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  1. #96

    Alkali Hockey

    Did I read on here, maybe in SDcopp's LTR, that the CA9s will make you be lower to the ground than Mission/Bauer, mainly because of the need to fit the all 80 setup? That means I'll have to cut all my sticks. Wondering how much of a drop it is?
  2. #96

    Alkali Hockey

    Hockeymonkey carries Alkali, maybe the store in Woodbridge will have them. I'll probably be goin there over the Holiday, I'll let you know if I see them.
  3. #96

    Alkali Hockey

    Bout time! And I'm just about due for new skates! I hope my local retailers carry you guys, I'm definitely going to have to try them on first since they're new.
  4. #96

    Alkali Hockey

    Ive skated in a few brands in the 20+ years Ive been playing roller hockey, but always seemed to prefer and come back to Mission. While Justin was there it was very apparent he stood behind the product, and as a consumer and a salesman myself, thats huge. He earned my loyalty. Now this Alkali brand is his baby, so if he supported Mission so well, I would imagine hed pour everything he had into his own company. It will be worth it to check out the Alkali products. I would say fit is more important than light weight, especially since I have such difficult feet to work with. If Alkali can deliver both, its win-win. Justin, you're saying this will be a unique skate. Can you make a basic comparison in terms of fit to other brands? Example: someone with wide forefeet and thin ankles fit well in Ccm boots, or so Ive heard. Are the Alkali boots similar to anything else so we have an idea if they'll be a good fit for particular feet?
  5. #96

    Alkali Hockey

    I think they look like the Mission Wicked series looked like a few years ago; wicked 1, wicked 3, wicked 5, etc. The ones that were cuttin into everyone's ankles. I liked the looks of those, and the looks if the Alkali skates. As long as they dont cut into my ankles, I will give them a shot. I supported Justin when he was at Mission and Ill support him now.
  6. I'm glad you posted this. I coulda sworn I saw Mike Green playing with semi-missing palms against the Rangers. I actually pointed it out to the group of my teammates I was watching the game with. I thought that was illegal at that level???
  7. #96

    Alkali Hockey

    Glad to see it. I'm a "friend" on Facebook as well. Interested to see what exactly Armada has Cooke-ing. When will we know more about what products Armada is offering?
  8. Looks like Kovy is cutting the tape that touches the ice on his blade and leaving the rest, a la Briere, Nedved, Roszival, and some others. Might have to give that a try. I'm guessing it speeds the blade up - less lag?
  9. Good call, def. a possibility. NB is based out of Mass just like my company (Framingham). NB has offices on the same street actually, but I think I heard they were moving to Boston.
  10. Not sure if this belongs in this topic but people were talking about Pros using the Widow...I saw it today and it feels pretty nice, but that dagger tapper is loooonnnng and thin. I don't know how those guys aren't going to snap that thing like a twig. Very aggressive taper. If they had a 75 flex, I would have bought it but only comes in 85 or higher.
  11. Bolts jersey looks like a Grateful Dead logo or something. I like The Dead, don't like the jersey.
  12. Right after Ovie threw his stick at Duchene, you could see some of the reactions from guys, my opinion was disbelief. Big Buff looked he was thinking, "F-ing jerk." Funny to watch, but outside the necessary like when JR threw Fedorov, for no reason. In the past, ASGs were kind of a launching pad for new gear. Am I wrong? I didn't really see too much new gear being showcased. I'm guessing companies use other platforms or times of the year to launch?
  13. I think I read on here that Elite is a CCM brand or something right, no? Elite is owned or cooperates with CCM? I was in a local Sports Authority a few weeks ago and picked up a pair of yellow waxed...best pair I've used. I don't remember the manufacturer but I'm very happy with them. Didn't expect that from a Sports Authority.
  14. Look like Elite laces...my least favorite. Lots of promise out of the box, but fall short fairly quickly. I think they aren't wide enough and they twist up...just like in the pic.