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  1. psulion22

    Was this a dick move or not?

    Agreed. Nothing good will come from a faceoff with 10 seconds left in a lopsided game. My league used to have running time in the 3rd if the score was a 6 goal differential, at the discretion of the losing team. This past season they took the choice away and it runs now regardless because they said they had more fights, injuries, and suspensions at the end of these kinds of games when the team elects not to run the clock, than any other time. Now they just want to get the game over with as quickly as possible.
  2. The coaches at a camp I went to used Hudl for their video. I know they were able to watch multiple cameras streamed live to the platform, but I don't know how it combined those cameras. It may not have been all available streams on one screen. My home rink has exactly what you're looking for - multiple cameras on one screen synced in real time. But the company hasn't really taken off, and I'm not sure if they do any applications outside of this one rink. I believe the company is called MaxxSports. Maybe check them out and reach out?
  3. psulion22

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    And can cause damage to the mask. My goalie just had his cage bent on a wrister in warm ups, and he's wearing a top of the line Bauer bucket with a cage in good condition.
  4. psulion22

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    Helmets protect not only from puck impacts, but also potential impacts with players and the ice in a collision. Polycarbonate masks don't have any rigidity. They can be flexed with the bare hands. So they certainly don't dissipate the energy from a shot very well. But more importantly, they don't protect from being crushed with enough force, like someone falling on you while you're down on the ice. You need fiberglass to attain structural rigidity and adequate protection.
  5. psulion22

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Probably 1/2". But I'd go with 3/8" to get that bite.
  6. psulion22

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    First things first, kudos to you for recognizing that the helmet was too small. Seriously. Wayyyyyy too many guys would have just gone with it and risked a severe head injury if they were knocked backwards. I agree with IPv6. Go to the local store again and try on the biggest retail brands they have, even if you can't afford them, just to get an idea of fit. If nothing fits, see what size they are (Bauer Fit 1,2,3 / CCM S,M,L) so you can tell if the next size up might work. Chris has already given you the details on Bauer mask. On CCM, you want either a 9000 or a Pro, the difference primarily being weight. I believe that CCM has come out with a new line with new numbering, so you may be able to pick one of the old models up cheaper. Protechsport is a very good mask, and probably can't be beat for the price. But wait times are long as every mask is custom. I'm a Sportmask guy. They fit me the best because I have a short forehead and they have the lowest crown. They also run a little larger, so a medium may fit you. Also keep in mind that there are two dimensions in play, you need not only to fit completely inside the helmet, but also not have too wide while doing so. Other small brands like OTNY and Wall are reasonably priced and offer good products. As a guideline, the retail price of any mask you get shouldn't be below $400. Anything cheaper than that, and some more expensive, are likely made from polycarbonate. You need a mask to be made from a minimum of fiberglass, with other things like Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Inegra, etc, as optional reinforcement.
  7. psulion22

    Easton Mako Skates

    Thanks. I could probably get away with a 7.5EE 2S Pro, because they have seemed to get a little bigger recently. 7 3/4 custom for sure. But if you think that they are a similar length and a little wider toe box, maybe the 8.5 D Mako 2 will fit close. I really love the Supreme line. They fit me pretty well. But I remember how comfortable and light the Makos I tried on were. I figured they might be worth a shot for sub-$400 if they would be close in size. I have made myself custom shot blockers from a sheet of Lexan that I cut and heat molded. I'd love some of that Ultra Stop material, but I can't seem to find any ordering or buying info on it.
  8. psulion22

    Kucherov Pro Stock Curve

    Bauer is now including the Kucherov Pro in their Custom Pro options. I looked at it last night. It’s close to a P28, with a slightly more closed toe.
  9. psulion22

