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  • Skates
    CCM U+ CL
  • Stick
    Bauer Nexus 8000 75flex Pm9
  • Gloves
    Bauer One.8
  • Helmet
    Warrior Krown pro-stock with VN Liner
  • Pants
    Easton S19
  • Shoulder Pads
    Mission Fuel 90
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok 10k (2009 version)
  • Shin Pads
    Easton S19
  • Hockey Bag
    Reebok canvas "pro series" bag

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    Punk/hardcore/metal. Education. Hockey.
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  1. Did you buy the steel new or used? Brittle steel can result from a bad sharpening job where they overheat the blade.
  2. start_today

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    When VH was doing the tracing method, they were much less known, essentially a niche product, I imagine most people who bought them knew what they were getting into and understood the realities of custom skates, what they can and can’t do. Now, with all the advertising and displays in stores, way more people have access without as much context for how custom skates are made and the processes involved. I assume True are getting a lot of people who expect “I’m paying a lot for these and they are custom skates. They will fit and feel like sneakers and everything will be 100% perfect out of the box and all of my hockey issues will be solved.” And none of that is true. Even custom skates need a tweak here and there. People expect them to be a panacea for all of their issues, and that can’t be the case with something as complicated as skates, so you’re going to see people whining and complaining without taking meaningful steps to make adjustments.
  3. start_today

    Warrior change were sticks are made

    What’s FUD?
  4. You do all that, and then he recommends a “custom “radius of 8’/13’, w/ fbv closest to whatever sharpening you’re currently getting.
  5. start_today

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Is that reddit post from someone in particular that we should pay attention to? Not trying to sound snarky, but there are enough up and down votes in this thread from users that we know In my experience, reddit boards are full of HOTHOT takes where everything is either the absolute best or the absolute worst and very little nuance, or just straight up poor information.
  6. start_today

    CCM AS2 vs AS1 vs AS2Pro sticks

    They changed their naming pattern to match what Bauer is doing. Model Name Pro is the top tier, Model Name is the 2nd tier. AS2 is now the tier that the 9080 was, the same way that the 2S is what the 190 was. AS2 Pro and 2S Pro are their respective top tier model. I’m curious to see if Warrior will follow suit, their “pro” label is currently the 2nd tier.
  7. start_today

    Lower Profile Shinguard

    I’m gonna piggyback on this and ask about shin guards that aren’t as deep. I have long, but thinish legs. I feel like my legs sits deeper in shin guards than I’d like. Or, maybe instead of “less deep” I’m asking for “tighter fitting.” Currently in 16” CCM QLT290s. They are good enough, but I feel like I have to pull the straps really tight or tape tight to keep them from shifting.
  8. start_today

    Thinnest/least volume Elbow Pads?

    Once a year I soak all of my protective stuff in the tub with OxyClean. It takes some time because I have to drain the water a few times, then I rinse until it’s clean. Then, I set it in the sun to dry. I’ve never had issues with materials breaking down. I also hang it with a fan blowing after every time I play, so it’s not sitting confined in my bag. Use your equipment as long as it’s comfortable and works. There are people on here who buy a whole new set every year or so, but I think they are into the thrill of buying and shopping. There are also people who have been using the same stuff for 10-15-20 years.
  9. start_today

    Stiffness of skates

    One problem is that you are thinking that less stiff skates are “down-spec’ed” and that being less stiff somehow equates to less quality.
  10. start_today

    Painting Helmet Vents?

    Between the team “taking a year off for politics,” and the new coach thinking he’s the Lou Lamoriello of hockey for preteens, no wonder kids just want to play the fortnight and not do sports. Adults are the worst and ruin everything.
  11. start_today

    Painting Helmet Vents?

    Is stuff like this common in youth hockey? Helmet vent color seems so far out of the realm of importance and sends the wrong message to literally everyone involved.
  12. start_today

    Bauer Vapor 1x 2.0 skate issue

    Is this a permanent thing? Or would it change with season? ie, feet regain their shape in fall/winter/spring, but then flatten over the summer? Up until a few years ago, I only ever wore sneakers year round, but have started wearing flip flops in the summer when not at work.
  13. start_today

    Bauer custom stick blade weights?

    Sightly confusing that “medium” appears to be the softest blade. Unless it’s between stiff and Xstiff and the placement is wrong. Also annoying that they don’t use similar language across all three descriptions. Trade offs seem to be puck handling, release speed, and power. Would be helpful if they directly referenced that for each.
  14. start_today

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    So, if Supreme is the skate that sells more, whats the reason to almost exclusively put the new tech in that line, instead of spreading it out to both or all three? I’ve never really made tech comparisons across models within brand. I would have assumed new tech would be due primarily to launch cycles.