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    Bauer Supreme MX3
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    True 5.2
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    TPS R8 Response
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    NikeBauer Supreme One95 Girdle combo
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    '07 RBK 6K,
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    RBK 6K
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    RBK 6k
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    Defiant Sports MSH Bag

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    Frederick, MD
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    Hockey, Computers, etc etc
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  1. Goonsquad

    Two Different Size Skates

  2. Goonsquad

    11th Annual MSH SummerJam

    Lets hope its better than my aim on goal
  3. Goonsquad

    Islanders to Play Games at Nassau Coliseum

    Some movement for the Islanders arena https://sports.yahoo.com/ny-state-approves-1-3-billion-arena-project-043540178--nhl.html?src=rss
  4. Goonsquad

    The Sweet Spot

    Awesome ! What are you doing?
  5. I'll second the praise of the Montys coatings! I had a couple of sets of STEP coated by Monty. I feel like the edges do not dull as fast. Plus the finish looks great in Black Tuuks..
  6. Goonsquad

    The Sweet Spot

  7. Goonsquad

    IPv6Freely's Never-Ending Season

    That shot off the face off is a tough one to stop.
  8. Goonsquad

    The Sweet Spot

    I've just been introduced to using bidet hoses.... next level shit.. literally
  9. Well with the heat gun its localized heating and the heat output can get higher than 200 F. Liquid nails suggest layer petroleum Jelly or Mineral spirits to soften the adhesive for extended periods of time. Maybe soak a paper towel with mineral spirits and lay on top to the adhesive only?
  10. is the Skate oven hot enough? the Liquid nails site said to use a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive https://www.liquidnails.com/how-to/how-to-remove-construction-adhesives
  11. Trimming up the insert worked like a charm. no blisters or irritation. Thanks a bunch everyone !
  12. Here are clearer pics. of the tongue and insert https://imgur.com/jolnXLK https://imgur.com/p8CLLzU https://imgur.com/8XNdF1J the point of the insert is in a bad spot. I realize now whats going on. The rubbing from the insert is probably cause the blisters. the last pic shows the bend line of the tongue and insert. its not bending straight across but diagonal down from the top of one point to a third down from the other point (this is the point digging into the tongue. I am going to cut and shape it and see if that helps
  13. Goonsquad

    Thoughts about these used custom skates?

    I suspect Its a durability issue with the adjustable flex tendon guard. I forgot which release of the supremes that started this. I do recall people pulling on the tendon guard when removing skates and breaking them off
  14. looks like a hole developed on the tongue on the on my left skate. Pics are attached https://imgur.com/ijTiuUc https://imgur.com/gRwJXSo https://imgur.com/7OYMiF1