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  1. What is the difference in fit between the current model Supreme pro stock pants and the Nexus pants? I did a search and most results were from 4+ years ago. Thanks.
  2. FlyChicaga

    CCM 9k girdle

    I absolutely loved my 9K girdle. The only reason I switched to pants was because my legs would get ridiculously hot. The pants breathe more since they aren't fastened so close to the leg. Protection-wise I felt the 9K was above my HP45.
  3. FlyChicaga

    Wearing a Mask in Beer League?

    I have been in a visor for the past 12-15 years. I'd occasionally throw on a cage for a came after a close call, but then I'd hate it and revert back to the visor. I had some cuts and fat lips, but thankfully no lost teeth. I just love the vision with the visor. That said, I just recently went back to a cage. I play defense in C leagues, and I found I was getting less and less aggressive on D, for fear of having a puck ride up and get me right in the mouth. Also, I was less interested in board battles after several errant sticks and elbows caught me in the face. I finally decided enough was enough, I'm going with the cage, so I can focus on the game and stop worrying about protecting my mouth. Since I did, I've been more relaxed and enjoying my games a lot more. I just can't trust guys won't sail a puck high on a shot, or swing their stick around like a madman. When I was playing with a bunch of skilled guys in drop-ins, I was much less concerned, since guys shots were controlled and the great majority wore visors, so they controlled their sticks. I'd say wear whatever the heck you want. Just understand the consequences of wearing one thing versus another.
  4. FlyChicaga

    Improper steel size

    I have a feeling I'm going to get blasted asking this question, but I have to anyways. I picked up a pair of CCM skates with Tuuk LS Edge holders, coming from Bauer 1S skates with the same. I have been running two sets of Step Blacksteel in my 1S skates, with a size 272 runner. The new CCM skates have a 280 holder. I have size 280 Blacksteel on order, but it will not be here in time for my game this weekend. Can I get away with the 272 in the 280 holder for just one C-level men's league game? Or should I grab a set of non-Blacksteel steel for this one game and just use as backup steel down the line?
  5. FlyChicaga

    Improper steel size

    Surprisingly, the 272 fit in the 280 holder. It's just that the curved ends of the blade aren't as close to the ends of the holder (4mm per side basically). So I'm unsure if I'll trip and fall in a tight turn due to that difference.
  6. FlyChicaga

    Getting credit for Assists

    I don't particularly care about goals/assists, even though our league keeps them and posts them online. I will say though that I appreciate as a defenseman when we're recognized for assists on nice breakout passes. Earlier this season I made a breakout pass from in front of our goal line, off the boards and right on to the tape of our leading scorer at the opposing blue line. The ref actually skated down to our bench and asked who made that pass, because he wanted to make sure we got the assist for such a nice play. I really appreciated that. Playing D, we don't get much "glory," so you take what you can get. That's also why I silently keep track of my plus/minus each game, just as a small way to know what kind of game I'm having that night. If we win 7-2, and I'm a +6, I leave the game feeling pretty good that our D pairing contributed to the win even if we had no recorded points.
  7. I just ordered a pro stock stick from HockeyMonkey. When I received it, there were little shards of clear/milky plastic on the inside. I removed the end cap and they all dumped out. When I bang the stick on the ground, more seem to come loose. Is this some type of glue on the interior of the stick breaking apart, or is the stick faulty? I'm not sure if I should send it back or if it's a non-issue. Thoughts?
  8. FlyChicaga

    Clear Plastic Pieces in OPS

    Thanks JR. I'm excited to use this curve, didn't want to return it.
  9. FlyChicaga

    Clear Plastic Pieces in OPS

    I did, I'll see if I can upload somehow.
  10. FlyChicaga

    Clear Plastic Pieces in OPS

    It's a CCM Trigger. I should add that it's flexible, like dried glue/caulk.
  11. FlyChicaga

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    A post above talked about CCM versus Bauer. I used to be in all Bauer... helmet, sticks, skates, etc. etc., except shoulder pads. It started with shin pads, then pants, then gloves, and now I'm in everything CCM minus skates. I like the fit and feel of CCM equipment, and I especially like how clean and simple a lot of their gear is. Bauer is so flashy with their odd retail color schemes and what I call "reflective" pants. Maybe I'm old school. I agree that manufacturers need to streamline their stick and skate lines into different price points, instead of being all over the map. Prices are outrageous at retail when you can get pro stock sticks from various sites for $100-200 less.
  12. FlyChicaga

    Foot Pain - Skate Punching?

