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  1. JR Boucicaut

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    An old adage comes to mind: Garbage in, garbage out. Here's the issue; irrespective of brand, the factory is relying on accurate scans to make skates properly, as they aren't doing the scans or the fittings themselves. This is the same issue that we had before scans; when we had a handful of skilled fitters who never had any issues with anything they submitted, but would hear the nightmares of those shops and reps who just submitted length and width, max stiffness and a quadruple thickness felt tongue with 2" length, because, you know you need that flop (yes, I know there's no such thing as a quadruple thick felt tongue, but I'm sure someone would've ordered it if it were offered.) Now that it is open to a vast majority of stores and employees, more problems will arise. And I'm not going to get into it about who does it best; I think you can achieve the best results for your customer with enough knowledge and communication with the factory. And I'm sorry, but being able to wave an iPad around or herd someone onto the Bauer scanner does not make you a skilled fitter. You're looking for other things. I would get back to my customer 2 days with the final spec sheet after doing the fitting. Why did I do that? Because you learn from every fitting you've ever done. And I felt that a 2nd look a day later was important, because there may be something that I had overlooked when I did the fitting, and I could draw from the previous fittings I had done to see if there was a different or better solution. In all of the years I had fitted customs, I had only one remake, which was when a customer wanted something I didn't recommend (oversized toecap which he insisted he needed.) And even then, I waived the relasting fee the store was charged. While I think True is trying to rectify the problem, at some point they should've asked the store what happened there. I do feel that stuffing the toe box with foam wasn't the right choice; that holder size isn't going to shrink by itself. Perhaps another scan and traditional measurements would've solved the problem. The fact that the shop didn't question it immediately just screams inexperience.
  2. JR Boucicaut

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Pretty positive A-Trap is patented.
  3. JR Boucicaut

    14th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Jukka's footage is up:
  4. JR Boucicaut

    Our new front-end

    We still have some things to iron out in the next few days, but it will be the face going forward.
  5. JR Boucicaut

    14th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Pics are now up on MSH - http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/gallery/category/33-14th-annual-msh-winterfest/ I had worked on the best ones, but I'm using Lightroom for the first time and it didn't really sort the edited ones. So, there may be some in here that are underexposed. If anyone wants a high-res, please email me at admin@modsquadhockey.com. An issue came to light about an hour after you all left breakfast on Sunday, so please be considerate and patient with your request.
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