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  • Skates
    Bauer Supreme Totalone NXG
  • Stick
    Pro stock Reebok 11k shafts, tapered blades
  • Gloves
    Warrior Bonifide X SE's /Bauer X:60 Pro's
  • Helmet
    Nike bauer hh4500/Jofa Cage
  • Pants
    easton synergy girdle/Bauer Supreme Shell
  • Shoulder Pads
    907hockey Performance Loose shirt
  • Elbow Pads
    TPS Classics
  • Shin Pads
    VIC SG105 Classics
  • Hockey Bag
    old school laurin int'l

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    Anchorage, AK
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    Hockey, Music, Law, Movies and Food

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  1. fastbrother7

    Bauer TotalONE NXG Initial Thoughts

    I really like these. The subtle extra flash of Black & Gold reminds me of my fraternity colors. In addition, I heard that they would be carrying these in a C width, which is huge for guys like me with pencil feet. Thanks for the review.
  2. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

    Krev's on point, as I said, I do have two pair. These are my Black History month editions lol
  3. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

    Just got these all finished up (my second pair):
  4. fastbrother7

    2010-2011 Gear Sightings

    this is probably a dead question, but is zetterberg no longer an easton guy?
  5. fastbrother7

    Your current equipment

    I play on two teams, one coed, one mens A. My mens team is a whaler-themed team and my coed team is primarily black. I also coach. Gear in use: Helmets- Bauer 4500, white/ Nike Bauer 3500 Black / Pro Stock CCM HT2, White Visor- HejdukSport MHX 990/ Oakley Pro Small Straight Cut Gloves- Bauer X:60 Pro, TSR The Whale/ Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX Pro/ Early Pro Stock CCM Knit 4 rolls, navy Elbows- Louisville TPX/ Louisville TPX Pants/Shell- Easton Synergy Girdle, Nike Bauer Supreme 6000 Shell (Navy) / Easton Synergy Girdle, Nike Bauer Supreme 6000 Shell (Black) Shins- Vic Old schools x 2 pair ( you know the ones. everyone who every played hockey had at least one pair. they are so old and so sick lol ) Skates- Bauer Vapor 10 Customs/ Bauer X:60 Customs/ MLX w/ ls2 holders Sticks- Mission Hex Prostock tapered shafts w/TPS R10 blades/ Nike Trigger Grip Shaft w/ Warrior AK27 Blade Gear not in use: Too much lol
  6. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

    Those are sick man. I really like those. I may get some lol
  7. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

  8. fastbrother7

    NHL players you've met

    I met Steve Stamkos last friday after thier game in DC. Nice guy. Auto'd a tampa jersey for my son.
  9. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

  10. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

    Of course I got Nate, he's the "ak buddy" :)
  11. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

    No new gear just yet, waiting for my MLX'S and some other stuff, but I caught my first live NHL game last friday, and my AK connection got me through to get Stamkos to ink this jersey. Then I had my buddy ink it to add to the AK pro hockey collection for my sons room (had Dubi and Gomez already):
  12. fastbrother7

    NHL players you've met

    Obviously Anchorage isnt a big place and you see a lot of these guys around in general, but only a few have I hung out with for more than a few minutes: Scott Gomez- Friend of a friend real nice guy, great family. He's the kind of guy that if you didnt know hockey and who he was, you wouldnt know who he is. At least here in Anchorage. He is just a low-key cat. Brandon Dubinsky- Good guy. Ive been on the same mens league team with his older brother for the last 4 or 5 years, and his dad coached me back in the day. He came out for my 30th bday earlier this year with his brother and dad and we all had a good time, nice folks. Nate Thompson- Another cool cat, a real down to earth and humble dude.
  13. fastbrother7

    2010-2011 Gear Sightings

    Yeah, thats Nate. He's always rocked the deep flop.
  14. fastbrother7

    Show It Off

    Yep. Projekts. Im not really too sure what the difference is between these and eraser pros, but they do feel more comfortable than last years 14" erasers. They are light, and the color scheme isnt too bad unlike last years model. Im more of a four roll guy, but like I said, Mansko's are probly next haha