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  1. hockeymom

    Home Theaters

    Whew, I've done a bunch of research on these things! There is a lot of conflicting and garbage information out there. (Most of it the fault of marketing campaigns *grins*) At any rate, in case it is useful to someone else, here's a link to interesting info from one of the credible sites I found: DisplayMate are experts in calibration and did testing comparing 60 hz and 120 hz. Bottom Line: no dif. http://www.displaymate.com/LCD_Response_Time_ShootOut.htm Then I went through the Plasma vs LCD decision stuff. http://www.displaymate.com/LCD_Plasma_ShootOut.htm I found it especially interesting that they generally found the tv's performed better with all the bells and whistles turned off. Bought a Vizio 37" 1080p LCD for the bedroom and a 50" Samsung Plasma 6 series in the basement. Maybe I shoulda waited for the kid to move out!
  2. hockeymom

    Home Theaters

    I can't quite believe it, but we're joining the 21st century this year too. (Considering we didn't have cable for two+ years, this is a pretty big leap). Is there a significant difference between 60 and 120 Hz? From what I understand, it makes very little difference when watching tv (tv stations broadcast in 60) and really kicks in for gaming and BluRay. I'm not going to become a gamer, and we're not considering the kid with this purchase in the hope she'll be outta the house and gone in another year... so it comes down to movies. Has anyone watched the same movie on 60 and 120 Hz and how huge was the difference? LMAO - I just realized, it doesn't matter what thread one posts in, it always comes down to a performance benefit on MSH, doesn't it?? lol
  3. hockeymom

    David Perron

    Wish I'd had seats to that game! Friend of mine was working the game on the TV production with the regular Blues' crew. (there are always two crews broadcasting each game - one for each team). He was telling me they all really like David. Nice to hear... those guys (obviously) watch every game. Gotta keep the media on your side!
  4. 1st rule of parenting.... NEVER buy anything without headphones or a mute button... unless it is for someone else's kid
  5. I'm one vehicle away fom something I actually want to drive. Yep, FINALLY ditching the hockey-mum-mobile mini-van this week (woo-hoo) and getting a Mazda3 hatchback. MissD starts driving this summer... and if all goes according to plan, she'll take this car off to university in 3 yrs (If she starts doing her friggin' homework grrrr) and then I'll get a car just for ME.
  6. hockeymom

    David Perron

    OMG - the level of detail you guys notice continues to shock and amaze me
  7. hockeymom

    David Perron

    I'm on a mac with flip4mac... it also worked fine... It did take awhile to load. Perhaps you're giving up too early on the blank screen that seems to be doing nothing?
  8. hockeymom

    David Perron

    Congrats David ~ I think I watched that goal 50 times.
  9. hockeymom

    2007 Warrior Catalogue

    why do they make these price regulations? To protect the price point. If you could buy it anywhere for less, it would no longer be worth $239.
  10. hockeymom

    Tacki-Mac Command Grip

    Eh, you're absolutely right iceman.... but remember the main benefit of these grips is to save your gloves.
  11. hockeymom

    Nike/Bauer ONE90

    A Player/Parent Joint Review Foot shape: Wider forefoot, narrow heel, flat arch, pronates, wide toe area and oddly angled toes. Coming from: Mission SW (S-series) Usage at time of review: 6 months 4-6 times weekly Fitting Issues: MissD is hard to fit; it is difficult to find a skate that is wide enough in the toe box and mid-foot, narrow enough in the heel and is comfortable in the ankle. She also doesn’t like the feel of a boot that is higher cut. I thought this was just her personal preference, or the difficulty of trying to fit into a skate that had been designed for male feet. Women tend to have wider forefeet, narrow heels and a slightly shallower/lower ankle. I have also recently learned that women’s calves are proportionally lower on their leg compared with men; a higher cut boot may in fact effect her leg movement because of the placement of the tendon guard. Parent Issues: I wanted a skate that had a good chance of lasting two seasons = value for money now that her feet have thankfully stopped growing. She was also working very hard on improving her skating – so I wanted to find a skate that would help her with her edgework and give her a good platform. We spent 6 months researching and trying on virtually every skate in the market (standing in each of them for at least ½ an hour in the store) before getting the ONE90’s Fit: MissD loved these skates the moment she put them on in the store – a first! I credit the instantaneous comfort with the fact that these skates were made on a 3-D last and are built to fit the shape of the foot better right from the get-go. You can see this if you compare them to another skate and look down, the inside is a titch further forward than the outside and also a bit higher. MissD identified a few hot spots that needed to be handled in the baking and breaking in period… primarily the outer edges of her mid-foot. Being ThermoFORMable (rather than just heat-MOLDable) makes it possible to ease the skate wider for the mid-foot and also really lock the heel in well. It did take many skates before these were fully broken in but are now the most comfortable skates she has worn. The larger ankle pocket in these skates fits a wider variety of foot shapes and meant MissD’s ankle was comfortable at last. Did not try the existing insoles – MissD pro-nates and always uses super-feet. Never had a skate fit so well: 10/10 Blade/Holder: We had heel lifts installed and the blades were profiled. The NBH website recommends profiling the one90’s. The holder took a few skates for MissD to adjust to: “They seem higher and felt weird at first, but it is easier to get my edges and I can really lean into these skates without losing an edge” It made a difference in her skating and her starts and transitions are noticeably quicker and easier. Weight: Crazy light. MissD has never been concerned about weight, but I imagine she would notice a huge difference if she tried to go back to a heavier skate. She says: “I don’t notice these skates at all: With other skates, I’d move my skate, with these I move my foot” 10/10 Protection: MissD stops pucks without noticing it at all. 10/10 Durability: After a lot of miles and even falling on the unforgiving surface of a skating treadmill there are only surface scuffs and scrapes. 10/10 Conclusion: Highly responsive skate: “you think move and BAM! You’re there” Although the stiffest skate she has ever worn, it has so much forward flex that it hasn’t been an issue. This is especially surprising because MissD was really afraid of moving into a stiff skate after having the Mission supple-fit. I believe these skates will last 2 seasons, however, they have so exceeded my expectations in a skate that I feel we will have received good value for the money even if they need to be replaced sooner than that. 10/10 This thread shows MissD’s transition into the one90’s: One90 Transition and Profiling
  12. hockeymom

    Tacki-Mac Command Grip

    I didn't expect this Kovi - but that is exactly what my daughter has discovered! I originally put the Tacki-Mac on her sticks this year to save wear on her gloves. Earlier this week she used her back-up shaft with regular tape on it - and absolutely hated the feel with tape - felt the tape gave way less control. She says there is no way she would go back to tape.
  13. hockeymom

    Tacki-Mac Command Grip

    Weeeellll, it sure wasn't like any sock I've ever put on....
  14. hockeymom

    Tacki-Mac Command Grip

    You must have some grip! MissD has used one for 4 months, averaging 5 x week usage and no sign of any wear at all. Speculation on possible reasons for your early wear (other than your manly grip): * not a tacki-mac, but one of those other grips? * air bubble or not smooth adhesion along shaft creating early wear?
  15. hockeymom

    David Perron

    Oh that's too bad. Was it incredibly nerve=wracking to be in a televised game? I can't imagine the excitement and tension.