    As a follow up... I really just couldn't take the pain anymore, so I spent $5 and had my skates stretched at my LHS. I was a little concerned when I got my right skate back as it was noticeably larger than it was previous. However, on the ice I am not experiencing the same pain as I was before. The skate feels a little more "roomy," so it is going to take a few skates to get used to. My foot still is planted and secured, but it isn't as tight as it was before so I felt a bit unsure at first. All things considered I'm happy I had them stretched... I'm not a pro player and I'm getting older, so any small decrease in performance is OK as long as I can walk comfortably the following day after a game.
  13. I bought Bauer 1S skates a few months ago after doing the Bauer 3D scan, which down the line told me I should be in the Supreme line (I wore Vapor prior, but was getting pain in my forefoot). After ditching my Vapor skates, I was in CCM 70K, which were SUPER comfortable, but I felt some movement in the heel which I didn't like. I also didn't feel like I had the responsiveness that I do in the 1S. I love these 1S... my skating and maneuverability have improved immensely. However, I'm getting a lot of pain on my right foot in the ball of the foot every time I skate. I do not get this pain in the left side at all. The pain then travels to the center of my foot. By the end of a two-hour skate session, it hurts to turn and stop on that foot. Since I'm not getting any semblance of pain in the left foot from these skates, I don't believe I'm in the wrong skate, or the wrong size. These skates actually feel like they fit like a glove. Would getting the right skate punched in the forefoot help alleviate this problem? I'm cautious about doing anything to the skate that cannot be reversed. If I get them punched and it doesn't solve the problem, any suggestions what might be wrong? Thanks.
  14. FlyChicaga

    Ultra Tacks shins vs Super Tacks

    Nothing noticeable
  15. FlyChicaga

    Foot Pain - Skate Punching?

    Thanks for all the responses. I'm going to try rolling out my feet before and after a skate, to see if maybe it's not a skate issue, but a foot issue. I currently use Powerfeet inserts, and have for over a year. Not only do I like how it pushes my toes down, it's also more comfortable when I inevitably take shots off the front of my skate (I play D).
  16. FlyChicaga

    Ultra Tacks shins vs Super Tacks

    I have the Ultra Tacks Pro, and purchased (but never used on ice) Super Tacks Pro (both pro stock models of top-end shins). I like the Ultra Tacks a lot better. They are wider at the base in my opinion, and sit better on my shin. I wear my shins over tongue, and the Super Tacks I had pushed away from my shin, leaving a gap. I have had two pairs of pro stock Ultra Tacks, and I have stood in front of a LOT of shots with them. Never had an issue at all. Probably the best shin pads I've ever used. I ended up selling the Super Tacks before ever using them on the ice. One other thing of note: The Super Tacks pro stock shins I bought had the hole in the knee, just like the retail version. My Ultra Tacks pro shins do not, and have felt covering the knee. I find that much more comfortable, since my knee wasn't hitting the D3O foam directly.
  17. FlyChicaga

    Foot Pain - Skate Punching?

    I am using fairly thin socks (Bauer 37.5), and Superfeet Carbon insoles. I’ll try to upload pictures. I may see if my LHS can re bake my right skate. I didn’t like the Bauer Speed plates nor the regular footbeds; any other suggestions besides Superfeet for good insoles?
  18. FlyChicaga

    CCM PP90 Fit

    I'm 5'10" and 160 lbs and the medium 9K fits perfectly with my 9K girdle. I know the large would be too much. 33" waist.
  19. FlyChicaga

    Does every AHL player use a Ribcor stick?

