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  • Skates
    nbh vapor 40's
  • Stick
    sherwood 5030's for now...
  • Gloves
    nbh one90 prostock dallas
  • Helmet
    nbh 5500
  • Pants
    easton synergy girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
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    easton s9's
  • Shin Pads
    easton synergy 800

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  1. jon93

    Photos of yourself

    ebondo, are you on the hollydell team thats in districts right now?
  2. jon93

    Show It Off

    nice shoulders, how do you like the farrels?
  3. jon93

    Step Steel

    wow, that's getting really technical with your skates.
  4. jon93

    Photos of yourself

    I'm guessing he;s the one with black/white/red socks
  5. jon93

    Show It Off

    it sounds like a good idea and would be worth trying. So far i havent even used the shoulder caps.
  6. jon93

    Show It Off

    hmm I never thought of that but how will you keep it in shape while its cooling and forming?
  7. jon93

    Show It Off

    They;re a bit hotter then regular shoulderpads. But the mobility is amazing. You really dont feel a single thing when you play in them. I dont notice any cross checks or hits or anything. I'm in love with these shouler pads.
  8. jon93

    Photos of yourself

    Who are you? Theres at least 3 diferent players in each player.
  9. jon93

    Show It Off

    The shoulder pads are amazing. You dont feel a thing with them on. Protection is not a problem at all compared to what everyone else says. They do look a little bulky with the shouldercaps still on.
  10. jon93

    Show It Off

    New Stuff Vapor 40;s and some Farrell shouldies http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...keystuff033.jpg http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...keystuff034.jpg http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...keystuff035.jpg
  11. jon93

    Photos of yourself

    This is by far one of the most memerobile moments of my life. today was my teams last time together and we deffinatly made the best of it. Before this game i told every one i thought of a new celebration called "James Bond" and that if i snipe the first goal i'll do it. Half way through the First i go upper 90 on them from the point. So i skated to center ice started to glide on my knees faced the goalie and started shooting at him like james bond. The rink was full of laughter. Most laughed at me but my team loved it and the bench was full of smiles for the whole period. Later that day i found out the photographer got a picture of it so i had to buy it. This was one of the best 10 dollars ive ever spent. it was against the team we met it the finals with. That game we tied 3-3. In the championship we lost 2-1.They had home ice advantage so that was our excuse. its been two hours since the game and i already miss my teamates. They were family. You really dont realise how much you love somethings until they are gone. Story times done. Thanks for listining. Damn that was long.
  12. jon93

    What skate hollow do you skate on?

    15 y.o. 5'5" 138 and on 7/8ths. I'm trying to get my way to 1inch but i think i might be too light. I'd rather have end to end speed but not having the greatest acceleration off of quick stops is the only downfall
  13. jon93

    David Perron

    whens the first nhl scrap coming? haha
  14. jon93

    Show off your gear

    http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...ystuff013-1.jpg http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...ystuff012-1.jpg http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...ystuff011-1.jpg http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...ystuff010-1.jpg http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/jon...keystuff019.jpg Friends pads.
  15. jon93

    XBox Live Gamertags

    anyone up for a MSH COD4 or H3 game?