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  1. Will the Flare square work on regular steel also?
  2. psulion22

    CCM P30 Curve

    Yeah, it's close. The biggest issue for me with P14 is the lie, it's too high. The blade is a little shorter and more open at the toe, which isn't a huge issue. But I need a low lie and the P14 is closer to a 6, while P30 is a 5. Thanks
  3. psulion22

    CCM P30 Curve

    Anyone know if Bauer is possibly releasing their version of a P30 clone with the new line of sticks this year?
  4. psulion22

    The Venting Spot

    No, this was years ago. Maybe back in 2014 or 2015.
  5. psulion22

    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Stick

    Let us know. I'm interested to see how you feel it plays vs the APX.
  6. psulion22

    Leg pads not rotating back to neutral

    Yes, many people wear them so loose as to seemingly be useless. But I think they still provide an end point to how far the pad can travel in certain directions, even if that end point is probably further out than it should be. I hate using personal anecdotal evidence as a basis for an argument because of the small sample size. However two weeks ago, I was having all sorts of issues with my left pad. It wasn’t rotating correctly, over- or under- rotating without much reason, not returning to neutral, pulling away from the leg. It was the strangest thing. Until I got undressed and realized I hadn’t strapped the boot strap. It’s elastic, so it was just stuck up between the pad and skate. Even though I use the Lundy strap and the strap itself is elastic (so no real tension on it), not having it attached blatantly cause issues with the way the pad moved and performed.
  7. psulion22

    Leg pads not rotating back to neutral

    I don’t know about that. The bootstrap used to be there to keep the pad locked onto the ankle. But now it’s being used behind the ankle to keep the pad from rotating or sliding out too far. I’d suspect that the lack of a boot strap is exactly the reason the pads aren’t coming back to neutral. Elastic ties are definitely the way to go. But the boot strap is still important to providing control to the pad.
  8. Thanks, JR. I saw he had mentioned trying a jig. I wasn’t sure if he had actually gotten it to work. I’ll hit him up.
  9. Has anyone found a way to put a ProSharp profile on these yet? Thinking of pulling the trigger, but I really like my Quad 1.
  10. psulion22

    First box-style pad

    The first pad truly designed to facilitate lateral butterfly movements was probably the first generation Velocity, designed by Pete Smith. Yes, there were flat pads, like what Barrasso wore (also designed by Smith), that provided a more stable surface to seal to the ice. But those were not meant to be worn loose or rotate on the goalie's leg, nor did they have a landing block to keep the pad square to the ice. https://warriorhockey.com/2016/09/30/30-years-of-innovation/ There were only a few gear designers that innovated the gear to suit the new style that pros wanted. Other than Smith, you had Michel Lefebvre, who designed the gear for Koho (working with Roy and the Allaire brothers to develop butterfly style pads) and then designed the first RBK Premier line that was so familiar. And there was also Brian Heaton and Dave Wilcox who were the designers for TPS, and ghosted gear for many of the Heaton pros, like Brodeur.
  11. psulion22

    Hockey Feels Like A Chore

    First things first, just to get it out of the way. Have you been hit in the head recently. Unexplained depression and lack of motivation is a symptom of a concussion. You don't always have to have headaches to be concussed. Moving on, to me it sounds like you need to find a new team and/or place/way to play. The hockey isn't fun, and though you like the guys, that's not worth the time and effort you're investing. You want to say it's not the losing, but it is. You're trying to rationalize it to be nice. The reality is your team isn't good enough to be competing in this league. And the prospect of continuing to play uncompetitive hockey is bringing you down. I get it. I've been there. In fact, I'm there now. It's not your team's fault. They're playing where they should be and the other teams have ringers. Too many mistakes are being made, and too many games are being lost. Getting motivated to show up and probably lose is hard. Given the reactions of some of your teammates in your latest video, I'd say they might feel the same way. Just go, man. Play somewhere that doesn't have the pressure of having to win and maybe will help you start improving again. Don't stay and be miserable because it's the nice thing to do.
  12. psulion22

    Crossover help.

    In a practice like this, the tendency is to stand more upright and relaxed. Without knee bend, you can't crossover, period. So when you find yourself struggling to crossover in stick and puck, it's because you're standing up. All of the videos posted above are spot on for advancing in your technique. Keep you shoulders parallel to the ice (the tendency is to lean the inside shoulder down) because the centrifugal force drives the edges into the ice. Get some ankle roll to engage the edges and use the profile to help in the turn. Remember that there are two strides in every crossover, and that the outside edge push is as important as the inside edge (or maybe even more so). With that all said, You have a big open sheet of ice to work with, and it seems like you're just messing around and wasting the time. Work on those crossovers. Work on your skating. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. The only way to improve is to push the boundary past where it is now. You've paid for that ice and bothered to put on all your gear, use it.
  13. psulion22

    Officiating 101

    You can typically buy pro stock return visors in good condition on sites like SidelineSwap for the same price as the crappy Tron ones.
  14. Does this tech make the edge feel sharper for longer after a sharpening? Obviously the steel isn’t coated, so it won’t actually retain the edge any longer than other uncoated steel. But will the increased bite in typical turns and skating keep that sharp feeling longer like coated steel does?
  15. psulion22

    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Stick

    Do you think it loads easily enough that someone could go up in flex? I have a 75 flex Trigger 2 that loads pretty easily for me, almost too whippy. Could I go with an 85 in a T3D? Or is it more of a faster and easier load and release than a softer flex? There's that difference between having that whippy feeling and loading like a 75, but releasing and having the stiffness feel of an 85. As someone else asked upthread, have you tried a 1X? how does it compare if you have. I found that 1X to load easily without being soft and released quickly without that whippy feeling. I'd stay with them but Bauer doesn't offer P30. I held the T3D and flexed it a little in the store. It does have that stiffer but easily loaded feeling, vs what the T2 has being more of a whippy feeling. But it’s so hard to tell from just that little bit.