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  • Skates
    CCM U+ CL
  • Stick
    Bauer Nexus 8000 75flex Pm9
  • Gloves
    Bauer One.8
  • Helmet
    Warrior Krown pro-stock with VN Liner
  • Pants
    Easton S19
  • Shoulder Pads
    Mission Fuel 90
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok 10k (2009 version)
  • Shin Pads
    Easton S19
  • Hockey Bag
    Reebok canvas "pro series" bag

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    Punk/hardcore/metal. Education. Hockey.
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  1. start_today

    2019 Gear Releases

    What’s the incentive from other brands to not give permission to post catalogues? Seems like free advertising.
  2. start_today

    Still new to the game/ need gear recommendations

    My brother has a pair of the Easton “pro” pants, not sure what number is attached to them. They had so much padding, when I first picked them up I thought they were goalie pants.
  3. start_today

    Lightspeed 2 to Edge Holder

    Plus, I imagine Step or other aftermarket steel are extra inexpensive for ls2s, since it’s outmoded tech. Ditch the fusion, which is reguarded by pretty much everyone as the worst possible steel choice.
  4. start_today

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    There was a long unwieldy custom Bauer thread for a long time, when they were the main custom game in town. Theres a long unwieldy Mako thread. A long unwieldy Base thread. There was a long unwieldy Sprung thead in the roller section. We have typically been served well by keeping specific info about a product in one thread. If I’m new to a product, I’d rather have it all in one place, than have to fumble through a million small threads with 4 posts. If the product cycle weren’t so quick now, you'd see long threads on sticks and skates. Products disappear too quickly to build up more involved threads and discussion.
  5. start_today

    Best ~460 Gram Sticks

    I was actually thinking about starting a thread similar to this, but try to nail down the wording. My question is, how much better are sticks today than 10 years ago? Spec-wise, mid range sticks today seem pretty similar to top end sticks of yester year. I know there are more design elements now, and companies have mastered true one piece construction. If I saw a pro level player using an SE16 or one95, my first thought would be that it’s cool they pulled out a classic stick to play with. But, if they were using a modern mid-tier stick, I would think it’s odd that they are using a “low level” stick.
  6. start_today

    Malkin Wearing Two Different Gloves

    He had two different gloves against the Jets on Friday. Supreme on the left, and CCM on the right. I didn’t look close enough to see what CCM.
  7. start_today

    Counterfit Sticks

    That Lie 6 would really give me pause. I have never heard of one of those in a 6 lie, and it’s not like it’s a popular enough curve like the P92 where they can offer it in multiple lies. And, it might just be the lighting and angle, but the name bar seems to be in a “bold” white font, as opposed to the light gray Bauer usually uses.
  8. start_today

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    Oh, you didn’t know?
  9. start_today

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    Cool they they’ve found a way to add branded technology to jersey collars. Seems like an area that was holding back the game. Hopefully we start seeing the new TitanLite nameplates soon. Heard they are supposed to shave off some grams and decrease wind resistance.
  10. start_today

    Best ~460 Gram Sticks

    I’ve been happy with the $150 Warrior Alpha QX3. True single one piece construction. I dont know if that matters, but it’s rare at that pricepoint. Puck feel and shots have been fine. You can find the QXT for around $100. It’s the QX3 as sold to teams who want a cheaper stick option. Because of my form or play or wherever, I struggle with low kick sticks. Alpha has no issues at all for me, despite being marketed as a “higher” low kick. The kickpoint and release make sense to me, and I can generally put the puck where I want.
  11. start_today

    Is skate profiling "old technology"?

    How much of this isnjust hype about the latest and greatest thing? This is “old technology” that was widely standard practice like 18 months ago? Things change, but how many people are playing at a very competitive level are still using traditional radius? And, if we are broadening it to hockey players in general, I bet most people are skating on stock radius (one skate 9.32’, one skate 10.4’) that are slightly bent and then mangled by bad sharpening skills. My conspiracy theory is that the person who said that is trying to neg you into a slightly more expenensive profile. Or, is the type of person who always suggests the fancy new thing, regardless of need.
  12. start_today

    3d printed stick extension / knob!

    The Axehandle style grip reminds me of the Ogiegrip buttend inserts.
  13. start_today

    Lumbr Hockey Sticks

    I wish there was an individual thread for “is this garbgage fly by night stick company that no one has ever heard of any good,” rather than making a new thread every 6 months. No, they aren’t. There are a litany of better choices available at the same price or a few dollars more.
  14. My wife plays in South Shore Women's League. They have a lot of different divisions, and apparently some are very beginner. She said some teams have practices and developmental stuff, so that might be an option. I played a few seasons of C level NESHL with my wife (She actually joined both teams on her own, they I jumped on for a summer). Teams were very welcoming of both of us, since we "free agents." Guys in the locker room and on the team were friendly, but refs seemed to let A LOT go, and I thought it was straight up dangerous at times. I got run into the boards from behind a few times by guys that couldn't skate, and lots of slashes and hooks. Seems like quite a few guys are just playing in that league so they can get into fights. No thanks. Stinky Socks is really welcoming and friendly. It's more or less like a pick-up with a ref. I think they generally do a job keeping things level, and even when people do skate at the wrong level, it's no more egregious than an other hockey where there's a 10% chance theres someone playing too high or too low for their level. Doing a D level game or two a week with a skills development somewhere would be a good start. Because it's mostly drop in, it's great if you have a weird schedule, and a cool way to meet people. (If you're social. I am not social.) MAHL has been friendly and nice in my interactions with them, but it sometimes feels a like they are running leagues with too few players. I think they are still establishing themselves, so maybe that issue is getting better. Hockey North America has been an ok as a league, and feels SUPER organized. I've only been playing in it for a few months. I don't know if they offer any developmental programs. Hockey New England has been good the seasons I have played with them. People who run the league are very friendly and approachable and welcoming. I've actually twice heard someone from the league call players out for using homophobic slurs, which was kind of amazing to hear from an adult sports league. Again, I don't know if they do any skillz clinics or developmental stuff. I don't care if guys are overcompensating try-hards, as long as they are safe and respectful of other players. My issue is with guys who want to "get under your skin" with all the slashes and hooks and whacking the crap out of the goalie.
  15. start_today

    What actually is "Advanced Carbon Layering"?

    But these nobs go to 11!!