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    VH Footwear customs
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    Warrior QRL, True XCore9
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    Eagle PPF customs
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    CCM V08, Bauer 7500 cage
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    Easton Pro stock pant, unknown model
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    CCM Super Tacks
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  1. It has some flex to it. I edited my last post to add picks. The type of damage was similar, only deeper on the CCM's. I packed the opening with foam and then epoxy. It held up great until he picked up some Trues.
  2. I would use some two part epoxy instead of Shoe Goo. I repaired a similar type of damage to a friend's CCM U+. It'll have more rigidity and stability than Shoe Goo.
  3. Monty22

    Summer Jam Really Big Jersey and Really Big Socks

    $25 shipped US/ $30 CDN
  4. Monty22

    Lightspeed 2 to Edge Holder

    Ditch the Fusion steel and keep the existing holders. You can find non edge steel for dirt cheap. If the holder actually breaks at some point you can revisit it then, but I wouldn't swap unless you need the quick change feature.
  5. Monty22

    Malkin Wearing Two Different Gloves

    Adam Oates used to wear two different gloves. IIRC, he wanted a super tight one for his lower hand when taking face offs. There could be a mod to one of the gloves that accommodates an injury (2 fingers sewn together etc) that maybe wasn't done to all 17 pairs that Malkin seems to rotate through...
  6. Mean Gene Okerlund and Super Dave Osborne.
  7. Monty22

    Lumbr Hockey Sticks

    Out of curiosity, what is your affiliation with Lumbr?
  8. Monty22

    Save the date

    Date saved.
  9. Monty22

    Easton Mako Skates

    Unreleased low-mid range model?
  10. Shallow ROH, or would any of the FBV spinners work? If I recall there was talk about Blackstone making Flare specific spinners but it was cost prohibitive?
  11. Monty22

    Equipment Modifications

    Love my CCM Super Tacks elbows, but coming from a pair of much longer 8K's I had concerns about exposed forearm/wrist area ( I have really long arms). Got whacked it the same spot in back to back games so I made these from a pair of older elbow pads and lock stitched them in. Two games in and don't notice them while playing. I may add an elastic strap like the Jofa slash guards these are patterned after.
  12. I have a Blackstone X01 sharpener- what would be needed to be able to sharpen Flare steel?
  13. Peranis on EBay has a bunch of Cardia Guard pads that velcro in to your shoulder pad strap. They are under $10 shipped and should cover the area you are looking to protect. Looks like they have it still on their site as well. https://www.hockeyworld.com/Hespeler-Cardia-Guard-trade-Sr
  14. Monty22

    Easton Mako Skates

    Looks good! What was done and who did the work?
  15. Very lightly worn Easton Mako M7 Hockey skates. Senior size 12 D width. Some light scuffs, no structural damage. Please see pictures for condition details. Skate feature: Asymmetrical M1 Monocoque Quarter Package - EC50 Carbon Fiber Matrix & HDPE Thermoplastic materials - Hydrophobic Microfiber Liner - Deep V-cut by the tendon guard for heel support - Redesigned, strategic, soft-foam ankle pads - Pro white felt tongue - Injected TPU metatarsal guard - OrthoLite Footbed with Open-cell Foam Technology - Fiberglass and thermoplastic resin outsole - CXN Holder - ES4 Stainless Steel Runner $150 + shipping