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  1. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    I definitely would not use a P28 as a beginner stick. P92/29 or P88 are going to be what you want to start with. I personally would go with P88/P40 because it's a wide, flat blade without much rocker and it's a pretty vanilla curve that isn't too open. It will be easy to learn and master most skills with. I'd choose it over P92/29 because the P92 is a pretty upright lie 6 and has more rocker. I see a lot of beginners (I coach adult learn-to-play) using P92s with the toe of the blade well off the ice unless their hands are perfect and they're making a concerted effort to keep the blade down. Typically this ends up in the puck going under the toe because they don't get their hands right in time to receive the pass or pick up the puck.
  2. I just bought a second hand pro stock stick that is too short for me, so I need to add an extension. However, it's a 1NSE which has thicker sidewalls than regular Sr level sticks. I tried one for a regular Supreme stick I have and it didn't fit (though it was for a NXG, not the current lines). Should I be getting a Jr sized one? I don't really see an option for a Int. size. Am I just going to have to shave down a wood one?
  3. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    Despite what the label says, a P88 is a lie 5. It's just about as low as a PM9 and P28, and much lower than a Lie 6 P92. Edit: In fact, I just went and compared a P88 to a PM9 and the P88 is actually lower than the PM9.
  4. psulion22

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    The 1X Lite was a pro stock, but the Trigger 2 was a retail 70.
  5. psulion22

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    I went from a 77 flex to 70 flex 1X Lite and I like it much better. It flexes easily but still returns the energy quickly and still has a stiff feeling. I have a Trigger2 in both 75 and 70 and neither had the same feeling. The 70 was way too soft, it was sloppy and unresponsive. There was a lag with the release and a noticeable difference in stickhandling and receiving passes. I didn't experience any of that with the Bauer.
  6. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    Maybe that's it. The HSM pic of the CCM version looks much more closed than it is, almost similar to a shorter P10. That's what I want.
  7. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    Yep, this all makes perfect sense. That second curve is exactly what the Bauer Pro Custom curve looks like. The "beak" part of it is interesting, because it's almost like what Ryan O'Rielly has on the toe of his blade. The tip of the toe make a sharp angle, just not as severe as ROR's. For a while now, everyone has said that Bauer's Benn is the same as the P90T, including Bauer themselves. It is clearly not. I'd like a P90T, Bauer's Benn, not so much. Another problem is that people are using that P90T label interchangeably, or just slapping it on any curve that is inbetween, so there are many different curves that are being called P90T. Go on SLS and see how many different curves are listed if you search P90T. It's nuts.
  8. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    It's one of Bauer's "Pro Custom" offerings and is supposed to be what Benn uses. From Bauer's description : "BENN NHL CUSTOM CURVE. Similar to the P92 pattern with a beak toe (aggressive toe curve / edge) that makes it easier to toe drag and pull and release shots" I found it to be much closer to a P28 than the HSM article indicates and the picture shows. It's possible Bauer has increased the toe on it for their custom offering, but the actual curve is not what the HSM post describes as a P90T.
  9. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    I'm interested in that P90T. A lot of people say it's Bauer's "Benn", but his pattern is nothing like that. It's a P28 with a slight P92-like twist and a beak curve at the toe.
  10. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    P14 was a great curve, but the blade was too short. Likewise, P10 may have been the best curve, but the blade is too long. A regular/medium length P14/P10 would be incredible.
  11. psulion22

    Finding my curve

    Correct. Lower lie is for further from the body (because the stick would be longer) and higher lie is closer to the body. Personally, I have been using P88 for years. I've been toying with the idea of going to a P92 to get a little more lift on shots and sauce without having to lift my hands as far. The downside is the rounded, rockered toe is not quite as good for board battles or breaking up plays on defense. I'll also need a lie 5 because of the length of my stick. I tried p28. It had too much rocker and required too much technical precision to be consistent. It was spectacular when it worked. But terrible when it didn't. P30 was also really good - it's a mix of P88 and P28 with the good parts of each and not so much of the bad. I got a lot of performance out of it without the need for as much precision. But I just don't like CCM sticks, and now it looks like a good thing with it going away. There are some other good options I like - P10, P90T possibly. But when it comes down to it, I just keep going back to one of the retail curves because they are just more widely available.
  12. psulion22

    Hockey wax

    I think the reason for having two different types is the same as surfboards, as mentioned above. While there's nothing to say you can't just use the control wax, I found when I didn't put the base down I had to use way too much of the control and it got messy. I honestly don't think it's making you use any more wax than you would have because you'd still have to use more control to really get the tape thoroughly coated. Personally, I coat all the tape in the base and heat it then rub it with a puck to make a nice, even coat. Then I only use the control on the lower inch or two of the blade where the puck would make most of the contact. I've also used the Sex Wax before, but nothing seems to have the longevity and control when cold of that Proformance. I don't know why.
  13. psulion22

    ice skates for inline player

    yep 175*F
  14. psulion22

    ice skates for inline player

    175* for 2-3 minutes, or until the boot is soft maybe 5 at most. It works best in a convection oven if you have one.
  15. psulion22

    Baking Bauers Vapor 2.7 at home?

    2-3 minutes is enough for Bauer skates with Curv quarters at the right temp. The composite gets soft (and cools) much faster than any old construction. I'd say the Ribcores would be good with 2-3 minutes also if they're the composite boot. I'd suggest doing one skate at a time btw. You get a better molding on the second skate because if you do both at the same time, the second skate has satrted to cool by the time you lace it up.