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  1. ParabolicActivity

    Ribcor skates

    I have the "Platinum" model. A somehow upgraded 68K. Unbelievably nice skate. They are my favorite thing I have ever ownedm
  2. ParabolicActivity

    Curve Frustration - Need Recommendations

    I've spent a lot of money to come back around to that. I was lucky that for the first time in my life I had disposable income when I got back into hockey. So I went through variations of everything. P92 to 88, 38, PM9, P02, etc etc. There are a lot of cool curves but at the end of the day in a game situation you just need a jack of all trades curve, technique and some luck.
  3. ParabolicActivity

    Curve Frustration - Need Recommendations

    Sidelineswap is full of P19 curves. It is the easiest to find discontinued curve. A lot of people say it is the same as a P92 but it's only kind of close. The P92 has more in common with toe curves IMO. The P19 is a true "Sakic" blade. The good news is that the Warrior W03 that is sold at retail is supposed to be their P92 clone but is much more similar to the P19. It doesnt open up like a P92 and the curve starts close to the heel than the toe.
  4. ParabolicActivity

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    When did Matthews use a CCM or go back to 1Ns?
  5. ParabolicActivity

    Ccm curves

    This is the best content I have seen here in a long time.
  6. ParabolicActivity

    Ccm curves

  7. ParabolicActivity

    Ccm curves

    I would LOVE to see that.
  8. ParabolicActivity

    Ccm curves

    And everything else!
  9. ParabolicActivity

    Ccm curves

    From what I have seen and mostly heard scouring forums, the P90 is a pure P92 clone. The P29 is a little different. Correct me if I am wrong folks.
  10. ParabolicActivity

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Nick I dont think any player would skate one something he felt less than 100% about. Im not sure if you play or not but that skates are hands down the most important piece of equipment, no matters what level you are at.
  11. ParabolicActivity

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    I am a bit partial here but that set up is HOT!
  12. ParabolicActivity

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    That's fair. I am just saying 1 NHL player is massive compared to 0 NHL players.
  13. ParabolicActivity

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Nick are you saying Kronwall is saying "well fuck it. I'm old. My best skating is behind me. Let me just rock this prototype for no reason"???
  14. ParabolicActivity

    Marsblade Ice Holder

  15. ParabolicActivity

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    If there is a player in the NHL using this technology, there is definitely something there. Kronwall isn't trying something out during NHL games. No one is fucking around during an NHL game. As far as I can tell STX still hasn't even gotten their "PureGrip" shaft to the NHL. I would definitely say that seeing #55 wear them took me from being a doubter to someone who would experiment with it for sure if it was affordable for me.