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    CCM Jetspeed FT1/CCM Tacks Classic Pro+
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    Warrior Alpha QX, Verbero Cypress V1000, CCM Ribcore Trigger ASY, CCM RBZ Speedburner, CCM SuperTacks
  • Gloves
    Reebok 11KP, Warrior Covert QRL,Easton Stealth CX, Bauer MX3
  • Helmet
    CCM Tacks 710, Bauer Re-Akt 75, Warrior PX+
  • Pants
    Warrior QRL ProStock, Bauer Vapor X100
  • Shoulder Pads
    Easton Stealth S19 ProStock
  • Elbow Pads
    STX HPR 1.1
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer MX3
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    Los Angeles, CA
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  1. Mister_NoDangles

    Vaughn GX-2 Skate Fit?

    Unfortunately not, sold of my last pair recently.
  2. Mister_NoDangles

    Vaughn GX-2 Skate Fit?

    Seems so. I do wear size 8 typically so it might have a chance of working for me, but definitely a bit of hesitation on my part now.
  3. Mister_NoDangles

    Vaughn GX-2 Skate Fit?

    That was extremely informative. Thank you!
  4. Mister_NoDangles

    Vaughn GX-2 Skate Fit?

    Any reason why? Can't find anything comparable at the $150 range.
  5. Mister_NoDangles

    Vaughn GX-2 Skate Fit?

    Anybody have opinions on these. Want to get into Goalie and these skates have some good deals. I'm normally in a Jetspeed Player skate since my heel is on the narrower side and have about a normal/wide forefoot.
  6. Mister_NoDangles

    Ccm jetspeed ft1 or new ones?

    You can find FT1s in the $500 range if you look around. I got a new pair for $550 a couple months ago. I'd go that route and then replace the holder if you felt inclined to do so.
  7. Mister_NoDangles

    Looking for a team in LA at TSC.

    Did those already. No team reps even showed up to one.
  8. Mister_NoDangles

    Your current equipment

    Helmet: Easton Navy E400 with Bauer Profile III Cage, CCM Red Tacks 710 with cage, Warrior White PX+ with cage, Bauer Black Re-Akt 75 with Verbero Clarity Visor Elbows: CCM Super Tacks Shoulders: Easton Stealth S19 Pro Stock Shoulders Shins: CCM 21K Pro Stock Gloves: Easton Synergy GX, Easton Stealth CX, Bauer Supreme MX3, Bauer Nexus 1N, Warrior QRL Pro Stock, CCM HG14 Pro Stock, Reebok 11KP XP Pro Stock Skates: CCM Jetspeed FT1 Pants: Warrior QRL Pro Stock, Reebok MHP520 Pro Stock, CCM HP45 Pro Stock Sticks: CCM Ribcore Trigger ASY and a bunch of others but that's my go to right now.
  9. Mister_NoDangles

    Looking for a team in LA at TSC.

    Tried that, but still says pending. Oh well.
  10. Hey guys looking for a team in the LA area. Preferably at Toyota Sports Center. I can play almost any night but prefer Fri-Sun. If you have a team at a rink nearby or south of TSC hit me up too. Player Ice Location: Toyota Sports Center or nearby Level: Copper/Bronze Position: Any at Copper, Forward at Bronze
  11. Mister_NoDangles


    That's a bummer to hear. Gonna be riding these FT1s for a long time then.
  12. Mister_NoDangles


    Seriously, I'm hoping it's tighter because I like the fit of my FT1s and if it got wider, I'd probably have to go custom due to my narrow heel.
  13. Mister_NoDangles

    CCM/Jofa pro jock

    https://www.apihockey.com/CCM-Pro-Jock-Strap They ship to the US ends up being around $50 USD shipped.
  14. Mister_NoDangles

    Ccm FT1 skate sizing

    It's very close now. CCM finally unified their sizing so it lines up much better with Bauer now. I can't say I noticed a difference length wise. If there was one it was very small. Others might have their own comments. Old Jetspeeds definitely ran large though.
  15. Mister_NoDangles

    CCM AS1 skate pain

    Another thing is superfeet can take time to get used to. When I used them it took me a couple weeks of my normal skating schedule to get used to them. Bottom of the feet hurt. I probably would've put you in a Jetspeed though, not a Tacks.