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  1. I had already done that!! What to do if you dont have a @Flare Skate Blade edge checker,??
  2. oldtrainerguy28

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    That will definitely cause an issue. Its actually pretty simple no matter what machine you use. Eliminate the easiest problems first. So in the end itvwas only the Flare steel that was off??
  3. oldtrainerguy28

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Does this happen in the skste? And always in the same right or left skste?? If it happens in the same skate every time holder is bent. If your doing blade only out of skate. The machine is the issue.
  4. Wow sure didnt troll far enough. Bauer boots are not bad at all except for mounting and blade alignment NHL private study completed showed in shot blocking they were mid pack barely. Sparx is no where near the quality of a ProSharp or the newest in scientific and automation as an @Elite Blade Performance sharpening and profiling system. nice try though. Try asking why instead of saying blanket bullshit. And I did ho back on topic but some people think they have to have the last word. you did troll me and picked out tiny snippets of thing you wanted to argue about Plaun and simple. My only chip is ignorant younger people like yourself that think some of us older people are ignorant to change. When in fact we embrace and love new things to make the job easier and better. But I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade. your right it's done.
  5. Not much, pretty much says it all. Personally. @JR Boucicaut not sure who this person is but I did go back and I have rarely been on as of late yet most of your posts troll me. So not sure what your agenda is but beat of luck with it. Funny how when you get called out you trust computers?? what does that have to anything about Flare or Edge holders being weak. My expiernece plus any machine besides a Sparx hell I could probably make that better as well.but never would. Off to do something useful besides waiste more time with your BS.
  6. And back on Topic ..I believe @Flare Skate Blade is on to something and they are willing toisten to suggestions unlike some above. And even critical feedback. Including admitting there first product 4 or more years ago was not great steel. The steel is good ow the finish amazing and soon as I decide what I'm doing holder wise I am going to look into them much more thoroughly. I believe they have a solid product. I just refuse to spend any more money on blades for a holder I dont have faith in to last more than 3 months with level of players I deal with that are not on pro teams yet and are not getting the blades for free. Keep up the good work Flare
  7. Ok then. what top 10 school because over the last 2o years I have worked with players both male and female who are top players in the NCAA. Tell me the school and I give you a person on that team that knows me and knows I'm not full of shit All my players inhave had major issues with are all players at CIS NCAA and OHL AHL and NHL. plus local AAA players heading to those places players that are on the skates 6 to 7 days a week and are hard on them. If you want list I could give you exact teams but due to privacy of the top players the players names wont be released. My education may not be as high as yours in school so my vocabulary won't be to your standards. But when was the last time you were flown to play hockey in Amsterdam, Australia, Canada, USA and now China. All these places I have been brought to Train sharpening not just do it. Did your hockey career end in NCAA? I'm still learning. what I have learned is the Bauer Edge Holder is not anything what it could be. 30 plus years in the business plus a World Championship 2 National Championship and numerous Provincial Championships. 2 years ago top team in North America. So yes Trust me I am an expert!!! Also one of the longest members on this site as I helped sort out fitting online 2 years before this site was made with @JR Boucicaut help to someone I recall was Mako? maybe. Anyway spin this the way you want. Bauer stole the idea and didnt make it better. Period. Thank you to @darkhors for the comments even though I don't know you.
  8. oldtrainerguy28

    Elite Blade Performance Technology

    I have been trying to purchase for 2 years. Good luck.
  9. When I get home from overseas doing sharpening training I will send you a video of how many Newton's it takes ZERO . in worn holders. and I have had it happen in ones 3 months old. And was movable out of the jig. Stop the bs that it doesnt happen. I have had it happen in XS holders produced before a certain date( have to look again) but it's the laws of physicis. plastic cant lock in a more substantial material and keep it firm. Especially when on each stop on the ice the blade is under pressure and in some cases vibrates in hard stops. I also have slow motion video where you can see it flex. to the point it effects the stride. ex: A top gthl player in Toronto was about to play in the OHL cup last year at this time. He was in a scoring slump and not skating as well. Mother noticed it. I had mentioned numerous times they were lose but superstitious fidnt want to change. Mom who was an avid player herself made him come in so I could show him how bad they were. His new slates had arrived but didn't want to change to them as his coach Paul Coffey wouldnt allow it. Paul is funny like that. His kid no problem. anyone else on the team unless it's broken fix it dont replace Anyway we changed holders after I showed him and he tried on his new skates he could feel it. Player went in to lead the OHL cup in scoring and was drafted 5th overall. So yes it's a problem. Hope that's real world enough for you. You blow me away thinking we are making this up.
  10. oldtrainerguy28

    How to specify the heel/toe shape of skate blades?

    Blade Profile Study done at Brock University by Mike Mcgurk
  11. Round and round we go. A. They stole the idea and didnt improve on it. B. Other companies are copying the blade C. Holder wears out in 3 to 6 months on high level players. And no offence to Flare a quality blade. It's worse with the extra torque the blade provides with it's high quality steel. Your turn. And on a side note there @pgeorganwhat's your deal about commenting on all my posts in a negative fashion on multiple topics?? Do you even know me?
  12. Sure its relevant!!! There claim is they have patent for Y holder. The originator of Y holder couldn't afford to battle in court so they modified (poorly)and stole the idea. I was one of the first to notice the issue of wobble over time with agression and good slaters on here. I was bashed to know end about this. Yet Bauer modified the depth as per there own design team when I spoke to them at a trade show.. There are now a few threads on here about this issue. Its 100% a problem. Even @JR Boucicaut will tell you I was right even though for a while it wasnt seen by others. It's no where near as good as an LS2 holder or the new CCM XS for that matter.
  13. Not sure how it will hurt them financially? They only produced that edge blade for a few years? Since then they now produce all of Trues steel? While they were the most popular in the NHL the CCM is gaining traction. Plus now they do more figure and so on. Set back sure. But I doubt Step would ever seem to them now. They offered to work then and Bauer refused. Would you work with them after they sued you?
  14. oldtrainerguy28

    How to specify the heel/toe shape of skate blades?

    I feel if you need a more aggressive pitch something else is missing in the fit. In a study done more than 1/32 nd forward had zero benefits to 80% of participants.
  15. oldtrainerguy28

    How to specify the heel/toe shape of skate blades?

    I'm in China at the moment so I cannot see any videos. But you never skate on the first or last inch of the blade. May you get there at the end of a stride or turn sure. But you are not skating on it. As for rounding the toe and heel soon as you do that you move the start and finish f stride to a shorter amount of blade? Just skate on a smaller radius through the middle if that's your main goal and leave the toe and heel except to blend into the shorter profile.