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    RBK 9K older one
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    Warrior Dolomite/XX shaft with Z-carbon blade
  • Gloves
    Pro-stock Vapor XX
  • Helmet
    Bauer 8000 with 8500 grill
  • Pants
    Supreme 6000
  • Shoulder Pads
    Easton Extreme
  • Elbow Pads
    Itec junior pad!!
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer SMU Supreme
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    RBK 5K

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  1. Hello, Been a while isn't ? Well.. I'm getting old school, I have 3 pair of pro stock RBK 9K 8D, 2 pair of Vapor XX chicago that I get repalm and my infinite stalk of Z-carbon Sicore Iginla blade loll !!! Still, ACM composite is closing and selling one piece for 60$ a pop close to me.. I'm thinking about go take a look but would like some review. who are they ? To my knowledge, the stick will be label-free, just carbon fiber which IMO looks pretty cool haha. I believe they produced stick for ccm/rbk right ? So, would it be comparable to the high end stuff or more like the cheap 100$ twig they sell ? Thanks for the input :)
  2. cobrAA

    Sher-Wood EK15 Lineup

    when will iggy be available ?
  3. cobrAA

    BlackEdge runners

    I compare them because the main goal of these 2 products is to OUTPERFORM the regular ss blade.
  4. cobrAA

    BlackEdge runners

    So I got a sweet deal at 70$ shipped. If I consider new steel for my rbk, that needed to be changed, would run me for around 50$. It only cost me 20$ to try the new blackedge. Will try to let you know guys once I get them contours. I had t'blades before, I hope they are not as gimmick as t'blade were. Cool holder but never did they lasted 5x longer than regular blade so the price difference was huge
  5. cobrAA

    BlackEdge runners

    Is this going to be like the t'blade.. in 2 years you will never heard about them ?
  6. cobrAA

    2007 Nike/Bauer Holiday Catalogue

    The way you talk JR, the DET seem to be a lower quality product than the wavebridge. is there a problem with the DET foam??
  7. cobrAA

    2007 Easton Catalogue

    To which kind of skate does the synergy/stealth line fit like?
  8. cobrAA

    2007 Nike/Bauer Catalogue

    uuumm with that you said DS.. i think i will actually wait to change my shoulder and elbow pad.
  9. cobrAA

    2007 Itech Catalogue

    Anyone seen that tight fitting shirt that look like the rbk triple impact?? Would it retail less? should i return my rbk and wait for the itech?
  10. cobrAA

    Repalming gloves

    Thanks for the head up!
  11. cobrAA

    2007 CCM Catalogue

    Which of the vector or 9k is more comparable to the vapor XX?
  12. cobrAA

    2007 RBK Catalogue

    DarkStar- Do the thumb split too? ala vapor? -fit: are they tight like XX or looser like XXX? And JR or you, can you explain me more what is that ''damperzone'' actually? is it an extra layer of palm?
  13. cobrAA

    2007 RBK Catalogue

    With christmas gift, i have enough to buy a new pair of glove, i'm using the XX but i want to try nylon glove, since i couldn't find a pair of pro stock XX. my choice was the XXX. What would be the difference between an 9k and XXX ?? My XX aren't dead anyways, but it would'nt hurt to change them LOL!
  14. cobrAA

    2007 RBK Catalogue

    hey Jr, did you been able to put your hand in one of those 9k glove? if so, how do they feel, compared to what??
  15. cobrAA

    Custom Glove Gallery

    why in the hell, not a freaking pro use the strech palm but on 2 of their 3 top end glove bauer use this palm. In my opinions, the strech palm really strech and make the glove ultra soft.