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    CCM Jetspeed FT1/CCM Tacks Classic Pro+
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    Warrior Alpha QX, Verbero Cypress V1000, CCM Ribcore Trigger ASY, CCM RBZ Speedburner, CCM SuperTacks
  • Gloves
    Reebok 11KP, Warrior Covert QRL,Easton Stealth CX, Bauer MX3
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    CCM Tacks 710, Bauer Re-Akt 75, Warrior PX+
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    Warrior QRL ProStock, Bauer Vapor X100
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    Easton Stealth S19 ProStock
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    STX HPR 1.1
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    Bauer MX3
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    Los Angeles, CA
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  1. Mister_NoDangles

    Questions about pants/ Feedback

    Will probably be fine, but maybe a bit snug. Typically you don't want to use girdle shells over regular pants, but I've done it before and it works.
  2. Mister_NoDangles

    Pants question

    I'm on the ice a lot. I skate at Lakewood in a league on Saturdays and pickups there Thurs/Fri mornings. I'm at stick time early on Mon/Wed at El Segundo. I pickup random practices here and there. I used to play in a 4v4 league at TSC but am waiting for 5v5 since I didn't really like 4v4.
  3. Mister_NoDangles

    Pants question

    I use both Bauer Vapor and Warrior QRL pants. The QRL pants are nice and snug around the hips. I really like them a lot and feel their protection is superior, but the Vapors are good too.
  4. Mister_NoDangles

    Questions about pants/ Feedback

    I run the QRL pants and can attest to how good they are. I've previously used Nexus N9000 and also run a pair of Vapor X100s from a few generations ago. QRLs are my favorite in both comfort and protection. I highly recommend them.
  5. Mister_NoDangles

    Still new to the game/ need gear recommendations

    I just picked up some Warrior QRL Pro Stock pants and found the padding to be excellent, particularly tailbone protection. If you holdout HM has some pretty good sales on their prostock equipment.
  6. Mister_NoDangles

    Reebok 11KP Pro Stock

    Background: Been playing ice hockey for over a year 6+ times a week. Playing in equivalent of C League with some high level pickup games thrown in. I'm a size 15in gloves, weigh 205lbs at 6ft tall. I play center so I take a lot of hacks on my gloves so gloves are an important part of my game. This is also my first review on any equipment that is hockey related, but I've used a lot in my short time playing. This will be a 6 month review. Fit: I'm a tapered/anatomical fit guy and these are the best fitting gloves I own. The minute I slid my hand in I knew they were going to be my favorite gloves and they've proven time and time again to exactly that. The pro palm material is a step up in feel from retail options that I have used and I never want to go back. The flex cuff is far and away the best feature of this glove as it's very comfortable and allows for great mobility when stickhandling. Everything feels very snug and comfortable. If there is any knock at all, it's that there is no flexthumb but as this is a somewhat recent addition to most gloves, I won't deduct anything from my rating for it and I haven't noticed a difference in my game using gloves that have it vs those that don't. 10/10 Protection: Protection is stellar. Pro Stock padding allows me to have confidence in faceoffs knowing that when someone inevitably hacks my hand I'm gonna be ok. I've batted down shots with these and haven't felt a thing. The flex cuff does wonders to protect your wrists from slashing and provides ample coverage to that area. I've beaten these gloves to death over the last 6 months and they refuse to let me down. 10/10 Weight: They're light by my standard, but certainly not the lightest on the market or the lightest that I've used. The palm material is a bit on the heavier side, but allows for great feel at the expense of more moisture and heat. However, I can't say I notice it that much so it doesn't bother me in particular. If you're looking for a light glove, newer options will provide that a lot better than this. 7/10 Durability: These things are a beast for durability considering the propalm. I use lizardskins and grip tape on my sticks. I'm slowly changing out to all grip tape over trainer's tape on all my sticks as lizardskins wear off. No major issues with durability on these gloves. The exterior looks fantastic, and pretty standard wear on the the palm, but still a long way to go before I get any holes showing. 10/10 Intangibles: You don't notice they're there. They mold to the hand and feel apart of you. They give me the confidence to play my best game without needing to readjust. 10/10 Conclusion: The overall fit of these is FANTASTIC. My favorite gloves by far and I wish they still made the exact glove with a flex thumb. I also own Warrior QRLs and I still find these to be the superior glove. The flex cuff feels a lot better. I'll continue using these and will probably try to grab the CCM equivalent when I see another sale drop for them. I highly recommend these to anyone who enjoy a contoured fit. 47/50