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  1. psulion22

    Fit profile Bauer skates?

    The Supreme and Vapor in goalie skates is the opposite of the player skates. Supreme skates have a narrow heel and less volume. Vapor skates, which were really based off the Reactor skates and got a name change, have more volume and space in the ankle. Supreme's don't wrap around the foot well, and have an asymmetric ankle, where the outside portion of the top of the skate is shorter than the inside. Vapor's wrap much better and have a symmetric ankle. If you're comparing them to player lines, the Vapor fits much closer to a player Supreme. And the goalie Supreme is kind of like a EE width Vapor player skate, it's not as narrow as the player version.
  2. psulion22

    Helmet screws stuck and just spin in place?

    Blue Loctite is a rust inhibitor and is removable. So it would likely help long term.
  3. psulion22

    The Sweet Spot

    I finally won a game in net, and kept my GA under 4, for the first time since returning from knee injuries almost a year ago. Not that I've played poorly, I've been playing really well. But I just seemed to allow too many or one I could/should have stopped too often. It was frustrating to have that happen so many times.
  4. psulion22

    The Venting Spot

    No, that's short sighted. What you need is to have 5 or 6 guys that are above the league level, one or two of them being far above. Then you rotate them in and out as subs during the regular season, making sure that they all get the required playoff eligibility, but never all show up at once. This is important because you have to have a 7-5 regular season record so the league doesn't want to move your team up a level. It helps if you start off 0-3. Then for the playoffs, you bring all your ringers and play them as much as possible, including only the 6 of them for the last half of the third, and all of any ensuing overtime. Collect your trophy and free beer certificate every season. Or at least that's what one team in two different leagues I play in does.
  5. psulion22

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    He likely just doesn't understand the stick codes. It looks to be a 1X Lite skin.
  6. psulion22

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    It’s a 2016 1X with the SE build, meaning thicker sidewalls.
  7. psulion22

    Hands on with the new Bauer Vapor Flylite

    Yeah, it makes sense. I just did the same thing. I've used 77 flex Vapors cut down about 1.5", which makes them 80-84ish. But I found a pro stock 70 flex and I am getting much better velocity from it. Push my hands forward and flick, and I get some power and pop. So you think the 77 Flylite flexes and releases the the same as the 77 1X Lite, with some more pop behind it?
  8. psulion22

    Hands on with the new Bauer Vapor Flylite

    I agree with you. On some shots, the blade opens up on the 1X Lite. The video breakdowns say they thickened and stiffened the bottom of the elliptical taper and the blade. That would cause the two things you've noticed - less opening up and a higher kick point feel. I'm personally pretty excited to try one of these. The '16 1X got me back into Bauer sticks. And I think a 70 flex 1X Lite is better than that stick. But I play mostly D and while a quick release is great for in close shots, and even getting outlet passes off, sometimes I want a little more velocity on writers from the point. A little higher kick point should do that. How do you feel the flex plays compared to the 1X Lite? Does the slightly higher kick point and elliptical taper give a little more flex?
  9. psulion22

    Bauer ADV vs BGP2P (Pro Stock ADV) weight?

    BGP2P sticks have a fused extension. I have personally had to cut one down, so I know this from experience. I can also say that my BGP2P is noticeably lighter than my 1X 3.0 at the same length, even with a larger P10 vs P88 blade. So the Pro Stock ADV is still lighter than a Pro Stock 1X Lite. Edit: I just went and found what I could of the extension I cut off. The pieces I found are about 5.5" long, which account for the 4" extension and an extra 1.5", but there is still some of the tenon from the extension in the stick. Those 5.5" pieces weigh 39 grams. It's also not all of what I cut, I'm still missing about 1/4-1/2". So the extension plus the epoxy used to fuse it in could easily weigh most of that 60 grams.
  10. psulion22

    Bauer P08

    Since the P08 is really just an amped up P92, I'd go that route. The P28 is made for that player that shoots by pushing his hands forward, moving the puck onto the toe, and quickly catapulting it in stride. I don't think you'd see the benefits of a curve like that if you're a.) taking a lot of quick one timers without the puck on the blade first, b.) taking a lot of full motion wrist shots with your hands more neutral and moving the puck along the entire blade, or c.) not doing a lot of dangles. I'd also check SWS for some Oshie pro curves, a few guys use it. I believe it's something similar to a Crazy Ovi.
  11. psulion22

    New Curves

    The Kucherov was definitely more closed in the toe compared to a P28, and I feel the toe had less rocker also. The blade was more flat and the toe a little wider. I didn't compare them to a Pastrnak though.
  12. psulion22

    New Curves

    Part of me wonders if the Pro blade choices Bauer is now offering are kind of a de facto market survey to see what the popularity of those blades would be as a potential retail option.
  13. psulion22

    Alternative to True skates?

    No, no issue is going to fix it. But the process is the process. Stick the damn thing in, stay it doesn't fix it, and move on. I wondered that also. The kid is still growing, I figured. How long before the skates do fit, and you can take out said padding? If they remake the skates, he'll need another pair soon enough. There's some kind of happy medium here when you consider all the factors.
  14. psulion22

    Alternative to True skates?

    This is exactly the point. The first established procedure is to try the insert. If that is unsatisfactory, then the boots will be remade. OP seems to be angry that they would not skip directly to step 2, before even trying step 1. And now that he's been called out, he refuses to try step 1 at all, therefore eliminating the possibility of step 2. There's a significant difference between "The inserts won't work" and "I tried the inserts and they didn't work". Even if he's upset that the skates weren't perfect the first time and didn't want to use the insoles as a cheap fix (which seems to be the case, and is understandable), it's easy to just play along and say the inserts didn't work. My guess the 'more" to the story is he reached a stalemate when he wanted the skates remade and True said to try the insert first which he refused out of principle.
  15. psulion22

    Curve Frustration - Need Recommendations

    I'll also add that someone should be getting the blade or stick that best suits their style of play. Don't change sticks/blades to try and improve skills you don't use very often, especially to the detriment of skills you use frequently. In other words, don't change your blade because you want to make better saucer passes or your stick to take bigger slapshots if you don't make many saucer passes or slapshots, especially if that hurts your wrist/snap shot or regular passes. I think a lot of guys get a stick that accentuates what they think is sexy - sauce, huge clappers, going bar down - instead of what they use in a game.