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  1. psulion22

    My Bauer sticks

    The display board for the "Pro" Custom option states Choose your: Kick-point Shaft shape Blade Construction Extra curves (including popular NHL patterns) Extra flexes Extra Length Grip Color Name bar Minimum is 2 sticks I was hoping for other flex options than just the current versions from the 3 families - like a G3/RB8/R32 or S161X/1X2.0/BR05. Neither of the current versions of the stick is as good as those.
  2. psulion22

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I don't think 1/2" is all that deep. Yes, exactly this. The edges are sharp, but they bite like they've been dulled a little. It's an easy fix by just adjusting the hollow for it. The convenience of running a pass or two on each skate while I'm packing my bag is just too much to trade for a manual sharpener.
  3. psulion22

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Maybe it's because the Sparx doesn't apply as much pressure as a human on a regular machine would, but I find the bite of my Sparx lacking compared to a manual sharpening at the same hollow. When I have to buy a new ring, I'm going to step up to 7/16 or 3/8 from 1/2 to get a little more bite.
  4. psulion22

    Stick similar to original 1x

    Update: The Trigger 3D does not have that same explosiveness. It's better than the T2, but still nothing like the '16 1X. The search continues. I'm thinking of trying a Jetspeed next. And may go to a Warrior QX W14 if that doesn't work, and the W14 is closer to a P30 than a Bauer P14.
  5. psulion22

    Sticks like the TotalOne NXG

    Ribcore is a low-kick stick. It won't be like a NXG, which is an amplified mid-kick. In CCM, their line would be the Tacks. Neither the True or Warrior is an amped mid-kick. I don't use those types of sticks, so I can't say how the Tacks compares to the Supreme, particularly the NXG, though.
  6. psulion22

    Coaches: What Protective Gear on the Ice?

    If I'm jumping into a drill or a scrimmage (I coach adults) I will put referee shins on under my warm ups. They're low profile enough to fit comfortably under pants, and protective enough that I'm not going to get hurt. For hip and leg protection, you may want to think about a light roller girdle or padded shorts, pretty much any of these would work and fit under warm up pants, especially the cheaper ones. https://www.icewarehouse.com/Roller_Hockey_Girdles/catpage-RHGIRDLES.html
  7. psulion22

    CCM P30 Curve

    Has anyone else gotten an original P30 - Parise, and a P30 - Panarin from this year? I feel like the lie on the Panarin is lower than the Parise, even though the curve is the same. Can someone confirm that?
  8. psulion22

    CCM Cowlingless

    I'm not really sure what protection you need a cowling to provide. Cowlings came about to protect the feet when goalies were using their skates to make saves. That's not the case anymore. Now goalies have the majority of their skates covered by pad, and aren't turning their foot to expose the side. In all honesty, if you're getting hit in the skate with a puck, your pad isn't fit or strapped correctly. You might take one off the toe. but that what reinforced toe boxes are for. There's significantly more protection in the impact areas of my Bauer cowlingless goalie skates than there is in the impact areas of my player skate (which amounts to basically the whole skate). I get the quick release holder, none of us need to have our steel changed on the fly. There is definitely a potential problem for those of us without eqms. But there's no downside to eliminating the cowling with modern style and equipment.
  9. I'll third (fourth?, tenth?) the P30. It's a P88 with a kink at the bottom of the toe. That's the big key. It's only open at the bottom, the top of the toe is still closed.
  10. psulion22

    Stick similar to original 1x

    Not the original 1X. You're looking for the '16 1X (v2.0) with more red on it, I bet. That's when they first added what they now call ACL. I agree, I haven't found anything that has the pop of that stick, except the Nexus 1000 (which doesn't help either). I'm hoping the Trigger 3D may be closer than the 2 was.
  11. My experience with Flare blades is that they are like a FBV on steroids. Much better glide, and better bite for the angle. After a few sessions, I can confidently say I'm faster on these runners. It's to the point that I was actually out of control until I learned to adapt to the speed. I was running into other players and the boards/net because I was going faster and cutting faster than I thought and misjudged things. It's resulted in a few pretty hard hits, in non-checking hockey. These blades are definitely as advertised, more than I expected them to be. There's more of a learning curve than I anticipated, and I'm still finding how deep I can get and still have an edge. There is also a spot where you do lose an edge if you were to very lightly turn your ankle (I guess it's in that 0-6* range before you engage the flare). Even with that, I still very highly recommend them.
  12. I don't have one of those either. I'll go with a combination of something across the blade and using a marker on the bottom of the blade to see if the wear is in the middle on the first pass. Also adjusting the wheel to give even edges on regular steel, and assuming it will be the same on the Flare. Hopefully Flare will eventually get more Squares in, and they'll still be reasonably priced.
  13. Anyone have a method of checking for level edges without a flare square? They're out of stock, and I'll need to sharpen them soon. I used to use a speed square on my regular steel,, but that won't work on these.
  14. psulion22

    Officiating 101

    This is probably a good point. I'd likely stay somewhere in the neutral zone until one team establishes possession in their offensive zone.
  15. psulion22

    Officiating 101

    As a single ref, I'd stay in the lane and go from end zone faceoff circle to end zone faceoff circle on one side of the rink. Exit the zone in stages from low to blue line to other blue line to low, staying ahead of the play as it transitions.