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  • Skates
    CCM U+ CL
  • Stick
    Bauer Nexus 8000 75flex Pm9
  • Gloves
    Bauer One.8
  • Helmet
    Warrior Krown pro-stock with VN Liner
  • Pants
    Easton S19
  • Shoulder Pads
    Mission Fuel 90
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok 10k (2009 version)
  • Shin Pads
    Easton S19
  • Hockey Bag
    Reebok canvas "pro series" bag

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    Punk/hardcore/metal. Education. Hockey.
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  1. start_today

    Off ice stick handling - puck or ball?

    “If you can dangle a wrench, you can dangle a puck!”
  2. start_today

    Blade Movement in Tuuk LS Edge Holders

    Wanted to top this thread, and maybe move the discussion out of the Flare thread, since it’s well away from that brand of steel. What can I look at at home to see if steel is loose in Edge holders? My vices are both vertically mounted, so I can’t hold hold horizontally by the steel. Is there a feeling/experience I can look for on the ice that might point to loose steel? I’ll ask my sharpener next time I’m there, but it helps me to see things with my own eyes.
  3. start_today

    LHS owners/workers

    Relativity. Ever notice how slowly time passes when you’re in the penalty box?
  4. start_today

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    Hasn’t Ribcore been under CCM branding for like 4 seasons now?
  5. start_today


    Chars and Hronek, so one Slovak and one Czech. I thought maybe it would be like how T-Blades were only used by German players.
  6. start_today

    ice skates for inline player

    A few questions: Do the Tacks fit? You mentioned buying them, and saying the Vapors are too wide, but not how you feel about the Tacks. You said the Tacks are R...a quick google tells me that there is a size R between D and E, but I’ve never seen retail skates that are anything but D or EE is the USA. Are they definitely R? And, if so, what country did you buy them in? If the EE Vapors were too wide, did you try D Vapors? To me, that seems like the logical starting place. — When going from inline to ice, you don’t really need anything special in the skates to compensate. You want the best fitting skate for both. You’ll probably end up playing with the profile and hollow of the steel to figure out to feel best on the ice for your skating style.
  7. start_today

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    Well, that’s an even better point.
  8. start_today

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    Or it’s got the FT3 graphics to drum up hype. We can’t know the build unless someone posts the code from the stick. Anything else is just speculation or hearsay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. start_today

    Holder Pitch Comparison

    Appreciate the input, but I’d rather have shims because it’s more consistent, and doesn’t run the risk of change with sharpening. I kind of buried that in the middle, but would prefer shims.
  10. start_today

    Holder Pitch Comparison

    Are there any resources that compare pitch between current popular holders? Edge, Speedblade XS, Shift, any others I’m missing? My previous two skates were Mako M8s with CXN, and Vapors x800 with edge holders. Currently in a pair of Supreme 190s with edge holders. I liked the more “forward lean” of Vapors and Makos. Trying to figure out how to replicate that in my current skates, preferably with shins as opposed to profiling. Blade profile and hollow was the same across all three. And, to add another wrinkle, I’ve noiced my left holder clicking, and I think I’d like a new holder, maybe the Shift, since I can get it with Step steel. A) if I leave the Edge on, what size shim do I need to be closer to the pitch of Vapors and Makos? (Which, of course are different pitches on their own and not the same, I just want to get more in that neighborhood.) B) Does the True Shift holder have a more aggressive pitch than the Edge? If so, how much? Thanks!
  11. start_today

    Curve advice needed for a nice passing, deking blade

    At the risk of sounding stodgy and condescending...pick literally any blade you want, and practice with it. Since you're used to the p28, and it checks almost all, if not all, of your requirements, stick with that and make it do what you want. If you change curves, that alone might improve some aspect of your game, but other aspects will suffer. From your descriptions, it sounds like you just need to go to stick time and practice wrist shots and passing accuracy.
  12. start_today


    How do sticks with no reviews and that no one has held in their hand, let alone played with “seem nice” and “look like a deal?”
  13. start_today

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    But, from Taymag’s questions and issues, it sounds like Sparx still has some room for user error, and the chance to think you’re doing it correctly when you’re not.
  14. start_today

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    ...how else would you make a DIY comfort edge without sewing something into the edge of the ankle? i guess you could glue it, but that would potentially be sloppy, and/or it would be harder to remove if you don’t like it.
  15. start_today

    Any shin guards with good knee protection?

    Reading the Bauer descriptions on Supreme pads, they mention “Flattened knee cap for better stability when taking a knee on the ice.” Thats an odd selling point; a rounded cap would disperse impacts, a flatter cap is going to transfer more of the energy from an impact to the knee.