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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Warrior QRL, Warrior Alpha AKSE, Warrior Alpha QX pro-stock, Bauer Vapor 1X LE, Bauer Nexus 1N
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    Warrior MSH QRL Pro, Bauer 1X Pro
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    CCM Tacks 710
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    Warrior QREdge
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    Easton C7.0
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Warrior Pro Player

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  1. @Cavs019 just grab some lightweight Smartwool hiking or ski socks. Which area readily available at any REI or Sporting Goods store.
  2. stick9

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    So when your team plays the Maple Leafs, you cool with the on ice official calling the office in Toronto? If I'm honest, I have a bit of a problem with that. Coaches challenges can't be penalized with a 2 minute penalty. If I am coaching, I never make that call because I dont want to put my team down a man. Taking away the teams TO and putting the faceoff in their defensive zone is more realistic. Honestly, if the refs were better at their jobs and took a less black and white (no pun intended) approach things would be better.
  3. stick9

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    How about getting rid of video replay all together... Go to coaches challenges instead. I'm against anything that will slow the game down and video replay slows things down. The game survived for decades without it. Not sure why we suddenly need it and more of it.
  4. stick9

    Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    And we're on to the finals.
  5. With two people.....its like 35 pounds.
  6. stick9

    Warrior Fantom QRE

    Meh, I've used plenty of made in China Warriors that held up well. Probably more to do with what they are doing to reduce weight.
  7. stick9

    Quad 1 - stick9

    Steel: Tydan Edge 246mm Hollow: ¾ ROH About me: Skating in general has never really been an issue. I’ve always been able to get to where I need to be. I started skating a young and grew up on a lake, so plenty of ice time in the winter. There are some aspects of my skating that could be better. I have had issues with decreased agility and lack of overall stability in the past. Normally I rotate two sets of steel. The first set is stock Bauer LS4 profiled to a Quad 0 by Shayne from Pro Sharp, the second is stock STEP Edge. When I started this program I purchased a set of Tydan from the pro shop here at MSH. The stock STEP profile is my control set. Review: I spent roughly 4+ hours on this profile. All of which was either mens league or pickup, no public skating this time around. Transitioning from my control steel to the quad 1 was fairly easy, no real adjustment period needed. My initial reaction was “this seems long” but it really didn’t play that way. I was able to get in and out of my turns with ease. Getting off the line and moving around in tight spaces was very fluid. The only time they actually felt longer was when I transitioned from forward to backwards. The larger (or longer) heel was somewhat noticable. Overall the added stability and top end speed was a nice add. Especially since I didn't have to sacrifice in other areas to get it. In comparison to the quad 0 I’ve been using. The quad 1 played a lot like the quad 0, just longer on the back side and the numbers bear that out. Quad 0 = 6’, 9’. 11’, 13’. The Quad 1 = 6’, 9’. 12’, 15’. Mobility: 4 Stability: 4 Speed: 4 Acceleration: 4 Other profiles on deck: 9 | 50mm | 10.5 Quad 0 I reserve the right to change/alter/modify my scores based on further testing
  8. stick9

    Warrior Alpha AK27 SL

    A) Yes, I would agree it's both lively and dead at the same time. B) The blade on the SL is nothing like that of the QX. The QX had amazing puck feel and was never overly lively. I can't speak for the QX Pro though I suspect it's more like the SL.
  9. stick9

    Garage sales in Columbus?

    I thought the moves they made (and didn't make for that matter) we're pretty stupid. Though looking back now, maybe I was wrong. They had a good run, generated some buzz around the league and most importantly, put some fans in seats. I couldn't see them dealing Bob at the deadline. Move him and you're basically saying the season is over. I wanna see how it shakes out. If everyone bails. That nice little run won't mean jack.
  10. stick9

    Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    And he's getting hammered for it. It was a dick move by a dick morning show host. Let's be careful not to perpetuate the problem. Back on topic. Carolina finally meets a team that's ready to play and willing to do what it takes to win a cup. Bruins in 5.
  11. Best bet is try a higher end pant. They usually have more padding. You could also try padded shorts under the pants.
  12. stick9

    Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    Great game....what a series. Hats off to the Blue Jackets. They played a hell of a series. As for the McAvoy hit. I'm ok with the 2. Anderson wasn't hurt on the play and I don't think McAvoy was headhunting.
  13. stick9

    What exactly is 'performance fit?'

    I find it to be the opposite. The tighter the fit, the better control I had. Agility and first step was greatly improved.
  14. stick9

    Supreme S29 vs Totalone NXG

    Easily is a bit of an exaggeration don't ya think? I'd argue the Fusion steel is better than the LS2 crap you get with the S29.