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  1. JR Boucicaut

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Underprotective usually isn't a part of the deal.
  2. JR Boucicaut


    Fixed that for you; sorry. I know you had PMd me about it.
  3. JR Boucicaut

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    You have to also consider the employee pool; you're dealing with people who have grown up with computers and technology; they're not going to want to learn a manual process when a semi-automated one is easier and of decent quality.
  4. JR Boucicaut

    CCM still selling V08 at retail???

    As someone who remembered all of that in real-time (and actually being at the show where that helmet was under a glass bubble) the V08 wasn't the issue. CCM bought it (cash and royalties), scrapped it, modified the shell, made V08. Hefter (who posted on MSH a few months ago about something completely unrelated) sued because he felt that the subsequent helmets (11k/Resistance/FL) were still based on the design, and wanted royalties on it.
  5. JR Boucicaut

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    This ends now. Please be cordial to other members.
  6. I know we have been hinting at this for a few months now, but it is finalized and ready for pre-order. http://www.portableskatesharpener.com/ Two machines - one designated for "home" usage and the other for "team" usage. The X02 has a more robust motor for volume sharpenings, but the X01 will fit the bill perfectly for those who were considering a Wissota or something along those lines. Once I get a steady paycheck, I'm getting an X02 - things are going to be VERY interesting with Spinner and I need to be there when it's out
  7. JR Boucicaut

    Life changes

    I know I was pretty cryptic in the Venting/Sweet Spots a couple of weeks ago, but I'm slowly getting better at this; over the past few years I've tried to keep things to myself/a certain few, but I think it's good for me to put things out there at this time. A week after Winterfest, my girlfriend noticed that she was leaking something out of her right breast. We went to the hospital and they figured it was just an infection, and put her on antibiotics, but suggested she go get a mammogram. A few weeks later, she got the mammogram, but then they suggested she get a MRI. The MRI showed enough to the point that they recommended a biopsy. In mid-March, they diagnosed her with breast cancer, and recommended removing the right breast. It was detected early; due to one of the locations of the tumors, since it was in the duct, whatever it was creating had a way out through the nipple, which alerted us to what was going on. Due to her family history, she opted to remove both. Hours after, we decided to get married. We pulled off a great wedding in 11 days, and some of our members flew up to Michigan to share that day with us. She's doing well, bandages are off and we will start chemo in early May. The oncologist is saying 3-6 months; we're hoping for the under on that. She is tracking her progress on her GoFundMe page, and will also have a blog soon. Thanks for the support. I have a rather large extended family here!
  8. JR Boucicaut

    Has anyone tried the Quad 0.5 profile?

    Right, and I know that. But for the testing, we have been sticking to the recommendations as much as we can. We are giving you the option to skate on several profiles and rating them. What works for one of the reviewers isn't going to work with you - they are reviewing their experiences.
  9. JR Boucicaut

    Has anyone tried the Quad 0.5 profile?

    All of the skaters who are doing the testing are skating in profiles within their skate size range. Once I get the newer triples and quads from PS, it'll be even more specific. After the testing is complete, I talk to them about what would happen if they go out of the size range and what to expect. PS didn't send me the .5 because it's not a part of their testing protocol; assuming because it doesn't fit in the 0/1/2 step-up. I have a few people who have come to me saying that they've been getting triples and quads with additional pitch, which at that point is ridiculous. All of the testers have gotten it done standard.
  10. JR Boucicaut

    Jofa SG 3175 or Bauer APX2 shin guard

    I still use 3175s and have another brand new pair waiting in the wings.
  11. JR Boucicaut

    Sharpening loose steel in a Sparx

    Looking at this topic, it looks like Sparx has an option for sharpening loose steel, which is in their holder. Typically the reason why it is said that sharpening loose steel is more accurate than in a boot is because the steel isn't subject to bending from a mismounted holder, which I can't see being the case with their solution. I'm going to lock this. If Russ or Jonesy reaches out to me with input, I don't mind reopening it.
  12. JR Boucicaut

