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  1. TheProfessor

    CCM Super Tacks & 7092 Girdles

    Interested to see if it's as protective as the Reebok 9k some pros used. I'm looking for a super protective girdle.
  2. TheProfessor

    How to fix torn skate lining? (see pic)

    Thanks for advice ya'll. I will probably do what Monty suggested above. I don't care much what it looks like, I just don't want the liner to tear up or compromise the structure of the materials inside the boot.
  3. TheProfessor

    How to fix torn skate lining? (see pic)

    you mean use a piece of leather that wraps around, so I would glue it to both the liner and the exterior of the boot? Or glue a piece only to the liner?
  4. How do I fix this? The lining of the skate above the top eyelet is tearing away from the boot.
  5. TheProfessor

    Son is joining roller league!

    Sounds like he's going to have a great time. I never had the body for contact hockey (always underweight for my age), so inline was a great sport for me growing up. We need more "beer leagues" for teenagers. I actually prefer 4 on 4 because of the space it opens up.
  6. TheProfessor

    Flatter rocker for increased stability?

    JR, I believe its the same as the "100/50". That's what they called it when I ordered my Stepsteel runners. Random sharpening website quote: How does the hollow play into the choice of profile? dkmiller, I had a hip scope about 5 years ago, which didn't help much. Been to many docs and had diagnoses that include mild hip osteoarthritis, FAI, sports hernia, and nerve entrapment (scar tissue).
  7. TheProfessor

    Flatter rocker for increased stability?

    Currently on 9/16 FBV.
  8. I've been unable to play for several years due to hip and groin issues. Still have chronic issues but I'd like to get back on the ice in some capacity. Currently skating with Vapors and a combo 12/7 radius. I've skated a few times but the amount of effort needed to stabilize myself causes increased pain and fatigue on my adductors and hips. I'm wondering if going to a flatter rocker like 11 or even 12 will help.
  9. TheProfessor

    Hip Injury

    Had the surgery and saw results for the first few months, but then all the pain came back and has persisted almost 2 years after the surgery. I also have some painful snapping/clicking since the surgery that I didn't have before (awesome). Hip surgeon now thinks I have a sports hernia and that the hip isn't causing the pain. Not too thrilled to have another surgery on a "maybe". Good luck to everyone here trying to get back on the ice.
  10. TheProfessor

    Hip Injury

    I went to my general practice doc first. Tried some NSAIDs and steroids as treatment for tendinitis/strain. After that didn't work, he referred me to an orthopedic/sports medicine doc. From there I jumped around to 3 different ortho docs before getting a contrast MRI that found the labral tear.
  11. TheProfessor

    Hip Injury

    How are you guys rehab going? I had the same procedure (hip scope to repair labrum and correct impingement) a few weeks ago and am just now cleared to start weight bearing.