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  1. George

    Ask STEP!

    Hi Sent you a couple of pics,look at the difference on the two blades scratch wise on the two blades. Thanks
  2. George

    Ask STEP!

    Yap that's what my hockey store use on the VSteel from the start when they ordered the steel...i was just looking on the Blacksteel from Com that were previous on the holders and honestly the Ccm Blacksteel have less scratches than the Step V steel..to bad I can't post pictures...
  3. George

    Tydan blades

    I picked up a pair of the New Ccm Xs holders,and I am looking into the Tydan runners....thats my only issue that I wanted to know for the height on the runners to be the same height as Step....As for the hardness of the Steel and edge life I would think they last the same..
  4. George

    Ask STEP!

    Wanted to ask you a question concerning Step V steel(Ccm 4.0)purchased them March played 20 games 25 to date...the runners have scratches normal wear and tear...there are some scratches that are so deep,aren't the V steel and Black steel supposed to be harder steel....
  5. George

    Tydan blades

    Been using Step runners for years and find them Great,Just wanted to ask anyone that has tryed Tydan blades and also Step blades,are the Tydan blades height the same as Step..and if not can you ask Tydan for extra 2mm on the runners....Also heard that Tydan steel is stronger steel....
  6. George

    Ask STEP!

    Any possibility you can get them earlier if in Montreal for size 230 stpro xs??
  7. George

    Ask STEP!

    Maybe you will have the soakers and the single blade pouch from Step when the V steel or Blacksteel Xs runners for size 230 are available...
  8. George

    Ask STEP!

  9. George

    Ask STEP!

    But are they Step???I was looking at another blade manufacture that had the Clay stone,leather wipe,blade pouch and skate soakers with there logo,and thought if you can get them from Step if they sold them....It just looks sharp..
  10. George

    Ask STEP!

    Just wanted to ask if Step would have single blade pouch and it be sharp also if Step would have skate soakers with Step on the soakers???Just an idea...
  11. George

    Ask STEP!

    Hi Just wanted to ask I received the New Ccm Xs holders and looking for 2 sets of black steel or V steel step runners in size 230,can you tell me when they will be available