? If you are, would explain why you can't get an outside edge.
  13. I got all the emails and Facebook ads like just about everyone on here. Just was curious if anyone took advantage of any deals and if they found any deals that were really worth it after factoring all the MAP restrictions and what not. I saw that STX had 40% off their twigs which seemed like the best deal of the weekend. I scored some stuff on Pro Stock Hockey for all of 10% off...
  14. CigarScott

    CCM runners taper in thickness

    Or a non-native English speaker wrote it. With CCM (and Bauer) being based in Quebec, it's not out of the realm of possibility that whoever wrote that speaks English as a second language.
  15. CigarScott

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    74 players according to Gear Geek. I wonder if this is only counter skaters and not goalies as it seems that the majority of goalies are now rocking Trues... https://www.geargeek.com/#equip_Skates