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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Warrior QRL, Warrior Alpha AKSE, Warrior Alpha QX pro-stock, Bauer Vapor 1X LE, Bauer Nexus 1N
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    Warrior MSH QRL Pro, Bauer 1X Pro
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    Easton C7.0
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  1. stick9

    Tendinitis help?

    I’ve rehabbed everything from bumps & bruises, to broken bones, to torn ligaments…including multiple injuries to my hands and wrists. Each time I successfully returned to the ice without issue. The key is putting in the work to strengthen the affected areas. My guess, you weren’t really ready to come back and you re-aggravated it by doing so. That most likely put you right back to square 1. Me, I usually test things out in a low risk setting like stick time or public skating. I start off light, pushing harder each time. If something doesn’t feel right, I am done. Remember, feeling good and ready to play hockey are two completely different things. I'd say, work on not just getting your strength back, but get stronger and don't come back until you are ready. If you continue to have issues, then it's time to dissect your kit.
  2. stick9

    Tendinitis help?

    Grips, different length sticks, switching hands... Dude, you are way overthinking this.
  3. You need both blades profiled the exact same way. If not, you'll be chasing the issue forever.
  4. stick9

    Old Silver Easton Synergy Question

    Yes, but those other brands are readily available at your LHS and have a bit of brand recognition. And its not like Base comes at a discounted price, $189 for a stick, $69 for a blade. Yikes!
  5. stick9

    Old Silver Easton Synergy Question

    But you have to buy a Base stick or blade...
  6. stick9

    Old Silver Easton Synergy Question

    Hence the name Synergy - the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. I think I'd grab a halfway decent tapered shaft and a few different blades to start. But it sounds like we're past that point. The Sakic you remember is not the Sakic you see mentioned today (P92). It's deeper than the original and way more open. A real Sakic from back in the day is actually closer to a P88 than a P92, which most call it's clone.
  7. stick9

    CCM Tacks 9080, RH P30 75flex

    Like new, seriously. I only used it a few times in warmups. Measures roughly 64" toe to buttend. Asking $120 shipped within North America.
  8. If the holders & runners are equal size and the holders are mounted properly. The points on the profile should be the same. Sounds like your skate guy is over thinking it.
  9. stick9

    ccm custom skates

    I believe that's what's used in the 70k.
  10. stick9

    New Curves

    I bet you'd end up seeing a good deal of Coffey curves in men's league, if it was offered. That was 'the curve' of the mid 80's. Anyone from ages 40 to 55 or so has used a Coffey at one point.
  11. stick9

    affordable sticks?

    You're better off looking at eBay or sidelineswap for pro-stock sticks. Better prices and better selection. Downside of pro-stock is it's a lot more work. You really need to know what you are buying. Be prepared to buy in bulk if you find something you like. You may never get another chance at it.
  12. stick9

    affordable sticks?

    Don't bother. There is no super secret stick company out there churning out elite twigs at half the cost. Start looking into pro-stocks and closeouts on previous years top models. If that's not your thing. There are plenty of really good sticks in the $120-150 range.
  13. I've played around a bit with the Fire rings. Mixed results really. First off, nothing at all like a Blackstone FBV. Coming from a 3/4ROH I found the 3/4 Fire did not have the same level of grip as the 3/4ROH. I switched to the 5/8 Fire which felt fairly close to my 3/4ROH. So if you want a Fire ring that's close to your regular hollow, I suggest going one step sharper. So if you're using a 5/8ROH, get a 1/2 Fire. My advice would be to dial in what ROH works then make the switch to a Fire ring....remember to go one step sharper. I'd start with a 5/8ROH.
  14. stick9

    Tendinitis help?

    I've done litterly tons of PT (hip, knee x2, ankle, hand and elbow/bicep) and it definitely helps. Seems silly because what they have you do is so simple. I'd give the thumbhole brace a go without tape. You might find your wrist is working against the tape making things worse. The other thing I tried was that stretchy tape you see guys use on the top hand of their sticks. It adds a decent level of support. It can be a bit costly to use consistently which is why I went for the soft brace.
  15. stick9

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Complete with white gloves and skate lace shin wraps...good Lord.