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  1. I'm like 70% moving to Vancouver in the fall and wondering how the adult hockey scene is? In Toronto I'm super fortunate to have a website dedicated to nightly organized pick up games, will I be so lucky on the west coast? How are the leagues and will anyone need a winger who jokes to much and sometimes hits the net? Looking for people to play hockey with as I know probably 4 people in the whole city
  2. Cove

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I won’t say which shop but yes.
  3. Cove

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I spoke with a skate tech from a shop I used to work at and he claimed the Trues broke down quickest. Also, if I’m going custom they’re all going to fit the same as they’ll be catered to my foot. I loved how I skated on my old total one MX3s but they weren’t quite deep enough. I don’t remember much about when I had my custom x60s but I remember thinking they were a hair stiff but I didn’t keep them long as I had to sell them for reasons. As a shop owner if I’m willing to pay for any of them as a custom would you suggest any of the custom options Over any other?
  4. Cove

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    The only time I’ve truly enjoyed skates as an adult were customs. I can tie them on nice and tight and skate longer without my feet being in pain after. Also, would a custom TotalOne be any stiffer then a retail TotalOne? You’re changing shape and liners maybe your name. I don’t think your point of people needing skates like that holds.
  5. Cove

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I dont want to be hijacking, but performance between True, Bauer, and CCM... negligible?
  6. Cove

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Im considering custom skates towards the end of summer (perhaps July to avoid a rush of orders), because Im never quite without pain or movement. The Supreme fit was the closest but it wasnt deep enough, and my current tacks arent quite wide enough and some other weird points in them. Has anyone had any premature wear issued with their Trues? I remember the CCM RBZ skates were horrible for falling apart and not sure if thats true of CCM now or True. Im not sold on anything yet and sitll considering between the Bauers, CCMs, and or Trues with no real idea which way to go.
  7. Which of the CCM pants is closest in fit to the Nexus pants? How do the True / Warriors fit compared to the Nexus line? I have 800s I love but also want to try something new
  8. Cove

    Sticks like the TotalOne NXG

    Which of the warrior sticks has a 'stiff' blade? Ive heard the True blades have that splitting issue that Eastons had, is that true?
  9. I have an old TotalOne NXG PM9 that I absolutely adore, but its a few years on by now. What sticks from other manufacturers perform the same? The Tack is designed similarly correct? As dumb as this sounds I want something Totalone-esque, but not a Bauer product. Considering the QRE pro if its similar, or the A6.0, assuming again that its similar. I bought a ribcore out of curiosity I dont know if its the Curve I dont like or what but I just cant use it for shit.
  10. Cove

    11th Annual MSH SummerJam

    Interested. Missed the second one hosted in Toronto way back, definitely want to attend this one.
  11. Check out Source for Sports near don mills, or Majer hockey at dufferin finch, and if youre willing to really trek Dukes Source for Sports in Etobicoke is great too.
  12. Cove

    True/VH pro stock skates

    weight for weight and w,e performance each skate has too offer is mostly what I'm curious about.
  13. Cove

    True/VH pro stock skates

    Im considering a pair of Trues this summer and was wondering if money isnt an issue is the extra $200 for the 'big' skate companies any better or no? In my area custom trues are 999.99, bauers / CCM would be 1200 or so.
  14. Cove

    Questions about pants/ Feedback

    Im going to toss this in here and hope it gets answered. I want to get a CCM shell, and was wondering how the Tacks shell would fit over my Nexus 800 pants.
  15. Cove

    2017 Warrior Hockey Catalogue

    Does Warrior have a square supreme-esque stick?