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  1. Buzz_LightBeer

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    I don’t see what he was trying to accomplish. It doesn’t seem like the holders were moved or angled at all. Just a bunch of new holes. what did you ask him to do?
  2. Buzz_LightBeer

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    It’s not uncommon to put new holes in like that, to avoid drilling too much in an area or elongating an existing hole, but I would’ve made sure you were aware before I did it.
  3. Buzz_LightBeer

    Tuuk LS2 holder problem

    If I had to guess, they installed the holders without steel, and like JR said the steel was a hair too wide for the channel
  4. Buzz_LightBeer

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    ...aaaaaand I like these even more. Cream shells and brown gloves look great with that green
  5. Buzz_LightBeer

    Help ordering p72 vapor sticks

    Roenick/RK10 left, Styles/P72 right
  6. Buzz_LightBeer

    Help ordering p72 vapor sticks

    Easton used to call it "Styles," and yes, low lie heel wedge. And beautiful
  7. Buzz_LightBeer

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I've been sharpening almost 20 years, and I think it would subconsciously drive me nuts that the Wissota spins counter-clockwise
  8. Buzz_LightBeer

    True Hockey stick codes

    It most likely is a reference to his specs. As far as i know, True doesn't dress up sticks, so if it's painted as a 6.0, thats what it is. The build code would reference his specs as far as flex, grip, pattern, shaft shape, height and blade stiffness. But it's highly unlikely you'll get that info divulged by True
  9. Buzz_LightBeer

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

  10. Buzz_LightBeer

    PS MakoII Skates, 8.25D

  11. Buzz_LightBeer

    PS MakoII Skates, 8.25D

    Boots are used MakoII 8.25D, about a season and a half of use. Factory blackout tendon guards. Shows the usual wear and tear, but structurally sound, and very stiff. Tongues are discolored slightly from a cleaner i used on them. Holes drilled in heels for LS screws. Holders are new LS (non edge) 280, two sets of steel. One set profiled HudsonV. Attached using copper rivets and MLX screws/anchors Also including 2 sets of footbeds, One Bio-Dri, one stock. $200 plus shipping, open to offers. I'll have pics up here shortly but have text-able pics ready to roll, PM me
  12. Buzz_LightBeer

    Very DIfferent sized feet (2.5 sizes)

    If you experiment with 2 pair of skates that aren’t quite right, you’re almost at the cost of customs anyway. Do it once, do it right, spend the money wisely.
  13. Buzz_LightBeer

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Bauer has had steel stock issues for years. That would bother me the most about this. They’d better be prepared to have ample supply for the foreseeable future if this is how they’re going about things. min my experience, I’d say pro guys are pretty in tune with their edges. But about 5% can tell you what they like and what they want. The rest will just tell you what they don’t like, or that something is off.
  14. Buzz_LightBeer

    Thermoformable Stick Blades - Why Not?

    It was Branches that had it. As I recall it never really retained its new curve, and went soft REAL quick.
  15. Buzz_LightBeer

    Supreme adv

    Not from what I recall. It was a normal taper with exaggerated 45* angled corners