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  1. Saw this and thought of your profile pic


    1. Fletch


      Hahaha... that's awesome, thanks man.  That would make a great shirt 😄

  2. Fletch

    Best tape/grip for digital palms?

    Just an update, below is a pic of my palm after 6 skates using digital/lizard skin 0.5mm: Not too bad, very minimal wear in the actual material... mostly cosmetic discoloration.
  3. Fletch

    Best tape/grip for digital palms?

    I ended up sticking with Lizard Skin (bought a couple new rolls). Skated with the gloves for a pickup, so far so good. I’ll update the thread with a pic after a few more skates with them.
  4. Fletch

    Best tape/grip for digital palms?

    Thanks for the responses, guys!
  5. Hey everyone, I just got a pair of new CCM Landeskog pro returns that have digital. I have never used digital palms before and I want these to last. I usually use LizardSkin for my grips but I tend to go through them fairly fast and at $10 a pop, I have been leaning toward going back to tape. Anyone have any recommendations as it pertains to what works best on digital palms? Thanks!
  6. Fletch

    Photos of yourself

    Of course he does, he knows where his priorities lie.
  7. Fletch

    Photos of yourself

    Thanks man! Much appreciated
  8. Fletch

    Photos of yourself

    A couple shots from our tournament in Vegas two weekends ago... the Knights practice facility is awesome. We lost 2-1 in OT in the championship game but still had a great time. Team pic. The majority of us have been playing together since we were 14 years old... we are all in our 40's now. Team name is Hammer Team, in memory of our friend (last name was Hammer) who passed away in 2012 from cancer. He loved Crown Royale, so their logo is represented in our logo
  9. Fletch

    Photos of yourself

    Those are BADASS... haha. Where can I get one? And Anaheim Ice, right? Dude I am right down the freeway in Aliso...haha.
  10. Fletch

    True A6.0sbp Tapered Shafts (75, 85, 95) ALL SOLD

    All shafts sold, sorry for any confusion.
  11. I bought these from HockeyShot.com earlier this year and never used them - we were going to move into a place with a bigger garage but decided to stay put. Never used, brand new. I would prefer a local SoCal pickup due to the size and shipping hassle but will consider shipping if desired. I would also prefer to sell them as a set but would be willing to break them up into 2 sets of 12. Asking for $100 for 12 or $175 for all 24.
  12. Selling these because I bought a bunch since True stopped making them this year and realized I probably won't go through them all anytime soon. The 75 and one of the 95's were both used once and are uncut (55.5") and end plug is included - asking for $80 each shipped to the US - SOLD The other 95 is a little more worn and uncut, end plug is included - asking for $70 shipped to the US - SOLD *The 85 has been used for a few games and pickups and is cut to 53.5", end plug included - asking for $55 shipped to the US - 85 HAS BEEN SOLD!*** I had lizard skin on all of the grips so there is some residue on them but it can be removed if you have the time and patience to do it (I clearly don't
  13. Selling both of these pairs, unfortunately - I LOVE these retro LAK/Elmira gloves but they are 13" and my fingers feel like they are going to bust through - I wanted them so badly that I bought them for $200 even though I use 14"s. Amazing, lightweight gloves. I love the Isles ones too but I have barely used them so I decided to sell them. The LAK pair was used 2 times only for a pickup and a kids' coaching session. The Isles pair were used 4 times for pickup. Both pairs are in great shape with just some minor palm wear (a little more wear on the Isles pair due to using tape instead of a grip. Asking for $150 shipped to US for the LAK pair $95 shipped to the US for the Isles pair.