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  1. I'm receiving the same 500 error as above when adding the subscription to cart. Tried in Firefox, IE, Chrome.
  2. cds

    Show It Off

    I vote white, it complements the skates colors well. - Mike White fo sho
  3. cds

    Custom Glove Gallery

    Agree....unreal mitts.
  4. cds

    Show It Off

    Nice collection.
  5. cds

    Custom Glove Gallery

    I think #4 might be XV...I got a pair of white XV with red accents from them, and I don't think they carry XXX in that style.
  6. cds

    Show It Off

    Did you customize that, or is that Chris Stewart's jersey from training camp this year?
  7. cds

    Show It Off

  8. cds

    David Perron

    NHL Central Scouting has David at #10 overall in their final rankings.....wow. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?articleid=30044...mp;service=page
  9. cds

    David Perron

    David just got a pretty nice assist.
  10. cds

    Tacki-Mac Command Grip

    You can always use a pair of scissors or a knife to make the knob smaller.
  11. cds

    What kind of golf clubs do you use?

    Haven't played in quite some time, but here goes: Driver: Titleist 975D 9.5* w/ UST Gold 65 shaft 3-wood: Cleveland Quadpro 15* Hybrid: Mizuno Fli-Hi 21* Irons (3-PW): KZG forged blades Wedges: Cleveland RTG 52*, Titleist Vokey 55* Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport
  12. cds

    Favorite TV show

    Seinfeld The Office The Sopranos South Park Prison Break
  13. cds

    Custom Glove Gallery

    How much did those run you?
  14. cds

    Show It Off

    When you say dark green, navy, red, etc. do you mean that is the main colour of the glove, or are they white with the stripes being that colour (like yours)?
  15. cds

    Show It Off

    Do you remember what some of the other colour schemes were?