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  1. Yes, true. I now use a 70 flex because it's offered as a Sr option. My comment was more in relation to the fact that he had been using an 87 flex successfully before cutting. So if it worked well before, changing the flex by a few points shouldn't be a problem at his weight, particularly with how how performance has completely changed. That's why I'm suggesting mechanics and leverage may be more in play than flex.
  2. Depending on how much you cut, your hand positioning may be causing as much of the issue as the flex. If you cut the top, and keep your hands the same distance apart, your bottom hand isn't in the same place anymore. The fulcrum has changed and you're not getting the same leverage on the stick. At 215 lbs, you should be able to use an 87 flex stick. For example, I recently cut my sticks by about 1/2" but I left my bottom in the same place it was, moving my hands closer together (I marked it with tape just to see). My shot is much harder now because I'm getting more flex and lever action. I can actually feel it.
  3. psulion22

    Any shin guards with good knee protection?

    I had what was thought to be the gold standard for knee protection - the Ultra Tacks with 3D0. That was until I landed on one knee so hard it destroyed several structures inside my knee, including the PCL, ACL, patellar tendon, and bruised my femur so badly that it took 6 months to go away. The doctor said that it looked like I had been in a high speed car accident. The problem with the Ultra Tacks is that the 3D0 pad is only in the front of the knee. I landed more to the side, where there was very little padding. So I switched to the Bauer 1S that has Poron XRD all the way around the knee. Plus the Curv shell makes it lighter and more protective. I honestly don't see how any shin pad on the market could be better than these? They're absolutely fantastic in every regard. As far as adding, you may want to look into G-form knee sleeves. They're low profile so they'll fit easily inside the shin guard and will provide really good impact protection (since the're just Proron XRD) and a little comfort as well. Bauer makes a version for goalies that is on clearance on IW that would be a good bet. The difference is that the padding is shifted to the inside where goalies would land on their knees. The G-Forms were on sale recently as well.
  4. psulion22

    Officiating 101

    USA Hockey has a mobile app that has appendicies for things like this. They are also contained in the back of the rulebook.
  5. psulion22

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    They already do this for goalie skates. GM sells a stock, retail sized True 2 piece skate. It's still their top price point construction. But maybe a mid point version could be on the way. https://www.goaliemonkey.com/equipment/skates/sr-goalie-skates/true-goalie-skates-stock-two-piece-senior.html
  6. psulion22

    Knee pop injury

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner. First course of action is an evaluation by a orthopedist. During that, the doc will asses likely injuries by your description of the incident and the symptoms, and perform some manual tests. Depending on what those injuries are likely to be, he will order X-rays (for hard tissue damage), an ultrasound (for superficial structures), and/or a MRI (for internal soft tissue and hard tissue injuries). An Xray will probably not show damage to a LCL, which sounds like the likely injury here. A LCL sprain or tear can be diagnosed with an ultrasound, as can an external meniscus tear. If the ultrasound doesn't yield results, and there is additional symptoms and pain not associated with those injuries, the doc will order a MRI. The good news is that ultrasounds can be done in an office visit and don't need special scheduling or facilities like a MRI does. Moreso, LCL injuries can be treated with rest and PT, surgery and MRIs are usually not required. Unfortunately, given your description of the event and injury, I think there's a good chance that it's your ACL. LCL injuries usually are caused by a hard impact to the inside of the knee, which you didn't indicate. ACLs are typically inured when twisting the knee with the weight on it and the foot planted, or a sudden change in direction or speed. In your case, that sounds like what happened. It may be your meniscus also. Pain from that injury usually manifests itself when rotating the knee while it's bent - for example pivoting while skating backwards. Pain while bending could be either or both. Meniscus injuries don't typically cause instability though, so you probably injured one ligament or another. LCL pain would be isolated to the outside of your knee, typically either above or below it where the attachment points are. This also likely means you will need an MRI to determine the extent of the damage.
  7. psulion22

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    I did say most. I'm sure there are some who care. And of those, I'd suggest it's because they either had a bad experience with Bauer steel, most likely breakage with the first run of LS4, or they predate quick change steel (or refuse to wear Edge holders). These guys have EQMS to maintain their blades. They have holders that can swap steel out in seconds. If they wanted, guys could have steel with a fresh edge every shift. Edge retention is a non-issue for a guy that's skating 5-10 minutes before a skate could be recut during an intermission. Just stop it. I'd say they are much more likely to worry about breakage or failure with the holder than how long an edge that won't get dull (unless there is a damaging incident) will last. Maybe before quick change holders, or for guys that refuse to use those (but those guys aren't affected by this), I could see it being a concern because that meant taking off a skate and a long change process. But not anymore. Most guys just want sharp edges that feel the same every shift, they don't care how they get them.
  8. psulion22

