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  • Skates
    Bauer One95
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    Bauer One90 Naslund
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    CCM Pro Tacks Pro Stock
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    Easton Stealth S9 Pro
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    Bauer Vapor Girdle
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    Sher-Wood Tradition 5030
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    TPS 500 13"
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    Jofa 5030 15"
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  1. shooter27

    Interesting story about profiling/sharpening

    Definitely not a site advertisement. I have no affiliation with the site other than being a subscriber. I just thought it was an interesting article. Working in an industry where I’m fully aware of the value of proprietary IP and content that people produce it wouldn’t be ethical or legal for me to print a PDF and post it as I don’t own the content. Really didn’t mean to start a pissing match about this by posting a link to an article. But should I not share something that’s relevant and interesting just because some of the people on here aren’t and don’t want to be subscribers? What about the people that are subscribers that found it informative? I shouldn’t post it for them to read just because you can’t read it? I’d feel differently if people didn’t have any ability to access it - for instance if subscriptions were restricted and someone here couldn’t access one. That’s not the case, everyone here can access a subscription. I certainly won’t try to tell anyone how to spend their money, but if reading it is that important to you that you’re going to complain that you can’t read it or think its somehow unfair that you can’t read it, then subscribe. I’ve been a member and contributor on this board for over a decade. I’ve never posted anything for any reason other than I found it interesting and thought it had something to add to a relevant topic.
  2. It's in the Athletic so it's behind a paywall, but really interesting stuff. https://theathletic.com/1235541/2019/10/15/steel-psychos-and-box-guys-inside-the-rapidly-evolving-world-of-nhl-skate-blades/
  3. shooter27

    Hockey Padded Shirt? Options to beat the heat?

    I live in LA and tried padded shirts before and found them to be far and away hotter than shoulder pads. You get almost no airflow and they get soaked with sweat quickly. For a long time I didn’t wear shoulder pads at all. I just didn’t like the big shoulder caps (full disclosure: I played NCAA hockey and wore Sher-Wood 5030’s while I was doing that, so that’ll tell you how concerned I am with protection). Eventually I ended up going to the CCM CL’s and took off the shoulder caps and that seems to do the job of keeping me cool, being light and mobile and giving me some protection.
  4. Do new car engines still need to be broken in? I’m having a new car (2019 model) delivered this week and I can’t seem to get a straight answer from googling.
  5. shooter27

    Jersey collection from deceased relative

    I have a game-worn and signed Gretzky (Kings) jersey, definitely wouldn’t take $300 for it. Related - I don’t have a COA for it. It was given to me in the early 90s before COAs became an important thing. Is there any company that can authenticate it for me this point or am I just SOL?
  6. shooter27

    Player's cat-eye cage?

    I have one of these, in steel not composite, floating around somewhere (https://www.olympia-composites.com/product-page/cooper-player-cage). If you’re interested, PM me I can try to dig it out.
  7. shooter27

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    The original Stealth was listed at either 385g or 395g. It was the last stick I got to use for free in college and the things just exploded on a regular basis. I’ll see if I have one lying around in storage somewhere.
  8. shooter27

    First box-style pad

    Maybe I’m using the wrong term (I’m not a goalie). I’m referrring to the modern style pad that has a flat surface intended for sliding in the five hole area and was engineered to be worn lose on the leg and rotate to a square position when the goalie is down in the butterfly and allows the goalie to use sliding as the primary form of lateral movement. Pretty much anything like this https://goo.gl/images/J9UB6a I’d consider this a more traditional, non-box pad https://goo.gl/images/Q49pJA
  9. shooter27

    First box-style pad

    What was the first box-style pad, with a truly flat sliding surface engineered for the butterfly style? The first one I remember is the RBK pad that a lot of guys wore coming out of the first NHL lockout, but I don’t know if that’s truly the first. I remember a few brands were considered “butterfly” pads back in the late 90’s/early 00’s, specifically TPS and Koho, but I don’t remember if any of those were truly the box-style that is the norm today. I also remember a very square pad from the late 80’s/early 90’s that one of my teammates wore, I believe the were called Aeroflex. Is it possible they were the first?
  10. shooter27

    Time to officially hang em up?

    Coaching sounds like an interesting idea. I believe USAHockey has a course that you have to take, right? How did you get involved with coaching?
  11. shooter27

    Anybody here a P14 (Bauer) user?

    I tried it once a few years ago. I didn’t like how short/narrow the toe area of the blade was. If the blade was shaped more like a p92 I would’ve liked it more
  12. shooter27

    Time to officially hang em up?

    Appreciate all the thoughts from everyone. Reading the replies I think one of the big problems is that I don’t have any close buddies that play locally. I moved out to LA about 9 years ago. The first two years I was getting my MBA and didn’t have the time to play. I picked it back up after that, but basically got put on a random team and never got particularly close with any of the guys. I had one buddy from college that I played with after that first year but he had kids a few years back and stopped playing. The problem may partially be me as I’ve never been the most outgoing personality. The idea of playing keeps crossing my mind, but when it come time to pull the trigger I keep hesitating.
  13. I’m a former NCAA player and I played men’s league for a number of years after college. But, I’m 37 now and haven’t been on the ice in about 4 years. I’ve still got all my gear lying around, but I’m wondering if it’s time for me to officially hang em up and get rid of everything. The closest I’ve come to playing the game in the last few years has been stickhandling a ball around the garage when I’m bored. Obviously I still love the game and I still read some stuff on here, but every time I start to think about signing up for men’s league again it just seems like a hassle. The last thing I want to do is go play with a bunch of 21 year olds that have aged out of junior B and still play the game like they think scouts are in the stands to give them their big break. And, without sounding like a jerk, when I’ve tried playing lower level men’s league, it’s just not competitive enough to be fun to me. So basically I’m looking for some thoughts/suggestions on if people think I should just hang em up or maybe I’ll find somewhere to play again to have fun.
  14. shooter27

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    The angled bottom with the shoulder detail just throws the whole thing off. The bottom should be straight or they should get rid of the shoulder detail.
  15. Is there a listing of what locations have the CCM scanner?