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  1. brockboeser6

    Supreme S29 vs Totalone NXG

    I've worn NXG's throughout my entire junior hockey career from back in 2011/12 I believe. Still use them now and have never had any problem with the tendon guard - 7+ years of heavy use and no issues with the tendon guard or any other part of the boot.
  2. brockboeser6

    Show It Off

    how do you like the 70 flex compared to Bauer's 77 flex? I'm worried it would feel mcuh more flimsy/less durable compared to the 77. But I want something a tiny bit whippier than the 77.
  3. brockboeser6

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    With Bauer introducing a 70 flex stick fairly recently, does anyone have any experience moving down from their 77 flex sticks? For some background, I've always felt that Bauer 77 flex sticks to be mildly stiffer than 75 flex CCM's, Warriors, True, etc. as the name implies. I'd prefer to have something slightly whippier than Bauer 77 flex sticks. I'm 5'9" and 195 lbs and played Jr. A hockey so feel comfortable loading up a stick. I'm not taking slapshots or one timers anymore as I'm just playing in men's leagues now. I also cut down my stick fairly short for someone that's only 5'9". I don't want to buy a 70 flex stick only for it to feel like a flimsy intermediate stick. Is the 70 flex stick THAT much whippier compared to 77 flex? Any thoughts on 70 flex sticks much appreciated!