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Doctor Hook

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About Doctor Hook

  • Birthday 01/21/1978


  • Skates
    CCM U+06
  • Stick
    Bauer Vapor 3.0 with Bauer Vapor 3.0 P88 blade; Sher-Wood 5030 composite, Combat 45 Cal
  • Gloves
    Bauer 4 roll
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500 with Avision Ahead full shield
  • Pants
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    N/A (former Sher-Wood 5030 user, but don't wear them for beer league anymore)
  • Elbow Pads
    Easton Stealth
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey Bag

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    Hockey, music, football, baseball, soccer, MMA, horror flicks, cooking, reading

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  1. Doctor Hook

    Sonic Grip Juice

    Gave this stuff a try and it is indeed legit. You really need to give it a few sprays per wheel and give each a good rubdown (my rink is filthy). Wheels felt relatively new and retained a good grip for all three periods. I'll probably re-apply this stuff before each game, but it gets my backing.
  2. Doctor Hook

    Sonic Grip Juice

    My roller teammate lent me some Grip Juice to spray on my wheels to clean the rink gunk off of them. I just sprayed it on the dirty wheels and wiped them off with a bandana, it seemed to do the trick. I'm sure there may be a comparable household type of product available, or maybe this stuff is worth picking up. You guys familiar with it?
  3. Doctor Hook

    Boulder Hockey Shield Company

    Been using the shield for a few games (without chin cup, which I removed making it basically an extra long Heatley-style visor) and it's great. No fogging, and other than the normal issues of using a visor (decreased air flow, sweat/water on the lens) I'm happy with it and will keep it. I'd recommend this shield to folks interested in a full shield or for beer leaguers like me who want a visor but also want more coverage for the chiclets.
  4. Doctor Hook

    Boulder Hockey Shield Company

    Finally got my shield. I originally was planning on returning it, but I figured I might as well check it out. I don't like the chin cup that came with it, so I took it out and retrofitted two side straps from my old Bauer HLC visor, giving me basically a visor with mouth protection. The shield is wider than I anticipated, but overall I'd say it's a decent shield if you want to drop a bit more coin than normal. First game with it is tomorrow, so we'll see how it holds up under game conditions. The instructions say to not use any anti-fog spray whatsoever, but just to clean it with water when needed.
  5. Doctor Hook

    Boulder Hockey Shield Company

    Just an update...still haven't received this shield. I emailed the guy and he said it was an f-up and it didn't get shipped. I'm probably not even going to give it a try and will return it since I like my chrome FM480 and I don't want the fuss of having to take care of a shield.
  6. Doctor Hook

    Boulder Hockey Shield Company

    It's all good, JR, I am not pissed or anything, just figured I'd share my experience so far. I am still looking forward to trying the shield out, and I hope to come back here to write a glowing review and give this guy some more business because us Boston guys look out for each other, unlike you Vancouver and Montreal guys.
  7. Doctor Hook

    Boulder Hockey Shield Company

    Sorry to give this dead horse some bath salts, but I thought I'd chime in with my experience so far with this product and company. First, let's go back to a simpler time, when the zombie apocolypse was only fiction and NOT a reality that began on a Miami freeway overpass... Let's go back to the night of May 25, 2012. I was interested in a full shield to replace my chrome FM480 but didn't like the "mainstream" brands/models out there. After re-checking out this thread to make sure the reviews are still fairly positive for this important piece of hockey equipment (we ALL do that, right?), I decided to order this shield in a black frame. I thought it was pricey for $72.45 (that number includes shipping). Shortly after I placed the order, the owner of the company (a real friendly guy named Bill) shoots me a personalized email thanking me for ordering and he also noticed I was from the Boston area (so is he originally, but him and his company are in Colorado now). We had some friendly banter about Boston hockey stuff and he even redeemed my shipping charge, knocking the final price to about $68 which is still high but if the hype is true, then I'll consider it money well-spent. I even sent Bill another email asking him to change my frame color to clear from black (eventhough I didn't want an Itech...I still wanted to cop the Itech style since the black cage/visor combo looks kind of bender-ish...sorry to all you Itech 920 visor/cage combo benders users...maybe you can upgrade to something less bender-ish, like maybe this Boulder Hockey Shield that I'm writing about?). He said it would be no problem to change it to clear. So...sounds pretty good, right? Sure. And that's as far as my input on this shield goes because...I still have not received it. And recall, I had placed my order and had my friendly witty banter exchange with the guy on May 25. And as of this writing on June 8, we are at a full 10 business days after my original order was placed, to be shipped from Colorado to Boston. Call it #FirstWorldPains, but...I can't believe it's taken 10+ business days (and counting) to ship my hockey shield from Colorado to Boston. This is not 2001. Stuff gets ordered on the Internet a lot more these days (like hockey shields), and shipping times have sped up dramatically. I would've expected this thing within maybe 5 business days TOPS. Thoughts, guys? Granted, it DOES seem like this guy operates out of his garage In fact, he did but it seems recently his business has picked up (but too bad his shipping times haven't followed suit.) To be continued after I receive the product, but as of now, I am feeling mixed emotions. I am all for supporting the local hometown friendly guy building his shield for 'mericans (and Canadians) by 'mericans, and I think the shield could be pretty cool and possibly an upgrade to my FM480. BUT I am decidedly NOT impressed with the shipping time (in case you didn't get that impression yet). Plus... I do have my eye on a white FM580 cage instead. Those are basically the same as the FM480 but seem a bit wider, but equally as nasty and dirty and other words that translate to "look cool and is non-benderish".
  8. Doctor Hook

    pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    Yeah, no effect on me per se, but just general things I've seen that are pet peeves.
  9. Doctor Hook

    pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    Dudes who don't bother to buckle their chin straps and they don't have a cage, so if they go ass over tea kettle, the bucket will go flying and noodle will slam ice. Might as well just wear a baseball cap on the ice, then.
  10. Doctor Hook

    pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    I got one...dudes who use mouthguards, but instead of wearing it properly, they're chewing the shit out of it all game and if they did get nailed in the mouth or hit their head or whatever, they'd be f'd. Why even use a mouthguard? Just chew a deflated balloon or something instead. Sure you see the pros do it, but it's between whistles AND they probably have pretty good dental coverage.
  11. Doctor Hook

    Thoughts on Combat sticks?

    I've tried the 45 Cal in a few beer league games, and it is my backup to my Vapor X3.0. Not a bad twig, seems sturdy, I like the grip, but at the moment just don't dig it as much as my Vapor.
  12. Doctor Hook

    CCM making a comeback?

    +1. Aside from a rivet coming loose after a half dozen uses, I love my U+06's!
  13. Looks sweet, stoked to add this to my lid collection! Anyone else collect hats? I have about 50 or so, and counting!
  14. That right there...absolute helmet porn. Also, JR...you tilt your visor up like that when you play? (cue the avalanche of visor tilter bashing in 3...2...1...)
  15. Doctor Hook

    Mouthguards: What do you use?

    Same here. I switched to visor full time from cage for beer league and that's why I use a mouthguard. When I had the cage, I didn't use a mouthguard. It's a smart decision.