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  • Skates
    Bauer nexus 8000/Alkali shift+
  • Stick
    Sherwood t90/warrior ak27 shaft Sherwood blade
  • Gloves
    Mission boss
  • Helmet
    Bauer 5100
  • Pants
    Vapor x80/mission ac2/some old tours/WSI girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Some low end Bauer circa 2005
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer x90
  • Shin Pads
    Easton 80

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  1. Tacks AS1 new on flea bay ran me 100 out the door.
  2. So the local ice rink is 10-15 away. There is another 25min. I am currently driving my kid to the 20 min one due to better programs. With that being said he still has skating lessons at the local rink, we do stick and shoots, and I play there once a week. To play roller the outdoor rink here is 15 from our house and I travel once a week 1 hr each way to play in a league in another town. When I was a kid the closest rinks were 45-1hr away. Also take into consideration if your kids play where does the league have games at. Here most of them are an 1 to 2 hours away with a couple being in the 3 hour range. Our local rink doesnt even have inhouse for the kids. There are several parents here that drive their children 2-2 1/2 hours each way several times a week to play on various elite teams Pittsburgh. There are also parents that won't even drive 25-30 for the in house league. So there kids dont play anymore. So to answer your question I guess its personal preference.
  3. jmiro

    The new STX Surgeon RX3 gear is out.

    Good sale of stallion gloves and sticks currently
  4. jmiro

    performance level roller hockey sticks

    We often play more than a couple hours several times a week. I also dont like when the blade is worn real thin.
  5. jmiro

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Looks like a pack of partial insoles? With varying thickness I would guess. Same function as shims? With a less permanent application making them easier for the end user to adjust? Would that present a problem with fitment of the boot and even heel lock? More questions than answers.
  6. jmiro

    performance level roller hockey sticks

    Then it may be worth it. We play outdoor at least a couple hours a week if not more. My shafts are made for replacement. A couple guys just use broken one peices cut the blade off and put the replace ment in the other end.
  7. jmiro

    performance level roller hockey sticks

    Nothing newer than two years old. I dont mind changing blades grew up in the aluminum era. Takes about two minutes. I honestly cant justify a 50 dollar or more stick. I will wear out in under a month out doors. Blades are cheap in comparison. Just my two cents.
  8. jmiro

    performance level roller hockey sticks

    I continue to use a two peice with abs outdoors. Indoors I use the same model stick i use for ice hockey. I tried a one peice with abs blade from ccm and alkali. Honestly I think my old warrior shafts with the abs blades from Sherwood are lighter and more responsive.
  9. jmiro

    Best bearings for the money

    I have used super reds last a while no complaints. Son had abec7 from inline he liked them. Wasnt impressed with labeda swiss. These didn't last long. Currently running yellow jacket stingers. So far so good. They are a definite up grade from the hilo abec7 the skates came with.
  10. jmiro

    Reign Skates and Frames

    I will look into them. It looks as though they have a soft toe. Is that correct?
  11. jmiro

    New Bauer 2XRs?

    I would imagine. But my cheap but is looking for the old ones to go on clearance. Or at least not drop the full price only for them to be on sale the next month.
  12. jmiro

    Small holes drilled into skate toe cap?

    Dont missions still have vents out the side too. Heck even first gen missions had vents on the instep(yes I know I am dating my self). The old mission gloves had vents in them. Come to think of it so do the newer gen missions.
  13. jmiro

    Reign Skates and Frames

    These look intriguing. I am in the market for new skates. My ice are vapors and alkali shift for inlines. How is the fit? Also concerned with the height and boot lasting because we play out doors alot.
  14. jmiro

    New Bauer 2XRs?

    So we are 100% sure next year? I am in need right now.
  15. jmiro

    Help with my U10

    We do get fill out an eval at the end of the year. The chair person or what ever his position is is stepping down. Next year's U10 will be on smaller team I beleive. I think the fear is this will continue.