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    MLX, Graf 701, Graf 501
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    Leino SE16
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    Slava Kozlov TPS HGT, AK27
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    Bauer HH5000L, CCM cage
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    Tackla Air 9000 with suspenders
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    Warrior AX1
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    Reebok 20K
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  1. flip12

    Actual Blade Length

    Did you have all of those various steels profiled?
  2. flip12

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    What is the new one’s material makeup? Foam, felt, and leather? Can you share some detailed views of it?
  3. flip12

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    Ketchup, mustard, and bratwurst is the theme of this generation of Vapor sticks and skates, so at least it’s consistent if not really coherent.
  4. flip12

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Does the new tongue have a moderately stiff thermoplastic piece running 90% of its length like the MLX tongue had?
  5. flip12

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    What improvements do you have in mind?
  6. flip12

    What manufacturer makes this steel?

    Absolutely Vapor 8.
  7. flip12

    Graf PK4700

    I wouldn’t change that either. That’s another thing I think Graf gets more than the other skate brands...though I suppose it’s impossiblebto refute the simple counter-argument that other brands only make their skates stiffer than stiff across the entire boot because that’s what the customer wants; on the other hand Bauer and CCM have begun to walk back their overzealous boot stiffening of late. Again, look at Viking speed skates: they’re not nearly as stiff as competitors’ boots, but they’re still popular and skaters wearing them still figure in the medal count. They’ve meshed the integrated outsole-quarter piece and managed to maintain their optimal feel of stiff down low and softer on top. The marketing of the one piece boot is often a bit wishy washy, but I definitely notice a difference in high speed turning stability and more immediate response wearing my MLX compared to Graf. There are still things, previously mentioned, that I still prefer from my Grafs. But when I swap them out for MLXs mid-session, I feel the performance boost instantly. I’m starting to wonder if this has less to do with there being less material or fewer parts in the boot-holder junction and more to do with the boot better resisting torsion. I’ll add some visual materials to show where that thinking comes from in a little bit. I think I’ll have to dig around to find some images and also probably sketch some others. I just want to finish this monster post, “Sorry,” with this: whatever the cause, I definitely do believe in the benefit of the one piece boot...not that I think it has to be one chunk of a shell, but that the effect of those skates is very real, and I’d bet the future of hockey skates 10-years down the line.
  8. flip12

    Graf PK4700

    Right. I’d try integrating the parts quarter A - outsole - quarter B into a butterflylike unit, leaving the heel part to be stitched up the same way they’ve been doing for decades. Viking’s heel cup is similar, but I picture the approach I’d try changing less about Graf’s assembly process.
  9. flip12

    Graf PK4700

    I wouldn’t change the various Graf fits at all, just update the boots’ materials and construction.
  10. flip12

    Graf PK4700

    I just wish Graf would do a monocoque boot, with an integrated outsole and quarter package.
  11. flip12

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    Just wanted to refresh this line of this thread because I unsurfaced this while digging through Sport Maska (CCM) patents on Google Patents: Here's the patent, Skate and method of manufacture, from 2014: https://patents.google.com/patent/EP2932864B1 That's the closest I've found to an inside look at what could be an indication of how CCM's OPBs are made. It's the same mold form I was envisioning creating that seam trace you can see along the middle of the shell.
  12. flip12

    Girdle Options

    IceWarehouse has the 4500 weighed in at 775g for a medium, compared to 975 for the True XC9, 1043 for the Bauer 2S, 1308 for the Bauer S190, 1459 for the CCM 7092, and 1577 for the CCM Super Tacks. I know weight isn’t the be all, end all, but that’s a huge savings. How does it compare protection-wise? *The heavier ones include shells. So maybe the difference isn’t so great after all. The Tackla’s still lighter than the next lightest by 200g, though.
  13. Thanks for the updated info and the link, I didn't even know about Maltese's end. Definitely keep us informed if you go for it yourself. It'd be cool to compare notes
  14. The fabric store I know of here didn’t have any hd foams, just squishy options for stuffing teddies and decorative pillows. I just remembered there’s also somewhat of an ingredients list on product tags too, and I usually neglect to remove those. I don’t have access to my equipment at the moment, but I could read from a tag on some Jofa elbows on eBay that they contain polyurethane foam. The density rating is just the weight of the sheet at a certain standard size, if I’m not mistaken, so it would just take some math to figure out the density of my stock liners. @IPv6Freely thanks for the suggestion of spacer mesh. I was considering something gummier like EVA or Maltese Gel as a thin outer layer, for a bit more suctioned lock feeling against the leg, but I’m thinking the spacer mesh could have enough cushioning to make that spongier layer for the leg contact side unnecessary. My main problem with the stock liners is that they just feel so alien against the leg, but I love the fit of the shells.
  15. That seems like the gusset material on some of my gloves. I could see that being a suitable cover, but I’m more curious about what foam types and densities are typically used as the bulk of the liner.