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  1. Buzz_LightBeer

    Lefevre returns.

    My timeline is fuzzy on when they and THC split, but another option for CDN made pads https://customizer.lefevregoalie.com/
  2. Buzz_LightBeer

    New True Lid

    Like this. It’s an ncaa thing. For some reason.
  3. Buzz_LightBeer

    Custom Glove Gallery

    Depending what shade it is, some companies only get enough material for that one game. So you may not be able to replicate it perfectly. I found this out trying to have Vancouver burgundy gloves made
  4. Buzz_LightBeer

    Show It Off

    A few WinterFest tour pickups; TPS Grosse Pointe North breezers DT1 Honeybaked pants Rbk 8K pants Franchise MIC Red/White
  5. Buzz_LightBeer

    Warrior QRE10 now using the Sabre Taper?

    Several reasons; Very few shops are going to stock a product, or stick sight unseen, there needs to be something tangible for shops to base their buying off of. Also, like Stewie said, in order to dedicate floor space to POP material. Secondly, if you’re spending your entire sales day talking about the “QRE10, that hasn’t been released yet,” buyers aren’t inclined to buy current stock, they’ll wait for the newest latest greatest, or wait longer for the current to go on sale. You’re undercutting your own bottom line, which is inordinately foolish. Lastly, every product/POP preview I’ve been a part of (since 2002) it has been explicitly stated “this info is still confidential-in the works,” and if it wasn’t stated, it was implied. And if it wasn’t implied, we were smart enough to know it wasn’t info for gen pop. The two big names would Even provide dates telling retailers when info could begin to be teased.
  6. Buzz_LightBeer

    Show It Off

    $20 Play it Again score.
  7. Buzz_LightBeer

    Warrior QRE10 now using the Sabre Taper?

    They don’t, and it’s made clear to retailers that material like this is for their eyes only.
  8. Buzz_LightBeer

    Toe Plugs for Length Adjustment

    Do the opposite, put toe lifts under your insoles.
  9. Buzz_LightBeer

    Curve advice needed for a nice passing, deking blade

    Ditto that, but with P106
  10. Buzz_LightBeer

    Odd skate sharpening question

    Simpler check; make sure the magnet on the level didn’t collect some skate dust, that’ll throw off leveling as well. lesson learned from experience
  11. Buzz_LightBeer

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    I don’t see what he was trying to accomplish. It doesn’t seem like the holders were moved or angled at all. Just a bunch of new holes. what did you ask him to do?
  12. Buzz_LightBeer

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    It’s not uncommon to put new holes in like that, to avoid drilling too much in an area or elongating an existing hole, but I would’ve made sure you were aware before I did it.
  13. Buzz_LightBeer

    Tuuk LS2 holder problem

    If I had to guess, they installed the holders without steel, and like JR said the steel was a hair too wide for the channel
  14. Buzz_LightBeer

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    ...aaaaaand I like these even more. Cream shells and brown gloves look great with that green
  15. Buzz_LightBeer

    Help ordering p72 vapor sticks

    Roenick/RK10 left, Styles/P72 right