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  1. MLSman

    10th Annual MSH SummerJam - Pittsburgh, PA

    Mad love to the MSH family. As usual. a classic event. As more time passes...the people that have attended these events grow to be a part of an extended family. The hockey is fun, but the time with everyone is why I'm always drawn back. Can't wait to see what's in store next year!
  2. MLSman

    Happy 10th Anniversary, MSH!

    So proud to have watched the evolution of MSH over my 6 years as a member. As many have already said, this place is like an extension of my own family - not for the content - but for all of the awesome people I have met. JR - mad love brother. Keep up the awesome work.
  3. MLSman

    2013-2014 Gear Sightings

    Can't copy the image or link - listed the image number.
  4. MLSman

    2013-2014 Gear Sightings

    Tim Thomas rocking the 1989 Cooper SK3000 GettyImage #476169949 What a whacko.
  5. I did not compare them skating, but I handled the LS3 holder unmounted. I'm not a big fan of the trigger, and the zytel in the custom+ is either thicker or more dense than the LS2/3. Having all three unmounted the custom+ is way harder to bend/flex compared to the LS. It's stiffer, which I prefer. Skated again this morning. To my surprise, I only had to tighten the laces when putting them on. For me it's usually a ritual to dial the lacing in after the first shift. But after 90 minute hockey madness with some really good players this morning, I didn't have to adjust them. The tongue is starting to form to the top of my foot, leading to a better fit and lacing pattern. Double felt is working well. Safe to say these skates are the best fit and performance to date.
  6. Can't answer difference between APX and APX2 retail. Both of mine were custom off my last. As far as height of ankle, I used to unlaced top eyelet of x60. Starting with APX I laced the top eyelets. APX2 same height as my APX. Two more skates in the boot this week. By the end of the second skate, I could tell the fit was dialed in. No hot spots or soreness. The lacing system is really pretty amazing. I quickly readjust the fit after my first shift much quicker than before because the laces are so easy to open, fix, and tighten. And the spring action is definitely providing more agility with the rapid energy transfer. The alive material and the injection mold are working well to bring the upper immediately back into a striding position. Add in the 3 stiffness and I'm just loving this boot. I also forgot how different I feel with the custom+ holder. I've been playing more wing than D lately, so my forward edge control is just so much more comfortable and familiar than it was with the LS2. Weaving in and out of traffic by my third skate reminded me of how I felt with my old U+ Pros - the last skate I wore with the custom+. Glad I made all the tweaks with this skate. Can't wait for Toronto!
  7. Yesterday was my first skate in my new custom APX2s. Big up to Big Bouce! I went from a 2 stiffness in the APX to a 3 in the APX2. Glad I did. Also went double felt on the tongue so I could leverage the new Injected lacing system. I used to get the eyelets recessed 3/8" for a tighter wrap on my skinny ankles. The additional volume of the tongue was enough to compensate for this difference. I also switched back to custom+ holders. My favorite. Sad to see it gone from the Tuuk lineup. The boot is as confortable as the APX I had. Same size, same materials (TO liner, minicel foam, superfeet blue insole). So the real difference was the lacing system. All gimmicks aside, the D pattern does make it way easier to lace. I tend to want to tighten the bottom three and top three eyelets soon after stepping on the ice to get the best fit. A royal pain with traditional eyelets. With these, it was VERY easy. Love that. The other thing to note is how different the molded system feels at the top of the boot. I like a very tight wrap on the ankle. With traditional eyelets and a traditional tongue, you lose some of the benefit of the flex of the Alive material. In the TO/NXG, the flex tongue had a distinct advantage of the "spring" action which would bring your foot quickly back into a striding position. My main beef with the tongue was that the felt was just too thin. With the combined double felt and the injected lacing of the APX2s, I had that "spring" again, which was a residual benefit I never expected. It requires less effort to power in and out of the skating stride, so less work was required to get to full speed. I loved that feeling in the TO, but I now have a better combination with less concern with taking shots to the front of the tongue. I skate in it again tomorrow. Cant wait!
  8. MLSman

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    Great time as always. JR - just when we think you can't top the last event...you pull off madness again and again. The reps really stepped up their game, and Miken was over the top. Great times with some great folks. Can't wait for winterfest!
  9. 3 weeks and counting...

  10. MLSman

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    Looking forward to seeing the crew. Will be a great time as usual. Change of plans for me...no D this year. It'll be on. Logan as a final destination is OK. It will be a bit busy...so be patient trying to get anywhere from there. On the way back...give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, and prepare in advance so you know what terminal to get to. Logan can be a bit confusing. Hey JR, are we going Navy/White or are colors still undecided?
  11. Great review bro! I like the look alot. I am still not 100% sold on the tongue...but as you know I am a die hard "ol skool" thick felt tongue skater. I love the advance of the tendon guard. I think that is the most advanced difference over the orginal TOs. I havent had any issue with mine...but mine are not retail so it's not a fair comparison. I wish Bauer would go with true width sizing accross the board, and make the C width a MTO for retail on both Supremes and Vapors. It is challenging for "extra-medium" folks that need true C widths. Next to no one does it in a true C. Seems like skate manufacturers focus on larger widths but don't provide many retail options for narrow widths.
  12. MLSman

    Blackstone Flat-Bottom V Thread

    I've been on the FBV for about two years, and could never go back to ROH. My personal preference is the 90/50 in the winter when the ice is harder, and 90/75 during the summer months or in a hot building with softer ice. As jimmy said, the hollow cut of the 90/50 still gives you the same glide when the ice is soft, but edge control decreases because the edges are not as steep....so I tend to lose my grip when I lean aggressively on a single edge. I played at the War Memorial (where the Syracuse Crunch play) in the Crunch Classic charity game on a 90/50 and I had difficulties with my edges because that place is HOT and the ice is soft. It makes a difference when you rely heavily on edge control and skating is your biggest attribute.
  13. MLSman

    CCM RBZ - Powered by TaylorMade

    Revolutionary blade technology... In golf, the main technological battle is the desire to achieve maximum MOI...moment of inertia. It is basically a marketeering term that is used to differentiate the "sweet spot" of a club face...to deliver the most amount of space for consistent ball flight. It's an interesting take on blade technology, but one that may be least relevant to hockey because the golf club does account for a similar measure in lie, but does not equate with a loft in comparison to a hockey blade curve. That will be a tough correlation to measure. Weight technology however is an interesting correlation. Easton has used FWT in the SE and the EQ50, but the Taylor Made proposition would suggest more user control, thus removable and adjustable weights. That is certainly unique and is an enhancement to the adjustable weights in the shaft that the Easton EQ50 introduced. Just guessing, but I would assume this might be where they are heading with this collaboration, because it makes the most sense in terms of a golf technology that would benefit hockey.
  14. MLSman

    CCM RBZ - Powered by TaylorMade

    True. Also interesting to note that the club manufacturers do not make shafts. Usually see Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Aldila, Grafalloy, etc. A lot of club manufactures will OEM shafts for high calliber golf clubs. For example the TP line all use Aldila shafts.
  15. MLSman

    CCM RBZ - Powered by TaylorMade

    From a shaft perspective, you might be able to compare golf to hockey. From a clubface/blade perspective...totally different. Most elite golfers do not use composite shafts...they use Rifle steel shafts. For a strong golfer with a quick swing speed, the whip of a composite shaft creates too much variance, so even an XS composite shaft is too "whippy" compared to a stiff steel shaft. I caddy for an elite golfer and have seen many excellent golfers, so I have seen the differences in the two products. I personally have too many bad hockey habits that work on the ice but do not translate to the golf course.