    It appears some AHL teams are a bit more flexible on the CCM helmet requirements than others. Hershey, Toronto for example, I see several guys wearing Bauer helmets with the branding removed. However teams like Chicago, Grand Rapids, basically every guy is in a CCM bucket. Just an observation.
  20. FlyChicaga

    Does every AHL player use a Ribcor stick?

    How long is the AHL/CCM contract?
  21. FlyChicaga

    Shoulder pad suggestions?

    I'm currently in Super Tacks shoulders, but I plan on trying the new Jetspeeds when they get released. I play defense, so I occasionally get an errand shot or get tangled up in the corners. I've been very happy with them. I don't understand how some guys don't wear shoulder pads. Hockey is a high-speed game, I wouldn't want to hit another player/boards/post without something to protect my upper body.
  22. FlyChicaga

    In search of new gloves - Tips?

    How loose do you want your gloves? I've been using CCM 852s for the past year. Very loose glove, but amazing palms and very comfortable. I have great wrist mobility. Personally, I ended up liking the HG12 gloves more, since they're a snug fit. So I'm selling my 852s (Maple Leafs colors). But it took me a while to decide to part with them. They're made in Canada and very durable. There are a very different pairs on eBay and SideLineSwap right now. In terms of retails gloves, I agree the Warrior Alpha QX Pro is one of the best offerings at the moment for a loose fit. I have a pair (selling though, again like HG12), and they're amazingly comfortable and flexible right out of the gate.
  23. FlyChicaga

    Pro Stock Skate Sizing

    Personal opinion only. Skates and sticks are the two things I feel people need to be the most picky about. I buy pro stock sticks, but I'm very careful about what I buy. I try to ensure the flex, pattern, height, etc., is perfect before I drop the money. If I'm in a pinch and need a stick, I go to my LHS and get a mid-range stick for about $150. Which is the most I'll spend on a stick. I want to know what I'm walking away with. Skates even more so in terms of being picky. I will never, ever buy another pair of pro stock skates. I bought one pair for $500, and as soon as I put them on I knew I made a mistake. On the flip side, I went to my LHS and did the Bauer 3D scan, and it told me I needed Supreme skates (I've been wearing Vapor for 12+ years). I put on the 1S and knew immediately I had the right skate. So I got them. And I won't look back... These skates fit my feet perfectly, and I've observed a noticed improvement in my skating. Don't get wrapped up in pro stock = better. Mid to high range skates from your LHS will be just as good if not better than any pro stock skate, IF THEY FIT YOUR FEET. The key is trying on a lot of skates and finding what feels the best. I've gone through five pairs of skates in the past year until I found a pair that fit me perfectly. I wouldn't have gone through so many if I went to my LHS from the start and had a well-trained associate spend time to help me. Your son wears a 10.5 skate. To me that signals he's older and playing HS or College hockey. If so, maybe True skates are something to consider, if you are willing to drop the money. Otherwise, spend a couple hours at a LHS and find the right skate, because it could make or break his game.
  24. Just FYI, these are "team stock," and there is talk that they're simply SMU (special make up) gloves rather than true pro stock quality. I had a pair and sold them pretty quick, they felt less durable and poorer quality than the QX Pro's I got at retail. The Alpha is a pretty nice gloves, but honestly I'd do with the 1X. Personal opinion only.
  25. FlyChicaga

    Bauer Supreme 1S vs S190

    FYI I have 1S skates, and something I've done to try and keep from damaging the injected eyelets is pull out on the laces rather than up when I'm tightening them. That way I'm putting less pressure on the eyelets. I learned to do this when baking skates, and I figured why not do it every time I lace up. I can still get them really tight with this method without putting so much pressure on the boot stitching. Yeah yeah yeah, you shouldn't have to do this, but I actually have grown to like the eyelets on the 1S. They get tight and stay tight for the entire game without needing wax laces.