    Easton Mako Skates

    What is the fit profile of these things? My MX3s are getting to the end of their life, and I've come across a pair of Mako 2s. My MX3s are 8EE, the Makos are 8.5D. I remember trying on a pair of original Makos very briefly when they were first released, in size 8 or 8.5 D (I can't remember), and they fit pretty well from what I recall. Also, what's the impact protection like? I've taken shots in my Supremes that have left some serious bruises. I was thinking it might be from the Curv quarters, since in my much softer Nike V12s I never felt a thing. Thanks for the input. I'm just wondering if it makes sense to take a shot on these.
  10. psulion22

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Which grit/density of Gumi stone do you use? Both Nash Sports and Tydan are offering Gumi type stones for Black/coated steel, but neither list the specs on it. Both are a brick color, so I'm wondering if the color is specific and that's the one I need. They're cheaper on Amazon.
  11. Bent steel is a pretty typical thing. While it more often happens with cheaper or stock steel, it can happen with better quality and aftermarket runners too. I had two sets from a very popular third party manufacturer sent to me from JR that had one bent runner from each pair. It was unusual to be sure, but it shows that it can happen. Runners are stamped from a sheet of steel, and that process can put a slight bend in. Most often, the holder will straighten it out. So if the steel has a bend off the skate, it may not on the skate. Just to see, I've put the aforementioned bent runners onto a skate and sharpened them. I wasn't able to detect any issues. If there is an area that corresponds with the bend that is having an issue with sharpening, you may have another issue. As suggested above, I'd swap sides on the runners. If the issue remains on the same side, the problem is with the holder on that skate. If it stays with the bad runner, then the problem is the steel. Of course, there's always the possibility that you're just getting a bad sharpening. Steel can be bent back, or the holder can be remounted correctly to fix the issue.
  12. psulion22

    The Venting Spot

    This was a while ago, so you may know. Does the first name Alex ring a bell? Anyway, I just had a ref scream at and threaten to penalize a goalie for sending a puck down after an icing. I last game had a ref tell us that kicking the puck into the net was ok, because that’s “an NHL rule” and USA hockey doesn’t have it. When corrected to meaning that no puck can go in off a foot, his reply was “how many ref seminars have you been to?” I had a ref a few games ago tell us that a player who tracked another player from across the rink and drove that player from behind into the boards was only a 2 minute penalty. Mind you, all these incidents were within the last 2 weeks. We had a game where one of the refs didn’t blow his whistle the entire game. Seriously. Not even for icings or offsides. He just either waved everything off or didn’t bother calling it. In the third period of last season’s championship, a ref waved off a game tying goal because I was in the crease. Mind you, there were no marks on the ice. You couldn’t see any paint at all. Earlier in the game, that same ref told our bench that he couldn’t see any lines, so he had to use the stripes on the boards and it was more of a judgement call for offsides. But he somehow saw me in the invisible crease from 40 feet away with no board marking nearby. And I was nowhere near the play. It was a shot from the other side point that got redirected short side. I was coming from the opposite wall. It seems like every game I play, there is something egregious that goes either uncalled, or incorrectly called, and usually it involves something dangerous. A few seasons ago, we lost in a shootout 2-1. One goal was a double hit that I made a save and the player put in the rebound. And the second goal, the guy cut through the crease, kicked my stick out of the way, and put it 5 hole. Video confirmed both of those. So don’t feel bad.
  13. psulion22

    The Venting Spot

    I once had a coach at a camp, who was the HC for the women's team at a major D1 university, tell the room that all refs are a-hole POSs and should be treated accordingly. We all laughed. Since then, I've come to realize he's right. In my experience, especially recently, good beer league refs are like frickin unicorns, and good hockey directors are like 4 leaf clovers. Sadly the best ref down here is a POS human being (that you'd know from being infamous on GGSU, IPv6).
  14. I'm in MX3's also, and they're starting to break down. The foams inside are pretty thin, so there's more room than there used to be. The quarters are a little soft, the tongue is pretty flimsy, and the comfort padding on the top edge is wearing out. It's probably time for new skates. My guess is you're having the same issue as me that is just manifesting differently.
  15. psulion22

    My Bauer sticks

    Yes, that's the better term. I want a non-retail build.