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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Warrior QRL, Warrior Alpha AKSE, Warrior Alpha QX pro-stock, Bauer Vapor 1X LE, Bauer Nexus 1N
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    Warrior MSH QRL Pro, Bauer 1X Pro
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    CCM Tacks 710
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    Warrior QREdge
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    Easton C7.0
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Warrior Pro Player

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  1. stick9

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    There really needs to be like a 73 flex senior stick. Or lower the point where the flex is measured so someone 5' 9" can cut a 77 and have it stay a 77.
  2. stick9

    Creasing Skates on Purpose?

    Think Easton did it too. That reflex coil tech on the Stealth was essentially that.
  3. I live in MA and struggle to find quality and consistent sharpenings. When I was still having a shop do my skates. I would drive about an hour north, bypassing a half dozen or so places that sharpen. It was a PIA. If that guy was having an off day or they were closed (which actually happened) I was screwed. There was this one time I was forced to go to PH. I asked for something that was not their standard cut. She took em and put them in the window. No marking the cut. I asked and she said "yeah, they know". Its a dying art.
  4. stick9

    Creasing Skates on Purpose?

    Didn't that Rover skate concept have cuts in the boot in that area?
  5. What a colossel waste of time... Anyway. On the economics or if. That 7, 8 year range is about what I figured. Money wise, I doubt I make my money back. I sharpen for me and maybe a few friends. I never charge. The convince of it though, oh hell yeah. Not having to rely on anyone else is nice and I love having fresh edges. I never put a dollar value to that but it has to be worth something. For me it's always been about the convince and consistency. It's the same edge every time. If they're hosed, its on me.
  6. Like I've always said, the weakest part of the Sparx machine is the bag of bones pressing the buttons. So I checked all my rings, they all say 40 per ring. Can someone hook me up with some of those sweet 60 per rings?
  7. You got it backwards. Originally it was listed at 40. So those less popular rings are still labeled 40. Which was explained in great detail by the VP of marketing at Sparx.
  8. Dude, it was just explained to you....twice actually.
  9. No, they were very transparent about it. Older rings were labeled 40 per, newer rings are labeled 60 per and that reflects what's listed on the Sparx site. Nothing nefarious about it. They were conservative with the original numbers, which were then upgraded based on average customer usage. Repackaging every ring would have been costly and not really necessary.
  10. stick9

    Finding my curve

    You could try the W28 from warrior. It's a little less open and not as deep as Bauer's P28. I find it a bit more manageable. Bauer's P14 was the dream curve. Too bad it's gone and I've already stock piled 28's.
  11. stick9

    Finding my curve

    I wouldn't get too caught up in length per player position. Especially since there are only a couple different lies available.
  12. stick9

    Finding my curve

    Blade lie can be compensated by tweaking the overall length of the stick. For example, most Bauer P92's are a lie 6. When I used P92's I would cut them a little shorter than normal. That helped me get more blade on the ice.
  13. stick9

    What would you do?

    Yep, I bought some Alpha QX's from monkey for $118 a piece. Which is less then I had been paying for pro-stocks.
  14. Ok, I'll say it. You aren't experienced enough to make these claims as fact. You've had the machine what a month and you're telling people who've had them for years that your experience is fact and that no one can yield better/different results. And once again. That magic number of 40-60 pairs of skates is under normal use. Everyone here agrees, you are working outside the realm of normal use. I suspect your results will change as 1) you become more experienced with the machine and 2) start sharpening skates in better condition.
  15. I think you are taking that 40 sharpening per ring (it's actually listed as 60) a bit too literal. I mean, just because you aren't getting those results doesn't mean others aren't. Hell, I've had the same 3/4 ring for a year and a half. From the site Talking to people who know the machine way better than me. I've heard under the proper conditions you can get 90 sharpenings out of a ring.