    Skates: Vapor vs Supreme

    Yes, but it's in reverse to the player lines. Supreme goalie skates fit like Vapor player skates - less volume, less foot wrap, less width, tapered boot. Vapor goalie skates (because they're built off the Reactor line, not the Vapor player line) fit like Supreme player skates - wider, more volume, more foot wrap, more room in the ankle, more anatomical boot. The stiffness of the boot is a product of the quarter package composition, both lines will have the same stiffness when using the same quarter material. Unlike player skates, the pitch is the same on both models. One key difference is that the Supreme goalie skate has an asymmetrical ankle, where the outside of the ankle is lower than the inside. Vapor goalie skates have a symmetrical ankle, both sides are the same height. Other than that, the features are the same across the product levels.
  9. psulion22

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    I'm in the same boat here. My MX3s are starting to break down and it's becoming time to replace them. Tacks are interesting because of the one piece boot, but the heel profile is a deal breaker. The heel is what I like most about my Supremes. I can get my foot locked in there and not tie any of the laces too tight. The Supremes fit my foot the best, with no issues or compromises anywhere. Why would I switch away?
  10. psulion22

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    I'm not a store owner or expert, but I believe that the Tacks line is the equivalent to the Bauer Supreme in fit profile. What I've seen is that the CCMs have a wider, shallower heel so you don't get the heel lock of the Bauers. If you are having to tighten your skates more to achieve that heel lock, it will affect your range of forward flexion and may cause lace bite. So all that may be one cause. Another cause may be that your Tacks are not the correct size. If they are too big or too wide, you will have to lace them tighter to get the same support. Then the aforementioned things happen. It is also possible that your skates are too stiff. If you are absolutely confident that your skates are the correct size, you may want to look into the Supreme skate to get better heel lock and possibly be able to loosen the laces some. If your foot is on the wider side, Nexus skates may work as well. They're built on a wider last similar to the Supreme, but have more volume and a slightly wider heel. You might be able to get more forward flexion because of the volume.
  11. psulion22

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Why would most pros care (or even know) what kind of steel they're using? They have EQMs to care for them. Things like durability and edge retention matter to guys like us that want to have sharp skates without having to pay for sharpenings or steel more often. They matter to an EQM who has to sharpen and maintain dozens of pairs of skates/runners in a short period of time. As long as the skates are sharp and cut to give the characteristics the player likes, pros don't give one second's thought to what brand of steel is on the skate. Bauer isn't going to alienate any pros by doing this. They may piss off a few EQMs who have to cut skates more often, but that's not likely to affect thier usage amongst players in the league.
  12. psulion22

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    I think people may be confused on what exactly Step does as a company. As far as I know, they are a fabricator, not a manufacturer, of steel runners. They are buying the steel from a manufacturer and stamping out blades in their facility. They have their reputation because the composition of the steel they used was better for durability, sharpening, and edge retention than OEM. However, that composition of steel is available to anyone, including Bauer should they want it. What exactly does Step offer that would benefit Bauer, that Bauer couldn't do on its own? Why would Bauer want to reach an agreement or partnership with Step?
  13. If a P90T is in fact a Benn clone, then it is not a P30. The P30 is a P88 with a kinked toe being the only change to the curve (the rocker is different). The face of the blade is closed until you get to the toe, and the curve is a true mid. Bauer's Benn was more of a P92 variant, with a heel-ish twist and straighter blade of a P92 until you got to the toe where it had a sharp curve and kink to it like the P28. The Benn had a higher lie than the P30, again closer to the P92 but not quite that high. The toe was roughly the same shape and not as tapered as the P28, closer to, you guessed it, a P92 with a more square top but rounded bottom. Compared to the pic of that pro stock P90T, the Benn was more open throughout the blade and had a rounder toe. That P90T does look very much like a P30, the difference being the toe isn't quite as kinked at the bottom. I'm hoping they bring it to retail, as it really seems to be a full size blade version of Bauer's P14. I do not have them both in hand, but did compare them side by side at my LHS with the new Bauer Pro Custom samples.
  14. psulion22

    Fit profile Bauer skates?

    The Supreme and Vapor in goalie skates is the opposite of the player skates. Supreme skates have a narrow heel and less volume. Vapor skates, which were really based off the Reactor skates and got a name change, have more volume and space in the ankle. Supreme's don't wrap around the foot well, and have an asymmetric ankle, where the outside portion of the top of the skate is shorter than the inside. Vapor's wrap much better and have a symmetric ankle. If you're comparing them to player lines, the Vapor fits much closer to a player Supreme. And the goalie Supreme is kind of like a EE width Vapor player skate, it's not as narrow as the player version.
  15. psulion22

    Helmet screws stuck and just spin in place?

    Blue Loctite is a rust inhibitor and is removable. So it would likely help long term.