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  1. The Hoosiers (catchy pop rock songs) Apartment (chilled out rock)
  2. I'm liking the car... muffler not so much
  3. --notorious

    2007 Easton Catalogue

    Easton 100 gloves are great, I got them as a Canadiantire SMU this year,(easton "Reflex") light come broken in but not much protection. I cant remember the last time i got slashed in the hand though
  4. The Junction has a couple of catchy songs
  5. They're pretty good i heard their song Lazy Eye. The Roots Talib Kweli A Tribe Called Quest whats next? please dont say hedley
  6. --notorious

    Your current equipment

    Helmet: CCM Skates: Mission L3 Pure Shoulders: ????? Shins: easton octane Elbows: franklin Pants: TPS 6500 Gloves: Easton Reflex nylon Stick: BAuer Vapor 1, Sherwood 5030 Tape: some crap "Sportstape" that can't even hold one period(never ask someone to buy hockey stuff for you)
  7. --notorious

    2007 Itech Catalogue

    Same with me Same here
  8. --notorious

    David Perron

    Yeah! I just saw David on tv!!!!! They just finished introducing his team
  9. Thats must suck living in alaska and having those long winters not being able to ride.
  10. 110cc key ignition 4 stroke same as pic but all black
  11. --notorious

    Kovalev with white Reeboks?

    ^^^^^^^^ EVERY MSHERS DREAM :lol:
  12. --notorious

    Photos of yourself

    i remember mshers talking about that i forgot which thread though... ithink someone said its great because it streching but very elastic like... i think JR said it?
  13. any canadians might of heard of him Classified hes a rapper i think he just made a video definitely check him out if your into that Muse, taking back sunday and Cute Is What We Aim For is good too UPDATE:I dont know if anyone said anything yet. Plaint white T's and Say Anything are good.
  14. --notorious

    Which team do you think reach to the final?

    The pens will be amazing in the incoming years.Especially if they do shit this year(another top 5 pick).Malkin and Crosby are the new Jagr and Lemieux.