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    Warrior QRL, Warrior Alpha AKSE, Warrior Alpha QX pro-stock, Bauer Vapor 1X LE, Bauer Nexus 1N
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  1. This goes back to my point. It's not the machine, it's not the steel, it's the user. The ring is set to high, period. I've had mine for over a year now. Ive sharpened, LS3, LS4, Step & Tydan without issue. When I first got the Tydan, I had the same problem. The height I had set for my somewhat worn LS4 & and Step was too high. The ring actually stopped and errored out. All I did was drop the ring height by a click...maybe two. Problem solved. Put the steel in and manually bring the ring across until it makes contact. If the middle of the ring makes contact with the the vertical portion of the toe, then it's set too high. Again, this is not the machine. It's a user adjustable setting. When set properly the machine functions as intended.
  2. If you take the time to set it up correctly (that includes ring height) and try and not over think it, it's fairly straight forward and easy to use. Really, the only thing the user needs to do is check the and hone the edges.
  3. It was more the convince of it for me. I've said it many times, the machines biggest weakness is the sack of meat standing in front of it.
  4. Yup, way too high. Try dropping it down a few clicks.
  5. stick9

    Thickest laces

    Howie's unwaxed are the thickest I've used.
  6. Yup, amazing what one click will do.
  7. stick9

    Nexus 7000

    At this point it's probably worth trying on some different models to make sure the Nexus is still the right fit.
  8. stick9

    Any shin guards with good knee protection?

    I took a closer look at the knee cap last night. It's just liner and some medium foam on the backside of the knee cap. Surprisingly thin for a pad of that price point.
  9. It doesn't matter. But, due to the contour of the blade, if you point the toe to the right you can have the ring hit higher up. The same setting with the heel pointing right will cause the ring to stop when it hits.
  10. stick9

    Any shin guards with good knee protection?

    Tacks shins aren't as protective as one may think. I was bruised up nicely from a wrist shot that hit just off to the side of the knee. Funny thing is, the other areas are extremely well protected.
  11. stick9

    Custom skates

    Even if they were built to a last of your foot, you'd still need to bake them to form the tongue and interior foams. If that is what we are talking about...
  12. stick9

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

  13. Looks like the curve on the P90T starts further from the heel than the 28. There's what looks like a usable flat at the heel. I assume for improved backhanders.
  14. stick9

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Not sure I consider those white skates. I think the white accent actually works. When I think white skates, I think Fedorov and the Supreme One.xx LE's from 2012. Gotta have the white toe cap to be a true white skate. Which I think is what makes them look so terrible.
  15. stick9

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Well, right now you have Tydan, Massive and Bionic all making replacement steel for the edge holder. Massive is selling their product on hockey monkey. I'm no patent laywer, but this makes me think they found something.