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  1. mxihockey

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    I'm from Boston but play for a hockey team in Nova Scotia and I will have to disagree with you, it is a LONG drive. lol.
  2. mxihockey

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    haha thanks for pointing that out. fixed post.
  3. mxihockey

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    Please add me to the waiting list as well. I live in Boston and play at the Boch all the time. Would love to be a part of this!
  4. mxihockey

    The Venting Spot

    Lost my first career fight last night lol.
  5. mxihockey

    The Venting Spot

    23 games into my season and haven't scored a goal.
  6. mxihockey

    CCM U+ Skates Baking Instructions

    I got the skates online, so no skate bake oven, I did them in my own oven. Preheated to 200 degrees and used that sticker they give you in the box labeled "Heat", "OK", "Too Hot". Just didn't feel like the skates really formed to my feet like advertised. I would of gotten them done at Pure Hockey, but they charge 50 bucks, and I'm on a tight budget. Also I had heated One95's and X60's in the past at home with no issues.
  7. Usually I buy my skates at my LHS, but I was able to score brand new U+ CL's on eBay for only $300. I followed the instructions for baking the skates(200 degrees for a minute and a half) and found that the "Ufoam" didn't really form around my feet that much.. Does anyone have any experience baking these?
  8. mxihockey

    Show It Off

    lol, I strapped the belt buckles of the pants together so i could put them over my shoulder.
  9. mxihockey

    Show It Off

    Thanks guys.
  10. mxihockey

    Show It Off

    Yea and there were about 10 more on the floor under the table, that no one wanted, which i picked up also at the end. Oh and there were still about 3 more pairs there when I left.... Apparently she does.. not sure why
  11. mxihockey

    Show It Off

    You angry? The only thing i grabbed during the sale when everyone was there was socks, like 6 pairs of pants, 3 skates, shins, and 4 shields... everything else was picked up after everyone left.. Don't act like no one else was grabbing tons of stuff. The 20 helmets they laid out were gone in 2 minutes.
  12. mxihockey

    Show It Off

    Actually more then half of the stuff was bought when everyone at the sale was gone already... don't judge big guy..
  13. mxihockey

    Show It Off

    Annual trip to Sharks sale.. Edit. People are angry because "I bought too much" Not worth posting a picture when im getting crap for it.
  14. mxihockey

    Show It Off

    Pretty sick, but i cant think of any teams around here that use those colors... hahah true gear whore