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  1. Buzz_LightBeer

    CCM Tacks 1052 vs CCM U+05

    They’re both similar range, geared more towards rec skaters, less towards ice hockey players. I’d personally look to upgrade sooner rather than later
  2. Buzz_LightBeer

    Bauer Re-Akt 150 - First Look

    Depending what color tha is, it may be available in MTO or booking options, but then generally won't be advertised at the retail level. Someone with a catalog or order form would know for sure
  3. Buzz_LightBeer

    Old Silver Easton Synergy Question

    One piece, technically yes, but it was two pieces fused together. I suppose in today's terminology it would be closer to a mid kick This, in my opinion fits your needs; https://www.prostockhockey.com/hockey-sticks/player-sticks/left-team-stock-rbz-stage-2-75-flex-stick-6/
  4. Buzz_LightBeer

    Old Silver Easton Synergy Question

    Anything in a tapered shaft blade combo, or a fused OPS variation of would be most similar. Sakic still exists in the major manufacturers, so you should have some bargain hunting luck. Most sticks will be noticeably lighter these days, and after a long hiatus you may experiment with a lower flex. You’ll also eventually graduate to a true one piece, but cross that bridge once you get there. If it were me, I’d go the tapered shaft route, or a Pro stick from the RBZ family, the earlier ones were fused OPS
  5. Buzz_LightBeer

    New Curves

    You’re far more likely to see mid height/max height iterations of existing curves as opposed to all new ones, imo
  6. Buzz_LightBeer

    New Curves

    I held up a Kucherov to a Pasternak and a P28 at the Bauer store, and if there was any difference between the three, it wasn’t apparent to the eye
  7. Buzz_LightBeer

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    I went from 280 LS3 Edge (35/55 Cag), to 272 LS BlackSteel, to XS Step steel. I felt the significant backward lean the first few times. I had the blades profiled to Hudson V (or whatever it’s colloquially called) and get right back to normal. Id personally try a profile, or heel lifts before anything more drastic like a holder swap
  8. Buzz_LightBeer

    New Curves

    A former Sher-Wood higher up once told me, “guys still using the Coffey buy their sticks and pants the same way, 50-30.”
  9. Buzz_LightBeer

    New True Lid

    Mid October release, I’ve heard
  10. Buzz_LightBeer

    CCM 9k girdle

    Is the CCM model a Canadian SMU? A google search only found it on SFS sites?
  11. Buzz_LightBeer

    Diet plan suggestions?

    I’m on the seafood diet. I see food, I eat it. Has not yet negatively affected my performance.
  12. Buzz_LightBeer

    Yeo T4QR (QRE Paint) W03 90 flex

    Brand new, 62” tall, uncut grip. Yeo nameplate. 90 flex T4QR $140 shipped to the US, open to offers
  13. Buzz_LightBeer

    Show It Off

    I don’t think these are all that rare, but an interesting set to add to the collection.
  14. Buzz_LightBeer

    affordable sticks?

    Mid range STX, Warrior and True offer good value. Lesser known, Fischer sticks are decent as well
  15. Buzz_LightBeer

    Warrior Sticks

    In my opinion I’d opt for the Covert line, the low kick aspect would be more beneficial to someone shooting primarily wristers and snappers