    Life changes

    Chris - Thank you for the kind words. Where we're at right now is she had a tumor that was sitting on her spine that was way too close to her spinal cord. She underwent surgery a couple of weeks ago (two days before I went to Detroit for Winterfest) and the surgery was a success...but...the doctor said her spine is full of tumors and that unfortunately it's just a matter of time, and to cherish the time we have left. She's been requiring a lot of assistance since, and I apologize to those who have had sharpenings and profiles delayed, as well as general management of the site.
  13. PL3 screws are compatible with E-Pro and SB 4.0 holders. The screws have changed, in the sense that they now have a flat spot to sit on the holder better. But they still hold the steel well.
  14. JR Boucicaut

    LHS owners/workers

    If you work in an hockey store, please send an email to moderators@modsquadhockey.com. Please state your name and which store you work at. Thanks!
  15. JR Boucicaut

    15th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Happy to announce that the 15th Annual MSH Winterfest will be held in metro Detroit on Saturday December 7th! Registration is now open - request to join here: http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/clubs/5-15th-annual-msh-winterfest/
  16. JR Boucicaut

    Interesting story about profiling/sharpening

    Met him years ago in MTL. Had a little interaction with him as he was sharpening skates for the event.
  17. JR Boucicaut

    Warrior QRE10 now using the Sabre Taper?

    It wasn’t blasted out. At this point it is still not for end user consumption. No, you didn’t see the catalogue like you had said in your original post, because the one I read in October clearly stated it was the Edge taper (which was why I asked you to look at it again.) So you’d rather post bullshit without verifying with someone at Warrior...got it.
  18. You should be using MSH anyways. #100%OfProceedsFundTheSite LOL
  19. JR Boucicaut

    Vegas vs Washington

    Date Teams Time Networks GAME 1 Mon, May 28 WSH @ VGK 8:00 PM ET NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS GAME 2 Wed, May 30 WSH @ VGK 8:00 PM ET NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS GAME 3 Sat, Jun 2 VGK @ WSH 8:00 PM ET NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS GAME 4 Mon, Jun 4 VGK @ WSH 8:00 PM ET NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS *GAME 5 Thu, Jun 7 WSH @ VGK 8:00 PM ET NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS *GAME 6 Sun, Jun 10 VGK @ WSH 8:00 PM ET NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS *GAME 7 Wed, Jun 13 WSH @ VGK 8:00 PM ET NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS *if necessary
  20. I cringe every time I see a self-serving post by that guy. Oh, should I have used a hashtag?
  21. JR Boucicaut

    Warrior QRE10 now using the Sabre Taper?

    That wasn't the retail stick; I saw the entire line when I was at Warrior HQ a couple of months ago. Maybe look at the catalogue again?
  22. JR Boucicaut

    ProSharp Goalie Profiles

    Good deal - glad you were able to.
  23. JR Boucicaut

    Bauer 2s Pro Eyelets?

    I have a feeling it's going to be a Vapor feature from here on out.
  24. A source had told me a few months back they were looking to do this. Good to see all mfgrs on board. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/23/sports/hockey/for-safety-hockey-helmets-going-under-microscope.html?ref=sports&_r=0
  25. JR Boucicaut

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    That's a bit misleading, because it isn't as if he is using the latest Supreme model. They're using older builds that used to be retail models, and in Kane's case, really old... This all shouldn't be surprising; variable kick sticks have been the most popular models at the NHL level since, well, they've been around. I've always described those types of sticks as sticks that do any sort of shot decently - unlike a "slapper" stick or a "wrist shot" stick like the high and low sticks play - and that's why they're that popular. The game moves so fast that they have to be prepared for anything; it's not as if they can put the game on pause, go to the bench, get their slapper stick, press play then bomb one. The low and high kick sticks have gotten better in terms of versatility but before, they weren't as forgiving.